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  1. I stumbled accross two caches this past weekend while looking for other caches that I can not seem to find on geocaching.com. I emailed one cacher that had this particular signature and it turned out not to be theirs. I checked for nearby caches to the coords and found nothing, but if it is a multi then it won't show anyways. I signed the logs and would love to log them online, but...... Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. The wife and I are new to this also. However, after 44 caches found, I can tell you I see way too much geotrash. And, it looks like the trade equal or up is mostly ignored. We leave a small compass or button. (new, not old and nasty). I like the earlier idea of batteries. Most GPS units run on AA, how cool would it be for a cacher who forgot GPS food to find a cache with fresh nutrition for his/her unit! Whatever you choose to leave, I would suggest it be new or in excellent condition, something another cacher may find fun.
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