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  1. Ok thanks. Still not sure why it missed some caches the first time. I will review my p.q. wingryder
  2. Hi I am trying to teach myself about pocket queries along a route. I want to load every traditional cache within 2 miles of a backcountry route about 25 miles long. I use a older method involving Mapsource and have no problem creating the route and uploading it to Geocaching.com. I like this method because I can follow any small double track or trail I wish. When I am creating the pocket query.. I do not quite understand the slider that says search radius or the next one that says show me XX number of caches on either side. I ran it the first time with search radius at 1.5 miles and # of caches set at 60. My resulting P.q. had a total of 60 caches but missed many traditional caches as listed on geocaching.com. (all within the 1.5 mile request) All these caches and more showed up a a general p.q. centered on the area. I would think you could set the radius at 2miles and not put a limit in and it would show you every cache one mile on each side of the route. I think this feature is pretty slick and would work well for me as I do not do urban caching. I just want to pick out a backcountry area ahead of time... load every cache on each side of the road or trail, then pick and choose as I drive the area. wingryder
  3. Thanks to both for your input. Been away from caching for a while and do not know about earthcaches. The gpx file I have been testing with is nearly two years old. Just upgraded to the Dakota 20 mainly for paperless capabilities. Not currently a premium member but will renew and see if fresh gpx files solves the problem. I hope it does.. as displaying only part of the description is not what I was upgrading for. In fact at this point I think the old 76S is the better receiver but I hope that proves to be incorrect. wingryder
  4. When I navigate to a geocache with my Dakota 20 I can only see part of the description. (first page) Is this a result of the gxp file that was downloaded from geocaching.com?? or is there a way to view the rest of the description? The text ends in mid sentence so I know there is more I cannot view. Same is true for viewing logs.. only one screen or front screen? thanks wingyder
  5. Ok I'm the guy that is just coming back to caching after several years. The first thing I learned.. there are a lot more caches now. Many that do not bring you to a special area to see. Is there a simple way to avoid the "pictoral" caches that look like a giant picture on the map? When I start my premium membership again, I would like to avoid using my pq maximums on these. I guess these are multies so could eliminate that way.. the only other way I know is by cache placer...but many of them are placed by more than one cacher. thanks wingryder
  6. After being out of the hobby for several years doing a lot of reading to catch up. Somewhere I read about the new replacement of p.q.'s. It said something about indicating an area on a map to select all caches inside your chosen area. Was the "new" way of downloading caches in big numbers but with better control. Please direct me to where I can learn more about this. If it's on geocaching.com I missed it. Sounds like it would work for letting me select the boonies around my city but excluding the city itself. I know I read it but even Mr. Google cant find it (at least not with my sketchy directions) thanks wingryder
  7. I have been experimenting with the 60csxpoi with my Etrex Venture HC. I only ticked name, and short description knowing about the limitations. Some caches came back with one page and very limited usable info. Most came back with three or four pages and you could get the jist of the decription if you bounced back and fourth on all the pages. I am sure lots of effort went into the macro but don't think it's for me. wingryder
  8. Whatever the stickler.. I like more caches in hand not less. I think I will stick with the Nuvi for cache desciptions. Easier to read.. and 1000 at a time. Plug in to the Jeep as much as possible to keep the battery going. and use a hiking gpsr for the find.. Someday I will buy a true "paperless" gpsr. But for now...
