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  1. This cache is off the Old Island Highway in the Fanny Bay area http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...39-bfd2d2bcd508 it is one of my favorite caches and a must if your in the area.
  2. I wouldn't buy one from crappy tire they hide everything behind locked glass cases you can't find any staff to open them and there service is terrible you get to the till and they only have one open with some little old lady trying to pay with cd dollars while ten other customers stand in line . I would rather go to GPS Central and get good service and a competative price.
  3. 19. I always think I know were it is but when I get there it isn't there.
  4. redgreen

    I'm baaaaak!!!!

    Welcome home thats a great signature hope to meet you one day.
  5. If your not busy on Saturday the 29th I'm going to Cortes Island your welcome to come and so is MBC and Cacherunner. Three caches but no moose.
  6. redgreen

    Fun of the sport

    I have to agree with the previous three. Having lived on the island all of my life Geocaching has helped me see parts that I probably never would have. I still like doing the team caches even if there is nothing in the caches. As far as others motivations thats up to them I just have to figure out presuming round world.
  7. The tick that I had on the weekend was removed with the old hot match trick I hope he didn't vomit on me. I think that you could use turpentine on a q-tip and swab the tick. Keep checking the dog after each outing.
  8. Dog are allowed on leashes. Will try to make it as I couldn't make the polar bear swim.
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