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  1. Looking to sell my Garmin Colorado 300 with 4GB SD card and motorcyle/car RAM Mount. Hoping to sell to someone local please! $300 firm. For those that messaged me, I am very sorry, my E-mail was messed up and I wasn't getting them. (My fault) so will throw in a very cool extra. (its a surprise but worth it)
  2. Looking to sell my Garmin Colorado. Comes with a 4GB Memory card and Motorcycle/Bycicle RAM Mount. GPS is barely used. Looking at selling to someone local. I am in Guelph, Ontario. PM if interested, thanks!!
  3. Remember also, several people found the cache and had no problem logging it. If you find a cache that is a no-no, it is best to report it.
  4. This should help, covers a large part of Canada and is free! http://www.ibycus.com/ibycustopo/ If you are taking the bikes and have extra time take the chichimaun and zip around Manitoulin EDIT: Whups! Red90 said it already
  5. You just require City Navigator, the maps are very detailed, all streets are labeled (name, road types) and routing works well. I believe it has the same map detail, POIS's etc as the Zumo. Using rechargeable is great if you do not have a power source to charge a GPS. I have used my 60CSX the past two years on my bike and it works great. I just "Upgraded" to a Colorado. Couple things: The RAM mount is not out yet so you will have to wait on that, don't try and use a bicycle mount. Routing also does not work correctly with latest firmware, if you avoid highways it does not listen and tosses you down them.
  6. A Quick Note. I just got my Garmin and with North America Maps it does show gravel roads as dots, and very accurately also (at least in Ontario)
  7. Thanks for the fast reply! My Streetpilot C530 shows like the Nuvi and shows cravel in a slight discoloration, which isn't a huge deal as long as there is still a routing option to avoid them. Can anyone confirm? Thx!
  8. Searched but didn't find answers. I like to bike(Scooter) and casually cache, road navigation is key for me, before I buy a Colorado hopefully someone can answer a question or two: 1. Reviews talk about topo and bluechart maps but not City Navigator. Can this be loaded? (Garmin looks to say it is possible) 2. What do gravel roads display as? My 60C shows them as Dots which is perfect, my Streetpilot shows them as a lighter color which sucks. I hope they show as dots? 3. Are there audible prompts? I imagine just the shrieking like the 60C, is the volume comparable? Any negatives with road navigation on the Colorado you have found? Thanks for all the help!
  9. Actually, when they talk about Vantagepoint and Crossover compatibility they say Vantagepoint is compatible with FUTURE crossover devices. (Not the current one)
  10. I do not have a Zumo but bike. It is definitely enjoyable, gives you need places to explore. I do not have a Zumo (Have a 60CSX) but can give you a "few" pointers: 1. Zumo has an estimated 4 hour battery life, which should be good as long as you can charge on your bike. It is a limitation though as you have limited time to search, you may only be able to do 1 or 2 at a time then go back and charge. 2. Does the Zumo always keep you on the road? If it has an off road feature then Geocaching would probably work for it, it probably does not show a compass though so it is a little harder. 3. I find allot of caches outside the city are on gravel, out of the way roads, depending on what you ride that may not be your cup of tea.
  11. Good Day, I am mulling over selling my Garmin 60CSX GPS. I have had it for a few months, works great, comes with a 1GB MicroSD Card and Metroguide Canada v4, and RAM Mount holder. Looking for someone local to sell to! If you are in the Guelph/Kitchener/Cambridge area and are Interested PM me!
  12. KW Surplus in Kitchener and Cambridge have several sizes. http://www.kwsurplus.com/
  13. Try this Loadmytracks http://www.cluetrust.com/LoadMyTracks.html Works great natively for the mac. Can load and download waypoints, tracks, etc. I used it for quite awhile on my Mac with my Garmin.
  14. I wouldn't suggest using it for geocaching as it is an automotive GPS and one drop of water, dew, anything can destroy it. What I would recommend is using it to drive to the Caches and Storing all the hints, but buying a cheap handheld GPS for once you leave the car. If you still want to go through with it...there are a few applications that will do it, check out www.mionav.com there was mention of one there yesterday.
  15. I have a Mio C310. It lets you import GPX files with their Mio Transfer application, placing them in subfolders, which you can choose to display directly on the map. Works great,anywhere I drive I can see all caches near me and street route to them quickly. Not only that but it is cheap ($199), fast, and very accurate with room for thousands of caches. You can also manually enter coordinates, the only thing it doesn't do in your requirements is speak street names, it only speaks "turn left at next street" but that works very well. It comes with maps of Canada and USA plus there are maps of most of Europe, South Africa, Australia, and other countries available.
  16. Watch out, I lost by GPS by having the Lanyard break off and not noticing until it was too late. Make sure you have a very good Lanyard holding that sucker around your neck!
  17. Its weird, when you look at the 60csx pictures the map is a bright vibrant yellow, but when you actually see it on the GPS it is a darker bland yellow. Am I missing the bright yellow option or is it more marketing? No theme seems to change the day map color scheme.
  18. Hey Everyone! This is the CANADIAN geocache section. Lets all be Canadian and be polite.....
  19. Can you tell me how you use yours on a Mac - I bought a used PC laptop because I couldn't figure out how to use it with my Macs. I have been using LoadmyTracks on my Garmin with OSX with no problem. Works with Magellan also. Wont load maps but does Tracks, Waypoints and routes. (Import and Export from GPS) I believe this is the website
  20. Awesome, thanks for the help! I'll have to mull it over, the gravel is a big thing. Thanks!
  21. I have 2 questions I would like to ask as I am in need of a replacement GPS. (lost mine on my last cache in ALLOT of snow) 1. On the map display, does it show Highways and Gravel roads in different colors? The picture shows it does for highways, but how about gravel? 2. If you have the road maps and you are Canadian, does it give all the roads? Magellan site seems to show only like 5 cities for Canada with detailed info! 2. b. Is it worth it? Thanks for all the help!
  22. Yeppers, eventually I may feel good on gravel but not yet.... I got my hands on a cheap Maio c310 GPS. So far it is working great, sends me down some great roads and ignores gravel roads. I have also figured out how to add hundreds of caches to it, and just whip the Garmin out when I get close to the cache. So far so good!
  23. Thats handy seeing them as gravel before you get to them, the 60C does not, maybe a Streetpilot is in my future..... I try to just pass them if I notice they are gravel but it is sometimes harder with another scooter behind you as you wan to give them notice if you are turning or not. Thanks for all the help everyone!
  24. Wow! Didnt know anyone else had one! I have yet to see another one on the road. Yuppers, it can be slippery on gravel, already looking for new tires!
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