  9. I deleted a few caches entries from the excell file and it worked ok. My orginal poi had 274 and it failed. Dropped it to 256 and it loaded ok. Still not anywhere near the 500 it should hold. wingryder
  10. I was jazzed to find the video that Cachefreak made about creating custom points of interest (yes geocache descriptions) on my Etrex Venture HC. this is the one that does not have a sd card but was used in the video so I know it works. Cachefreak.com seems to be down... so appealing to you for help. Everything goes well until I get to the end. Always says not enough memory. My test gpx file has 142 caches and the resulting poi file in microsoft excell shows up with about 250 entries. (multiples because of 88 character limitation) Even without sd card capability.. the Venture HC is good for 500 waypoints or caches. Yes its empty when I start loading. What am I missing. ?? thanks wingryder
  11. Thanks for the input. Are there any other app choices for droid that will do this?. Remember I want to run pocket queries of 1000 caches. thanks wingryder
  12. Experimenting with several different Caching apps for my old Motorola Droid. Now that Gc.com has upped the pocket query max to 1000, I want to take advantage of this as my gpsr also holds 1000. But I am finding that sites like Bcaching.com which will let me load my phone via wifi (easiest for me) has a limit of 500 caches. . Are there apps without this limitation? thanks
  13. I appreciate the input. Still looking for ideas on best smartphone app for my "offline" caching. wingryder
  14. You know it's been so long, I don't remember just how I used the Palm. Had to run gpx files through a converter and sparsing or something like that. It was complicated but did work. Hoping the change to Smartphone will make it a few less steps. I also went on Geocashing.com to learn about the "live" feature.. So far still looking.. if someone could point that out. wingryder
  15. Here is where I have been. Garmin receiver, Palm paperless and prime membership creating 1000 cashe pocket queries at a time. Been out of hobby for several years. Now.. coming back. I want to use my old smart phone mainly for paperless, still want to use my Garmin for accuracy. And all caching I do will be off line. (My current droid has bad esn) Plus I cache in the boonies only... So.. 1. want massive pocket queries. 2. download to Garmin receiver 3. import pq to Droid app. With me so far? What app to you suggest? I have heard Drake is good for off line. And maybe Gcdroid.. A lot has changed since I was here before.. including the Live aspect which I dont have a clue about. thanks for your interest. Wingryder
  16. Paperless caching is great. But what if you already have a decent (nonpaperless) receiver and like it. That was me. older Garmin. I bought a cheapie used Garmin Nuvi some time back.. used it very seldom when we go to the "city" maybe but that is about it. I stumbled up this link http://geocaching.totaltechworld.com/ and was delighted to put the Nuvi to use.(the link is also in the pinned topics above. thank you Cacheoholic for your friendly and warm reminder) This are available from about 35.00 up on the bay.. and make perfect paperless caching partners. You will have the caches and the description plus logs on the device. I use it to get to the parking area.. then use my trusty 76S to home in on the cache. You can leave the Nuvi plugged into vehicle until you park.. so it is charged and ready. Plus it will alert you when you are close to a cache. Two key things are required. Pocket Queries and GSAK. Pilotsnipes invested a lot of time and effort in showing us all how to do this and gets big thanks from me. I will let him explain it. Your asking why not use your smartphone and handy cell tower and skip all the above?. You do not live and cache in the boonies. thanks again pilotsnipes wingryder
  17. Ouch.. that is not what I wanted to hear. thanks though for input 73 N7AVJ wingryder
  18. Not sure if this is a Gsak question or a Windows question. Running Gsak on XP machine, when I try to export a file to Mapsource.. the dialog screen is not all visible at my screen resolution. (I know I can change it, but I don't want to have to keep changing back and forth.) I can use the alt,space M trick and drag the dialog up the screen with the arrows so the "generate" icon is visible. So far so good. But as soon as I touch the mouse to click on "generate". the entire screen reverts to original "can't see it all" position. Simple cure is what? dm
  19. Sorry about that, I thought I was posting this in For Sale section. Please move it there if you have the forum controls to do so. wingryder
  20. Case and screen in very good shape. Will not turn on. No accessories with it. Battery area looks clean.. no evidence of leaking batteries. Power problem should be straight forward to cure if your handy. I would look into it.. but I am a Garmin guy. 20.00 shipped. wingryder
  21. http://ctcachers.com/wiki/index.php?title=Cachemate_(PalmOS) If the cacher is confused about Cachemate.. do not even mention GSAK. You do not need gsak to enjoy cachemate. Run the cmconverter mentioned above, it will prepare a file you can sync to your Palm. year two, or when you have lots of time.. you can investigate gsak. wingryder
  22. Now that is a great idea! didnt even think of it... thank you!! I prefer to use this method for everyone, regardless. Happy caching and congrats on your finds! Here are a couple of hints that might help. Remember that your gps receiver will only tell you direction and feet to target when it is moving. (You have to be walking). So it helps to come into the spot from several directions. Just move out twenty feet and follow your arrow in again. Second thing, out here in the west nature has it own way of piling up rocks. Cachers seem to have their own way too and it is easy to spot. If that rock did not get there by gravity or being kicked by a cow, then a cacher put it there. Just a side note.. I think the sport is being hurt by too many "yawn" caches. If it does not denote something special what is the point?? Ok soapbox closed wingryder
  23. I like FireRef 's idea best so far. Ben yes I understand and like the idea.. However I am new to uploading routes and will have to learn how to do that. John gpsbabel looks good.. the command line thing blows me away. I did the dos things years ago and have got real lazy since. GSAK also looks good but I have avoided it because of the learning curve. I will work on all ideas given and thank you all very much. A option in P.Q. would be the simplest for old guys like me...Lets beg for this
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