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  1. My Wifey and I cache together, as a way to spend time together and get some excersize. Soon we will be getting our Neice involved too. Great way to learn how to navigate with a GPS, then we will move into map and compass work. :-) Tovish
  2. Sounds like you have everything you need. But don't to forget either a water filter or water purification tablets. You should be able to get something at your local sporting goods store. Happy Caching Tovish P.S. extra batterys for the GPS
  3. I own an older model, the Color Track. I love this unit, and it usualy gets me to with in 40ft of my target. If I have to get a new one, it will be the Meridian Platinum. Tovish
  4. GMRS licences cost money, and unless you are going to use it extensively or for a buisness, I cant realy see the need to spend extra $. Then again, I have my Ham radio licence. I am biased though :-) happy Caching all, Tovish
  5. Ok I get the bad speller of the day award. hehe (Reciever) Duh! Tovish
  6. Good Day All, I was just wondering if there is anyone out there using a Magellan Color Track? Or something just as old? Tovish
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