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  1. PLEASE ONLY MESSAGE IF GENUINELY INTERESTED We have a large selection of geocoins, including full sets and some specialist / limited edition ones and are looking to reduce our collection. If you think you might have an interest in any, or are looking for something particular, please drop us a message via the forum, or direct at heypressto@btinternet.com and we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible. If you are in the North West of England area, and wish to pay us a visit to look at the collection first, please look up Linedance Towers TB Hotel GC5XECX Thanks for reading and happy caching Irene and Clare Linedancers
  2. I have been on all the sites to set some lab caches and as yet I cant find what I am looking for. sorry for being thick but can you point me in the right direction for setting some for Piratemania GC5B3WH. Thank you
  3. Is anyone else having issues logging on to go.com through and iPad that uses Safari / Google? It works fine through IE on my laptop and through Firefox on the desktop, but when I try on the iPad it makes an attempt but then loops back to the log in page retaining the user name and password. I have cleard cache data and cookies, also browsing history and have also done a reset. Switched it off and back on, but this makes no difference. Thanks Clare
  4. I bought myself and Irene one (not a leather strap) It's a small snake on a piece of cord from SkySharks. Very pretty and worth £3 of anyones money
  5. Hi, It's good to hear you are going to be having your first mega event. Unfortunately for us, we have already made our holiday arrangements for a trip to NZ over Chistmas and the New Year. Both myself and Irene are committee members for the UK's 5th Annual Mega Event being held on 11th August next year, at Cartmel Race Course. We have planned a visit to Waimate / Queenstown for roughly the first two weeks of Jan 2012 and were wondering if there were any Events being held. We can be contacted at heypressto@btinternet.com or through Geocaching.Com, but we will be leaving the UK on 24.12.11. Here's a link to our website if anybody fancy a trip to the UK 2012 Mega Event in the North West: Cartmel Racecourse, South Lakeland, Cumbria: Saturday 11th August 2012. See www.mega2012.org.uk for the latest! Happy Mega Planning. May be we will see some of you whilst we are on holiday Clare & Irene (Linedancers)
  6. We are just bumping this to the top of the list as there have been 515 people viewed this post and not one reply. :)
  7. Hi guys and girls, My self (Clare) and my partner (Irene)(Linedancers) have booked a trip to NZ, commencing 24.12.11, and we will arrive in NZ on 27.12.11. If possible, I would like to host a geocaching event on 12.01.12, around Waimate / Dunedin to celebrate by 40th birthday. If there are any cachers out there that can possibly help out / suggest a venue / or even book the event, we would be extremely grateful. We can be contacted on heypressto@btinternet.com / clare.kitching@btinternet.com / clare.kitching@bt.com or via geocaching.com. Many thanks Clare and Irene.
  8. Yep, we did originally have a cache at the very edge of our front garden called Bite the Bullet GC19X88. Some cachers actually rang the doorbell when they had found it. This had to be archived when we set the village circular as it was too close to Farriers Workplace GC1KNjZ. We also have Phone a Friend! which is outside my (Clare's) place of work, although I can't actually see it from my desk GC1GM46 Clare (one half of the Linedancers)
  9. Does anybody know an easy way of removing caches from the Colorado 300
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