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  1. Geocaching is a game with no winners, but there sure are losers. Losers being the ones that tear communities apart and scare away many good people with their narcissistic, micro-managing, power-grabbing selves.
  2. I don't have a set criteria, but here are some common characteristics. Location - This is a big one! Oftentimes, the hide may not be anything special and I give a FP for just the location itself. Caches taking me to places I may not have known about is a big reason I continue playing this game. At a minimum, the location should be somewhere I feel I belong (not a sketchy area, etc.) Creative containers or concepts - not necessarily a must, but certainly gives them a leg up. Cache is well maintained. Owner is not a jerk. I don't reward rudeness or pettiness. There are also some times where I have to consider the CO's standards. I'm not going to give WVTim a favorite on every single gadget cache of his - only his best ones. As an aside, I will occasionally look through my favorites list and see if I remember the caches I gave favorites to. If I don't remember it after reading the cache page, logs, etc, I will often take the point away as it probably should not have been awarded in the first place.
  3. I have recruited someone for North Carolina and South Dakota. Still need Washington and Texas.
  4. Hello, I found stage one of an interesting multi where there are 6 stages located in 5 different states (starts and finishes in Ohio). I'm looking for a teammate to find stage 2 in North Carolina near the NC/GA border. I could also use teammates for stage 3 in Washington (Spokane), stage 4 in Texas (Houston area), and stage 5 in South Dakota (Sioux Falls). Here's a link to the cache page: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC2RM0P_ohnocarwashingtexasodakio-multi-state-multi?guid=7628a232-0121-4275-bcee-caf501d16b4d Once all the stages have been found, everyone who participates will have the chance to log a smiley Let me know if you're interested in participating. Thanks, AllstarSS
  5. 22. Been caching since I was 11. I'd say the median age is 40+ in my neck of the woods.
  6. So glad to see this awesome cache back up and running. One of the few I've done where I can honestly say it was just as fun to do the second time as it was the first. Thanks to the CO for her hard work in keeping this cache active and to the reviewers for being extra flexible in this case.
  7. Ok, thanks. I thought "website" covered both Wherigo and geocaching.
  8. Yes, but it is controlled by the same company. Wherigo.com does not have a separate forum.
  9. I'm trying to upload a new Wherigo cartridge on Wherigo.com for a geocache, but for some reason when I hit "save cartridge details", I get message stating "an error has occurred". I noticed on the "my home" page that the cartridge file was uploaded, but I am not able to edit the details to activate the cartridge or add a location, time frame, etc. I have successfully placed 3 Wherigo caches before, and I'm doing anything differently when it comes to uploading. Please address this issue. Thanks.
  10. Even then, I'm not sure if Groundspeak still thinks of this as a big deal. He posted that on the 19th. You would think they would have done something by now if this was a priority. I doubt if it'll ever be a priority. IMO, Jeremy was just mad at the time he had to spend. It is my understanding that there was another Giga in Germany recently. I haven't received a single log yet. Not complaining, but this is a bit surprising. Sure, there's a possibility that the list just didn't make it to that event. But I hope maybe something was done that we don't know about, such as figuring out some way to block those auto-logging programs. Who knows?
  11. Even then, I'm not sure if Groundspeak still thinks of this as a big deal. He posted that on the 19th. You would think they would have done something by now if this was a priority.
  12. Jeremy Irish posted this to his Facebook page on 5/19: "I spent part of the day deleting discovery logs on my name badge trackable at events I didn't attend. Some geocacher thought it would be fun to upload and share a list of 50,000 trackable codes for users to auto-log. Generally I'm fine with playing the game the way you want to, but this isn't acceptable gameplay. If you didn't see the Trackable, don't log it." and said in the comments... "We were talking about adding the ability for trackable owners to lock them. That capability is there on the admin side of things, so we'd have to figure out a way to support the action for owners too." "Hopefully" that means something is coming soon.
  13. One: Discovering may be allowed anytime, because some folks only log after a trip or other delay, who's to say they are real or weren't seen when they visited friends in the US? (I agree the chances of that are VERY slim, but the argument could be made that it's possible) That is a possibility I consider. Recently though, most of the logs have been saying that it was discovered at the Giga in Mainz, and since the TB is sitting in my driveway, I can probably say with 99.9% certainty that those logs are fake. In previous scenarios, I checked their profiles and see if they've done any caching in the area where my car has been and if they have, I will give them the benefit of the doubt. If not, I delete them. Most of the time it has been the later, unfortunately.
