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  1. I decided to try the new "send to Garmin" feature, made the list , updated Garmin software and sent it to my Nuvi42... no problem. Now I have 1000 caches on my "favorites" menu and don't know how to get rid of it. I prefer the GSAK cache info, The Name of the cache instead of the GC number and of course all the details of the cache. How do I delete the whole favorites file? Thanks in advance , Larry ( Born2Run)
  2. I have been using GSAK and a Garmin Nuvi 42lm for several years,but I have a new issue lately. For a couple months I received an error when I loaded GPX files with Garmin POI loader. I use the Macro "GPX by type" version 7.17.0 and send files to my handheld Etrex Summit and then to the Nuvi. The error was an invalid file and then gave the path. If i tried it again or deleted and started over I could get it to load. I was able to see the caches but when I click on one it crashes my Nuvi.. Thinking about reinstalling POI Loader, or Nuvi Maps? any other suggestions? Thanks in Advance, Larry Born2Run lcolby@centurytel.net
  3. Good advice! I just ordered the 42lm' should work for me. Thanks again
  4. All... Just use GSAK and the Nuvi Macro Hey thanks for the info, I do use GSAK with my old Nuvi ,but was concerned that it wouldn't work with newer models. Any suggestions on wich one to get?
  5. Do any of the new Nuvi products support tourguide? It has been great over the years... Or is there new technology I should be using for PQ's after downloading them. Hurry I leave for AZ in a few weeks! Larry
  6. While caching near Superior ,WI My wife and I were going down a steep ravine with a creek at the bottom. The creek was only a few feet wide ,but it was raining and slippery banks. I crossed first and reached back to give her a hand. She reached for my hand and pulled, I pulled, she pulled.... we both went in! We both laughed uncontrollably but continued on Wet and soggy ,we found the cache and made our way back to the car. It was our last find of the day!
  7. Thanks so much for all the improvements! Favorites was a great idea.
  8. We enjoy caching on the North Shore of Lake Superior, in Northern Minnesota. Last fall my wife and I spent a week during peak color season. The highlight of the trip was a extremely windy day. Sustained winds of 30 40 MPH with gusts even higher, with some rain.The lake wave were crashing on the rocks, while we were out caching. Trees were down along some trails which made for more adventures. Power was out in town and some businesses closed. we will remember this trip for some time to come.
  9. I have been a premium member for a year or so, Old site was very well done. I checked the forums to find out what happened.... This is not a good "upgrade" , if printing pages there is a lot of wasted space. I don't like to complain but just for constructive point of view , the site should be changed to resemble the former look. Thanks in advance
  10. I recently obtained a Palm Tungsten e2, using GSAK and Plucker I have figured out PQ's and really like the results. I have plenty of memory on a 1Gig card in hand held , so I am wondering if I can load the Google maps as well as the cache info. I have tried to grab images and make changes to settings in GSAK and Plucker but to no avail. And other tips on getting more cache info onto hand held ,would be great. Thanks in Advance, BSESB99 Spooner, WI
  11. Well thats what I was afraid of. Thanks for the information and the FAQ
  12. Hello, Can anyone tell me if I can recharge batteries while they are in place in my explorist 210? It came with a car Charger and USB cable. I know it uses the outside power source while connected, but does it actually charge the rechargeable batteries. The manual doesn't even cover this nor the online documentation. I would hope it is pretty straight forward but I have not had any luck doing so. Thanks in advance, Larry BSESB99
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