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  1. The hardware of the 66 ist fine - it like it. BUT: The Geocaching functionality of the 66 seems unchanged to the Oregon7x0, GPSM 64, ..: It's still not possible to do real logs using the comment you entered or send the log as filednotes to edit. If you found a cache, it sends a default logtext . If you entered a comment when logging it does nothing. (Please confirm this behavior) Still after years I do not understand why Garmin does not hear to customers or ask beta testers before releasing a new version. I am convinced, that Garmin will be able to increase software quality.
  2. The first 66s(t) are delivered in Switzerland and Geocacher have made the first experiences with them. https://podcast.paravan.ch/?p=6575 (german only, but with photos)
  3. Hier gibts erste Erfahrungen zum eTrex Touch: http://podcast.paravan.ch/?p=3789
  4. Das Problem scheint nicht an geocaching.com zu liegen. Hier die Erklärung zum Problem: https://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=640
  5. On the page http://www.geocaching.com/track/ActivationCodeRetrieve.aspx the name for "activation code" (german: Aktivierungscode, correct) is the same as used for "Tracking Code", where also "Aktivierungscode" is used (wrong, should be "Trackingnummer").
  6. Du kannst in der PQ auch den Suchradius oder andere Kriterien definieren. Wenn z.B. innerhalb des Suchradius keine 1000 Caches liegen, sind auch keine 1000 in der PQ.
  7. 4.- ... Du beim Öffnen des Kühlschranks beim Anblick der Tupperdose rufst "Ich hab ihn!" 5.- ... Bei der Engegennahme eines Paketes vom Kurier mit "TFTC" unterschreibst
  8. Im Schweizer Geocaching Podcast Nr. 17 gabs einen Bericht (Interview) mit Geocachern auf einer Kreuzfahrt: http://podcast.paravan.ch/?p=702 Leider in "schwiizerdütsch"
  9. Congratulations - but I do not like this to do manually on regular basis, if there's a possibility to automatically download the images. I'm hoping that Groundspeak will make that possible.
  10. Garmin newest firmware versions (Montana, Oregon, ....) have a new feature: "Added Geocaching with Photos (Link)" This new feature is also already implemented on opencaching.com and allows downloading fotos together with the listing, which are linked together. I suggest to implement this feature also on geocaching.com with the feature [send to GPS] See also: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=289258&view=findpost&p=4954238 http://garmin.blogs.com/softwareupdates/2012/01/geocaching-with-photos.html
  11. Ok, but I hope that this also can be automated by geocaching.com
  12. Nice, but only described with opencaching.com Does it also work with geocaching.com? Does anybody already has experience?
  13. Yes I do that so.As Premium Member you can generate "Pocket Queries" (.gpx-Files) wich you can receive by email oder download from your geocachin.com-account and simply drag and drop onto your eXploris GC (into folder "Geocaches"). Last weekend I loaded more than 8000 caches into my eXplorist GC within some minutes (after the pocket queries where generated by geocaching.com)
  14. Yes, you can copy gpx-files like pocket queries directly to the new Magellan device. I'm using the new device on a Mac.
  15. After experience with other GPS & manuals, I do not want to have a printed manual which is not longer up to date after the next firmware release.I recomend to the manufacturers (Magellan?) to have a up to date manual online on the website. I received the test device without manual and I could use it. Perhaps the filesystem (appart from the directory "Geocaching") needs some explanation. But if you play arround a little with the new Magellan, you will be familiar with it soon.
  16. The new Magellan GPS is from the geocaching functionality similar to the Garmins: Download geocaches from the website or load pocket queries/GPX-Files by drag and drop from your PC to the connected device.You have some more informations like attributes or images (announced function) and you are able to load much more caches on it as on the current Garmins. You can not expect that the number of caches increases, but the number of cachers will not. I think the device is a good device to start: You have a lot of geocaching functionality for an good price (will be announced soon). I'm waiting for an update on Garmins side to top the functionality on their products. The Magellan device has some features, that Garmin owners are waiting now for a long time.
  17. I've to possibility to test the new Magellan GPS as part of the "Magellan Insiders Programm". Magellan will re-launching the "eXplorist" with a new modell, especially dedicated to geocaching. It's a small handheld device (comparable with the Dakota) in a rugged case, without touch-screen, but four buttons and a joystick below the display. One important thing first: You wil able to load many thousands of Geocaches (ex. from pocket queries) including description, hints, attributes on the device and... ..tata: It should be possible to also load images from a cache-description which can be displayed when reading the cache description (This funcionality is already not available on my test device). Also HTML-Descriptions will be shown as on the website what's nice, but also can result in very small, bad readable characters (perhaps this will be improved in the next firmware version). The device does not has an magnetic compass. Actually I can't publish photos from this nice device before the official launch (soon!).
  18. Thanks for your feedback. My suggestion ist to have fast access to the information directly on the website without dealing first with PQ, etc. I not allways take my notebook with me when traveling, but in many spots you can use the interent (Internet- cafes, Hotellobby, etc.). And on business pc enviroment it is not allways allowed to install private software. And further: if you live in Switzerland sometime DE and FR-Caches cound be onyl some hundred meters away :-) So that information is not in all cases helpfull.
  19. Suggestion: I would like to have the possibility to order my bookmark list ex. "by distance" and/or serach the bookmark-List by different options Use case: I've a large "to do" bookmark list where I collect special caches to do, spread out all over europe. Now I want to find one of the caches near at home or in a special aera where I will stay.
  20. Using Pocket queries (PQ) on the Garmin Oregon / Colorado results some times in following problems: Some cache descriptions are to long (I think > 8000 chars) and are not displayed completly on the GPS/PQ Some cache descriptions need included images to find the cache. But the images are not included in the PQ I mostly go caching with pocket queries on my Oregon. Therefore I suggest following: Add an indicator the to the cache owner that his description exclude a defined length or add an (automatic) atribute (ex "long description"), that this caches can be selected/excluded from PQ Add an cache atribute "Image needed to solve", so it is possible to exclude such caches from a PQ
  21. Run the webupdater once or twice and then try again.
  22. I defined my pocket queries to sent by email "uncompressed", so I can drag the gpx-file from the email directly to the GPS (Oregon). But: Since this week I get the XML-Pocket query inline with the E-mail-text, not longer as attachement!
  23. Solved the problem after trying different things: What works (until now): - Quit Safari - Delete (or rename) the file "Cookies.plist" in [user]/Library/Cookies - Start Safari --> now it works normal again Delete the Cookies or the cache allone did not helped.
  24. After using Safari on my Mac for long, long time now, I get the error Bad Request (Request Header Too Long) when calling the geocaching.com website. If I clear the browser cache and the cookies, I can access one time the website, then the problem reapear. No problem with Firefox on the same Mac and until now no other website with the same problem found. Any idea?
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