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  1. I'm not back, but I'm around, so by someones special request.... some more may be found. I did not intend that to rhyme Anyhow, there may be some new ones nearby to hunt soon, before the "gathering". Hopefully they'll get approved in time.
  2. hmmmmmmmm jerk............ hmmmmmm........... Thought provoking, it is....... (sorry just watched yoda with my son the other night)........I'll have to go rent an old Steve Martin film A cache ........a jerk........... a reward........... devious.......... I believe a new cache of adventure is due, if you Got the Point and saw the Watermark then ......... jerk....... start thinking outside the box.
  3. Sounds like my kind of fun ! So it seems there may be a shortage of "adventure" caches... It may be near time for me to dust off the ol' GPSR and get to work on something. I've only been on a break since Watermark.
  4. Does everyone see what abuse I'm taking here. Must be pick on Bill week. :o
  5. We'll just have to design more devious "adventure caches" to make the FTF just a bit more than a lunchtime run.
  6. Hey is this thing on........? Just testing..... Good to see that some folks are hunting that watermark. Speaking of hunting, I need try get out and do some, Thanks to Bill and constant prodding, I may just do that. So if I show up at a mysterious public place in Manteca (top 10).... Do I get a breakfast drink too??? <NOT coffee based>
  7. Mrs. Toad (TB) from last years cannonball run is currently still in Ohio So theres a good chance that 2nd annual racers could beat 1st annual racers Heres the link to last years Cannonball run, there is also a forum page in the Travel Bug section. Cannonball page ...... has anyone considered hunting that new cache "Watermark" ...... no FTF yet and it's been up for more than a week.
  8. My Cannonball Racing TB made it to Pheromone ! I think it's a sign that I should get back to hunting / hiding , since I have not really done much since May of 2003. I may have to get with Bill on another collaboration like "Get The Point" or something, to get my interest back up.
  9. Mr Toad's Willy has made it to Pheromone!!!!! Unofficially 4th place!
  10. quote: The CVC Break-Fest has been approved. That was quick! I'm interested... but I won't know for sure until the morning of with my schedule. For all the talk you hear about knowledge being such a wonderful thing, instinct is worth forty of it for real unerringness. Mark Twain
  11. Some folks had another high count caching day I see. I had some of mine found "on a day of 60" finds by the crew. I wonder how soon we'll hear about a day of 100 finds. I'm inspired to try beating my own record day of 10 finds . Enthusiasm may vary.
  12. quote:Mr. & Mrs.Toad... I have a little something for you. It's in Tracy and should be posted soon. Remember that little hike you took me on? If it's not up before Tuesday it'll just have to wait longer. We're headed to the happiest place on earth and won't be nearby again until June. Hey... weren't supposed to go there a while back? Enthusiasm may vary.
  13. Bad caching day... Started with 2 DNF's and the 3rd hunt was going that way, drove by a forth and my GPSr pointed into the middle of the freeway. A sure sign that it was time to call it a day. I did get the ..CVC Tag moved to a new area though. It's BBQ time, hopefully the grill doesn't explode. Enthusiasm may vary.
  14. Off for a Mother's day cahe quest. Rehide CVC Tag, and to rehunt 3 previous DNF's, a cache with no finds since placed over a month ago, a cache recently available to non-members, and a mobile cache similar to CVC Tag. Hopefully by days end we'll have 81 finds .... eeeer the square root of 81 anyway. Enthusiasm may vary.
  15. quote:Originally posted by Green Achers:I can't stand it. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=46796 _Bill of Green Achers_ "The Early Bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese" Author unknown. http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/39570_500.jpg I got it... I'll place it soon. I think there are a few more local CVC area folk who have not gone for it yet. Hopefully they will give it a try. According to the placement rules these types of caches are no longer allowed and no new ones of this type will be approved. Enthusiasm may vary.
  16. I'm considering one for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride , but a physical would not be approved inside the park and is against the "planting on vacation rule" too. I noticed no cache for Medieval Times either, hmmmmmmm. Enthusiasm may vary.
  17. I was hoping for a little help with a waypoint. Getting prepared for a family vacation to Disneyland etc. I have not had much luck finding a set of coords. for Medieval Times in Buena Park. If someone has coords. they can share that would be great. Thanks. Enthusiasm may vary.
