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  1. Have been setting up our first AL but when I go to test keep getting error 500 message. I have been deleting previous tests which seemed to be ok, restarted computer and phone app but no luck. Is this temporary or can anyone help? Dont want to set to public until I am sure test version works.
  2. Have just found that if I go to my list and select download GPX that works fine, and can transfer this to my Etrex, though Chrome still does not allow a PQ download of the same thing.
  3. Just set up a PQ today and on attempt to download get an alert blocking it. Had no problems up to now. Regularly use this method to load caches into my Etrex. Has anyone else had this? Using Chrome as a browser and gmail account as address. Thanks
  4. Yes, if a location is interesting but the cache becomes archived because the CO has moved or whatever, great opportunity to place a new cache. I have done this for a couple of caches, and the former owners back in the region for a holiday, were very pleased to make a new find..... One was within 15 minutes of being published as it was near their family home!
  5. I will always pick up and log tbs that I find, problem is often finding a suitable cache to leave it in and helping it on its mission if there is one. I did start watching tbs that I had dropped off, but quite sad the number that have dropped out of circulation. I have a few of my own, and if any vanish for over a year, I have made up duplicates with the same reference number. I will happily drop tbs at events, but don't "discover" them unless there is some special interest that I want to comment on. Yes, a lot of things are frustrating, but it's only a game!
  6. An annoying feature of messaging system... by default, pressing return sends message straight away, so if I forget to disable the tick box at first, message is sent when I start a new paragraph. Can this be fixed. Thanks.
  7. As a result of an international cache that we are working on with other geocachers, I came across the following statement in GC guidelines.... Caches cannot require geocachers to contact the cache owner or anyone else. Surely this should only apply to simple traditional caches, otherwise earthcaches, many virtuals and anything requiring cooperation and teamwork cannot be approved. But there is an attribute available that shows " teamwork required" !!!!!
  8. A recent new cache near us has no description at all. Rather surprising that reviewers allow this and a bit annoying when we always put some effort into description of our caches.The only reason we might look for it is curiosity!
  9. Yes will be checking locations soon.
  10. Hi, just seen these posts.... We live on the Atlantic Coast of France, near to Royan. We are in contact with several french geocachers, the area gets lots of visitors in the summer. We could help with translation too. Would be interested in helping.
  11. We find it useful to have both, especially when looking for multi caches. Read the information etc off the phone, then put coordinates into the etrex. Phone can give the latest information when away from home too. However, prefer to use etrex unit for precise measurement and when setting up caches.
  12. Thanks for the information, will this be resolved in the next few days? We are on holiday, and we're relying on phone to find caches.
  13. Is there a way to stop getting notifications for ’discovered it’ logs for trackables? I got a huge number recently when one of ours was dropped off at a mega event. I still would like to know when it is put in or taken out of a cache, but don’t need to get all the ’thanks for sharing’ messages!
  14. We did the tasks, got the souvenirs, but as yet no e mail with any instructions. Checked my spam mail etc but doesn't look as if it has been sent to us. Is there a delay before the message comes out?
  15. Thanks to all for their comments. There are a couple of sets of caches near my location where it seems quite OK for co-operating partners to log both sets as found. Presumably a reviewer has allowed them or overlooked them ? Another type of cache that I have come across is where there are multiple waypoints, each in different countries, or a task has to be carried out in a different country, and once all the clues are collected, all members can log the final cache.
  16. I have come across several "twin" or even multiple caches where location of the waypoints and caches are very far apart, often in different countries. To find the caches involves co-operation between geocachers in the different locations, then all involved can log the final cache or caches. I was intending to try to set something up between twinned towns in France and UK where I have contacts, but was told by a geocacher that "after much discussion, rules had changed " and individuals should only log caches that they had visited themselves. Can anyone confirm this?
  17. Ca m'a arrive aussi. Sur le page du TB, le propiétaire du cache peux mettre "Missing". Patrick (Mr Panda) Info de "Groundspeak Support" ...."Mark Missing - Trackable on page but not there physically". Sometimes, a Trackable has been physically removed from a geocache, but the finder does not log it online. The Travel Bug or Geocoin icon on remains the geocache page, and geocachers can be frustrated when they arrive at the geocache to find it missing. Don't despair if a Trackable goes missing. In many cases it has been moved to another geocache but the last person didn't know how to log it. The next geocacher who finds it will log the find. If you are the owner of the Trackable, or the owner of the geocache where the Trackable is listed, you can mark the item as missing. This will remove it from the geocache inventory, and place the Trackable in an "unknown location." This will not effect the mileage of the Trackable. Later, if the Trackable is found, it can be grabbed and placed into the correct location. Mileage will be calculated from its previous location. To do this, go to the Trackable's page, and choose from among the "Trackable Item Options." If you are the Trackable owner, it will say "Recalculate distance." Click on this menu and select "Mark bug missing". If you are the geocache owner, the menu will already be on the "Mark bug missing" option. Click "Go" and when the page refreshes, at the top it will ask "Are you sure you want to mark this Travel Bug missing?" Click "Yes" to complete the action. When you mark a Trackable missing, a log to the Trackable's page will be auto-generated under your name, explaining the Mark Missing log. If you are not the Trackable owner or geocache owner and notice that a Trackable is not in a geocache, you can use the Trackable's reference number to log a note to the Trackable listing telling the owner that the Trackable is not there. Or you can email the geocache owner or the Trackable owner and point them to this Knowledge Book page. As a courtesy, it is nice to email the Trackable owner first.
  18. Would like to help but we live in Charente Maritime, rather too far to visit. Why not check and see if there is an "event" near to you? We find them very enjoyable and sociable. On our first one after a year of geocaching we found one of our neighbours was doing it too - now we occasionally all go out together on geocaching hunts.
  19. I recently went for a "maintenance" visit to one of our caches, which supposedly had two TBs in it but neither were there. I posted a note to this effect, saying probably someone had forgotten to log them and marked them "missing". However one of the TB owners changed the log for their one to "move" it back! I'll wait a few weeks and see what happens.................
  20. Today 2nd September was trying to log in - get this message "Kan ikke forbinde til SQL-serveren" will try later but has always been okay before.
  21. We have also had this problem using google chrome but as other users have mentioned, hitting F5 or reloading page seems to work.
  22. I have not updated my maps on my Etrex 30 for a while, but do remember having problems sometimes, had to delete and re-install files three or four times before it was OK. For one area in France used the "cyclemap" option - (think that was the description) which seemed to work when the normal one didn't. Wonder if there is some sort of bug in the system?
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