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  1. Hi, I am coming to London in a week's time and will have an entire day for geocaching. I would like to maximise my number of finds on this day. As I have cached in London many times before, I assume the best way to do this would be some trail out of the city, preferably easily reachable by train. Can you recommend a well-maintained, easy-to-do trail which will help me find as many caches as possible? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, I will be in Brighton area for a day and I like walking around nice places and caching. I am usually very fast and don't mind doing many caches in a row. Can anyone recommend a trail, say, within 1hr train journey from Brighton, that I could do? I am currently considering this one: GC5W496, but I am open to other suggestions.
  3. Mam ten sam system, tę samą aplikację i też jestem premium. I nie do końca rozumiem jaki związek ma mieć ta aplikacja z "nearby geocaches"?
  4. Jeśli pamiętasz, które kesze znalazłeś na tym starym, to możesz w nie wejść i znaleźć swoje stare logi. Tym sposobem odzyskasz nazwę użytkownika.
  5. No no no. Please don't be offended. That was the last thing I was trying to do. I checked the French side of the border on street view. Here I was hoping to get some info on the German side of the border. I appreciated all your comments. But I do not want to take trams, trains, buses or anything of the sort. Thanks again for your time.
  6. Guys... I am grateful that you want to help, but it looks like none of you actually read my questions and you are answering different questions instead...
  7. https://www.google.com/maps/dir/EuroAirport+Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg+(EAP),+68304+Saint-Louis,+France/47.5907564,7.5950563/@47.5879286,7.5443709,14z/data=!3m2!4b1!5s0x4791bc1cce59158f:0x7edf0a3a9f746bbe!4m9!4m8!1m5!1m1!1s0x4791bc03489a7343:0xbf89976c80072a54!2m2!1d7.5254958!2d47.5981804!1m0!3e2 For me this looks like it's pretty close.
  8. No, I am from Poland. My question was mostly about how easy the route will be for a pedestrian. From google street view I see that in some places there is no pavement, but there is always some space for a pedestrian to walk. But there is no street view on the German part of the route, so maybe someone here could help me with this.
  9. Hello, There is a high chance I will arrive at Basel airport in the morning and leave in the late evening in the next few weeks. Can anyone advise me whether there are any issues with grabbing a cache in France, then walking to Germany, getting a cache there and then walking to Basel, caching there for a while and walking back to the airport? I am thinking of the following possible issues: - the local roads are not pedestrian-friendly - there are some border issues (I have crossed the Swiss border to France and Liechtenstein before and there were no issues, but I am reading on the airport website that there is a passport check inside the building - not sure why) -the walk is too long (which I don't think will be an issue for me. Google maps states it's a walk of about 20km, which I can do easily) Please advise whether there may be any problems with this and, also, post your cache recommendations from the area.
  10. Hi there, We are going to Iceland for a weekend in November and I would like to find some memorable and enjoyable cache while there. Could you recommend some that you really liked? Preferably not at the most frequented tourist locations.
  11. Hi, I am coming to Bristol for a day tomorrow, could you recommend some caches?
  12. Hi, I just wrote a new riddle cache and the website automatically insterted a checker in it. How can I get rid of it before I send it to be reviewed? THanks in advance
  13. wantsky, Ty i ja chyba po prostu inaczej zrozumieliśmy sformułowanie "znana lista". Ja myślałem o takich ludziach, którzy powiedzieli innym, że dostali wirtuale, więc społeczność wiedziała, że prędzej czy później coś wypuszczą. A Ty chyba myślałeś o jakiejś oficjalnej liście Groundspeaka.
  14. We went on Saturday (thanks to Ryanair providing cheap flights, which in turn was thanks to the Six Nations) and yes, we found this one
  15. Hello, Could you recommend some of your favourite Welsh caches?
  16. Hey guys I was just wondering if you could tell me of any European power trails you know which are of length 100 or more (or a little bit less) and can be done in a car? Most of the power trails are find are easily accessible to pedestrians / pedestrians and cyclists but I know very few that are car-friendly.
  17. Wow, thanks for being inquisitive and considerate I am looking to fill some statistics but my plan is to find the relevant caches in both cities anyway So I guess I am asking you about which city is better in terms of general caching experience. I will have plenty of time beforehand so I can solve riddles, I also really like multis. In fact, I will enjoy every cache type I think I don't think I am likely to be dressed appropriately for real T5s, but I suspect I wouldn't stop myself from getting good T3s and T4s even if I had to get dirty. The size doesn't matter to me much. The only thing I am definitely not looking for is the numbers - I much prefer a day with 4 amazing finds to one with 40 average ones. Which, of course, doesn't mean I won't enjoy finding many caches or that I will skip a cache just because it's a boring magnetic under a fence.
  18. Ok I have just reinstalled it and it's gone down to 50MB. So I gained a gb of space for free. I guess that means more podcasts...
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