  14. If you wish to make it possible for real logs to be made, locking the TB is no good. Some people log TBs a long time after they actually discover them. If I actually did see your car TB while passing through, I may not re-log if you delete my log, or if I can't even make the log. It may likely be the same for someone visiting this week from Wherever in the world. You're likely to kill legitimate logs unless you allow them to be made, and you individually review them. How about this, for TB Owners who seem to have an overwhelming number of logs they don't like. Have GS make a checkbox option where all of your TBs may be logged “upon approval”. Place a notice on your TB page “sorry, but due to many fake logs, I require more info in your log about where and when you saw this TB before I will allow the log to be publicly posted, including the 'Attended' log for the Event you were attending, if applicable”. Whichever logs you allow, become viewable on the TB page, and all the rest can be dumped en masse. You bring up a legitimate concern here. I think maybe we can combine ideas. For instance, if the TB is locked, that would mean that all discoveries are subject to TO approval, and not automatically denied. If unlocked, people can log it as they wish. All logs waiting for approval can show up as notifications on geocaching.com, and not emailed.
  15. As I stated before, the trackable is on my van. It does not get dropped in caches and only gets discovered by cachers who see it at events. It is NOT for all to see! Only people who attended events I also attended are supposed to see it. I NEVER shared the tracking number on an online forum. But yet someone overseas managed to get ahold of it and added it to a list of 3000+ tracking numbers that has been distributed to hundreds, if not thousands, of cachers. I disagree with your point of the trackable. Having the tracking number does NOT mean you saw the trackable, and I strongly believe that the point of a discovery is to physically discover the TB in the field, NOT just loading a series of numbers into a program and having the problem do all the logging for you, as is the case mentioned. Regardless of what you think, this is NOT good caching etiquette and travel bug owners should be able to avoid getting hundreds of emails from frauds! As of right now, there is literally nothing I can do to prevent this, and surely you can understand why this frustrates me. Taking the TB off my van would do absolutely nothing to stop this. I thought the solution I provided was a reasonable compromise. Those that don't care can just let it go, while those who do can lock and unlock their TB to discoveries as they wish. It's a simple solution that should be not be hard to implement. Geocaching HQ does not need to have an update specifically for this, but it can included as part of a major update.
  16. I wouldn't say I'm upset. It's more the annoyance. Tired of getting so many emails from those who to me don't play the game with integrity. It may be true that there are some more important issues, but as I said before, this has been going on for awhile now. To me, this seems like a fairly easy change that could have been included in an update several updates ago. Overall, I just hate deleting logs. I really do. But I don't want to reward this behavior either.
  17. There is a trackable on our van that does not leave North America. We have never shared a photo of it, nor did we hand out the tracking number to anybody. But somehow, some way, someone got ahold of it and added it to a list of over 3000 TBs and shared it at the Giga-Event in Mainz, Germany. We have been deleting logs ever since. Now this isn't the first time this has happened. In fact, we've been deleting false discoveries on an intermittent basis for at least a year, if not more than 2 years. To say this is getting old and that I'm tired of receiving email after email is an understatement. I would consider this behavior equivalent to armchair caching. Geocaching HQ/Groundspeak has made numerous efforts to combat armchair caching, including allowing CO's to delete logs and even go as far as banning members from the site. So this begs to question. Why hasn't Geocaching HQ done anything to combat logging false discoveries? I can't imagine I'm the first person to complain about this. As mentioned before, this has been going on for awhile now. The solution can be as easy as allowing TB owners to lock/unlock their TBs from being discovered. That way if the van is sitting on our driveway, we can lock the TB, preventing false discoveries, and can unlock it if we're taking it to an event. If the TB owner doesn't care or if the TB is one that's meant to dropped in caches, they can leave it unlocked. On the other hand, the ones that are only for personal mileage can remain locked. I can't imagine that would be hard to implement. What probably irritates me the most is how little power owners have. The only power we have is deleting logs. That's it. Marking it as "missing" or adding it to our collection does not solve the problem as they are still discoverable. Adding a note saying "False Discoveries are not allowed" doesn't do any justice either. There's also no way to "archive" a TB. Deleting logs may be a solution, but only to a certain extent. Owners still receive emails of every discovery, and it would be a lot less work on the owner if these logs were prevented electronically. I hope someone from Geocaching HQ reads this and strongly considers what I have said.
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