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  1. 5.6.4 only includes a couple quick bug fixes. The most important was making sure that APE caches displayed properly in search results.
  2. You beat me to it! I was just coming here to share that link. We just heard from our partners at Garmin that they've released a beta version of updated device firmware that they believe will fix the problems you all have described. It's available for download at the link in mjr15197's post above. We'd appreciate it if anyone who tries it out can report back here on their experience.
  3. Thanks for reporting. We're monitoring of a couple new types of crashes that were previously masked by the other crash we fixed. We'll continue investigating and fixing!
  4. Sorry you're having trouble with syncing of solved coords. To help us diagnose the problem, can you give some details about the exact steps you're going through to encounter the problem? Thanks!
  5. We'll be improving text copying in one of our next couple releases.
  6. Thanks for reporting on your problems, everyone. We don't have a solution yet as we're not sure whether the issue is on our end, Garmin's, or both, but I did want to let you know that we're investigating.
  7. We released an API change earlier this morning that we think should resolve the re-appearing yellow dot for souvenirs. Can you two give it a try again and let me know if it's resolved? You'll likely still see the yellow dot the next time you open the app, but after you've viewed souvenirs and cleared the dot it shouldn't appear again.
  8. Given what you've described above, I suspect there may be a bug on our end. We'll investigate.
  9. Since my last post, we released version 5.6 of the app which included souvenirs. If you've got 5.6 installed then the Android menu will also be badged with the yellow dot when you earn a new souvenir. You can clear it by opening the menu, tapping view profile at the top (which should also have a yellow dot), then viewing your souvenirs. Hope that does the trick for you!
  10. We have a team working now on ways to soften this limitation.
  11. Sometimes things don't go exactly as planned. Solved coords functionality that matches what's already available on the web and iPhone will be included in a 5.6.x release on Android. Our Android engineers are working on it now and it should be available in the next few weeks.
  12. Updating the OSM data is not a forgotten issue. We still intend to do so as soon as possible, but it has proven to be more squirrelly than anticipated as we work with a third party map server solution.
  13. The Android team is working on it as we speak. It should be available within the next few weeks as a 5.6.x release.
  14. The yellow notification dot is also displayed when you have one or more offline lists that are "out of sync" (i.e. you've saved the list for offline use, but you no longer have the most current data available). If you have any out of sync lists, the number will be shown in parentheses after the Lists item in the nav menu and the list itself will have a refresh icon next to it on the Lists screen. If the yellow notification dot is showing because you have out of sync lists, you can resolve it by refreshing the list's offline data or removing the list's offline data. Hope that helps!
  15. We deployed a fix that should resolve the problems with solved caches and ignored caches. Please respond here if you're still seeing strange problems. Thanks!
  16. Thanks for all the reports on issues with the map. We are aware and investigating.
  17. Ben H

    Bug with drafts

    Are you referring to the new drafts page on geocaching.com? If so, near the top of the page you should see an option for "Sort by". If you click there you can choose to sort the newest drafts first or the oldest first. Perhaps one of those will yield the order you're looking for?
  18. Yes, there seems to be a bug. I just tried changing the coordinates for a Traditional, and it's also showed with a blue icon and puzzle piece. I haven't gotten the latest update from midday today yet, though, so maybe this has already been fixed. Somehow I missed that this feature has also been rolled out on the website. I can confirm that I'm still seeing incorrect icons for non-Mystery caches with solved coordinates on the website's map. For example, the cache in the middle of this screenshot is GC5DNKM, a Traditional (the updated coordinates I used are random). The puzzle piece icon is a different color than any single cache type and is applied to all cache types with corrected/solved coords. Refreshed my browser (Firefox) and even closed and reopened the browser, but I'm still seeing an issue with zooming. I also opened Chrome and Edge to test, and I'm seeing the same issue in those browsers as well. For example: WSGA GeoArt series Zoom levels 12-13: smiley icons appear in the lake (GOOD!) Zoom levels 14-18: smiley icons disappear, not in lake or at corrected location (BAD!). It's not an issue of having smileys turned off, as I do see smileys for other caches at all of these zoom levels. NOTE: If I look at the same area from Search Results, then the smileys appear at their original coords at zoom levels 14-18...in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. ETA: The zooming issue I'm seeing is different from the issue reported earlier in this thread. I'm not seeing that earlier zooming issue (solved icons disappearing). It turns out that the first fix for disappearing solved pins caused a new problem with disappearing smiley pins. Our dev team has already completed a fix and is working to get it deployed. Unfound caches with solved coords will appear at the solved coords with the solved map pin. Found caches with solved coords will appear at the posted coords with the smiley map pin.
  19. Thanks for the reports. We're aware of some unexpected behaviors upon zooming in and out and investigating a fix. We just deployed an update that should fix the zooming issue. Please let us know if you're still missing caches as you zoom in. Please note that you'll likely have to refresh the web page in order to see the changes.
  20. This feature has not yet been released on Android, so you won't see changes there yet. Thanks for the reports. We're aware of some unexpected behaviors upon zooming in and out and investigating a fix.
  21. So far we're unable to reproduce this issue on other devices. Would you mind uninstalling and reinstalling the Geocaching app, trying again, and letting us know whether the problem is still happening?
  22. Thanks for reporting the issue. Is this issue new for you in app version 5.5 or did it occur in prior versions as well?
  23. While there's no direct way to do this at the moment, you can still accomplish it pretty quickly as follows: * Select a GeoTour * Map the GeoTour by tapping the map icon near the top right * Tap the (...) menu at top right of the map * Select Add all to list * Tap the + to create a new list, give it a name, and check the box to save offline
  24. You can do this now! Tap the "target" icon at the top left of the map twice. It will turn into a green compass icon indicating that you're in track up mode.
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