  18. I still think a dedicational (to the Sac Park Folk) Nothing But Fishing Line... would be great. Enthusiasm may vary. Sarcasm is not always recognized. [This message was edited by MrToad608 on April 29, 2003 at 06:59 AM.]
  19. ************** A Day at the Beach is GCED56. We Also removed Hanging Tree (GC587A) because the fishing ling used to hang it was a danger to flying wildlife. On the American River Parkway, you are not allowed to tie things to trees, rocks, logs, etc., nor are you allowed to dig holes, cut branches or trees or bushes. You are also not allowed to place anything in the Nature Areas. Please let your people know about the rules, or they will lose their caches. If anyone has any questions about what they can and can't do, they can call 916-875-6672 any day between 7:30AM and 8:30 PM for now. In May, The hours will change to 10:30PM. Also, for future reference, anyone caught in the Parks after closing, as well as not observing any of the other violations, can be cited. Thank you for your cooperation. **************** Sounds more like Enviro-facist. You are not allowed to breath the air in the Park because you might deprive an endangered spotted, kangaroo, field _____________ from getting what it's due. How dare the humans get out and enjoy nature. Don't dare smack a mosquito, you'll violate it's right to a free meal. You will be cited! Your more of a criminal than the litterbugs, camping vagrants, or even the real criminals who prey on joggers every year. Hey Ron how about a new cache called " Nothing But Fishing Line and Plastic 6-pack Holders, you could dig a hole, for a five gallon bucket they wouldn't be able to find either. Enthusiasm may vary.
  20. Hey Brute-Force, Keep an eye out for > Oscar's Express < Cannonball Travel Bug. He was last seen in AZ, but should hit CA soon. If you get a chance to grab and divert / delay him I'm sure a few of us racers would be grateful. There are a few CVC racers but they are all East of the Mississippi still. quote:Today, we spent the day out looking for my partner. Because we live so close to the county line, we had to visit more doggie-jails. Too bad I can't post him as a cache with a great FTF prize? The only problem is that he doesn't have his coordinates on his tag... just his address and phone number. Bill... Maybe Buster is on a cache hunt of his own, and will wander home soon. Enthusiasm may vary.
  21. Hunting in Sac I'm surprised they didn't get more. Sac caches just aren't like CVC or East Bay caches IMHO. Enthusiasm may vary.
  22. I believe this would be within the rules although it might anger some folk..... When a bug in need of delay is in a cache, but you can't touch it. Make some "NO TRESPASSING" signs for the cache area for temporary posting. The cache owner may get upset, but it may keep the bug there for a while. I have not done this yet, but I'm here in CA waiting. Here's a question... I live near the end point and have caches of my own near there. If a competing bug lands in one of my caches would it be "legal" to make it "temporarily unavailable" for "maintenance" reasons???? Enthusiasm may vary.
  23. 100th find Stop & Go Alameda I considered skipping it because my GPSr was at home, but I figured it brings things full circle since my first hunt was without it too, not to mention in the same area. George went for the same one today and I got it at 1740 hrs. I'd like to thank the Academy for.... err... the CVC folks for all the fun (even though not all my finds are from CVC folk's caches ) and the friendly help along the way... oh ... and thanks to Bill of Green Achers... for drawing me into the fold. Enthusiasm may vary.
  24. Hey George...New Caches! It's Been Done Yo! a Bridge Not overly difficult, but they are new. Enthusiasm may vary. [This message was edited by MrToad608 on April 22, 2003 at 01:45 PM.]
  25. Had a nice family Easter hunt yesterday. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter. We stopped 1 shy of triple digits after a DNF. Thats Ok though, I'll get my #100 soon enough. Seems to me that Green Achers may have a new hide soon. He owes me for the hunt he did this morning before the rain (revenge) . George... LOOK new caches!!!! >>> I planted 2 new caches in the Modesto area. I hope they are approved soon. Neither are as technical as Get The Point? or lengthy like Trail Hopper, or puzzled like Mr. Toad's Code Cache, but should be fun. Enthusiasm may vary.
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