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  1. i had a blonde moment today, found the cache, traded items, hiked halfway to the next cache, then realised i didn't drop the geocoin, and the rest of the caches in the park were nano's, so hiked back, dropped the coin, got to almost the same point when i realised i'd left my sunglasses (i get migraines in bright light) so back i went for the third time, couldn't find them anywhere and then realised the were pushed up on the top of my head the whole time !! kate
  2. we have the explorist 210 and so far we've never lost our signal, we have been in forests, but maybe not as dense as you are talking about, it usually gets us within 5-10 feet of the target. (assuming the last person put it back where the co-ordinates say it should be )
  3. we are pretty new to this, i think today is our 1 month anniversary. for us this is a family activity, we only do it together with our children (8 and 10) i'm not a huge fan of the micro (mainly because i can never find them but hubby has no problems) but if there is one between two traditionals, then we will go for it. we DO log event caches, the one we went to last weekend was at night and pouring with rain, i earned all 12 of those caches, we were soaked and cold ! i try to avoid tb's i always feel too much pressure to move them on i don't write too much in the log book, (afraid i'm taking up too much space) but always make sure i do write in the online logs. i havn't logged the 2 dnf's we've had because i feel that we just didn't look in the right place (but kept an eye on them and other people found them after we didn't) i do take a bunch of Mc toys with me, if the cache is pretty empty or just has rusted ucky junk, i figure people would rather find some Mc toys in ziplocs than a mess or nothing. my youngest and i sit and make beaded keychains and put them in mini ziplocks with our team calling card, as our signature item i kind of like that aspect as much as caching. pretty basically, were not into the numbers or the loot, we just like to get out and see places we probably would never have seen, if it wasn't for caching. kate
  4. i'm really new to this, but maybe some of the ones you've found have been archived and arn't showing up now as they arn't active. kate
  5. ok took me forever to figure out how to download to it, and now i can't for the life of me figure out how to delete the geocaches once they are in there, i can delete the poi's no prob. any help would be appreciated kate
  6. my kids will take those high bounce balls or pingpong balls, (they have been known to leave $1 bills and take balls that they havn't got yet) they have a nice collection of them going right now, i like to find the handmade stuff, there are several caches around here that have signature items, (as soon as you see it you know they were there) simple bead pins, stuff like that. they only thing i've ever seen hubby take was some zip ties. we usually DO carry some mc toys with us, they come in really handy, if a cache is pretty much empty or gross after waters gotten in and ruined everything, they are good enough to restock with. i figure the next person would rather see some ziplocked mc toys, instead of something moldy or rusted. kate
  7. we just attended our first event, there were 21 caches, you register, then they uploaded the cords and clues to our gps's, and then we got a book with all the cords and names and just used a stamp (found at the cache) to mark the ones we went to. the only thing we didn't like about it, was it was so well attended that we were basically following groups to caches, rather than finding them ourselves, but we did find a couple of permanant caches while we were there too. =) lot of fun putting faces to the names we see on line all the time. and lots of help for us newbies. kate
  8. i wish we could take our dog with us, but she cries like shes hurt whenever we put her in a car, and doesn't stop till she gets out. (ear plugs required on long trips !)
  9. i'm 35 so is hubby, kids are 8 and 10 and the dog is 6 kate
  10. we will soon be attending an event and they have tons of geo coins and tb's with the geo-coins do you just log that you discovered it, rather than take it ? as you would a tb.
  11. Create a pocket query from the route - go to the 'My Account' page and click 'Find Caches Along a Route' on the right hand side of the page. Find your route and click on the name. In the 'Route Information' box, toward the bottom is a link that says 'Create Pocket Query'. Click that and you'll go to the form where you can create a pocket query and it will send you a .gpx file of caches along that route. Since you're a premium member I'm assuming you know about creating PQs. If not I can go into more detail. HTH thanks so much for your help i got it
  12. how do you see where the caches are ? i've made my route in google earth, saved it, uploaded it to www.geocaching ...... now what ? i'm so very confuddled. kate
  13. hope this works http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...62-ab7e97d0b007
  14. kewaskum, wisconsin. they arn't rated very high, a 3/1.5 seems to be the worst of the bunch. kate
  15. lol ty, were planning a trip tomorrow and it was used for a geocaching event, so there are 15+ within 3 miles, and several say 500th find, 1000th find etc. kate
  16. can you only do these if its your milestone that it says or can you do them any time ? kate
  17. anyone know of an easy to get to (basically with train transportation) cache's in the harwich, colchester or clacton area ?? i'm in the usa and will be bringing a bunch of travel bugs along for the ride. kate
  18. whats the difference ? do they both perform the same function, to get moved from cache to cache ? kate
  19. our little bunny's have been very excited about the idea of placing a hitchhiker, does a hitch hiker have to have a travel bug attatched ? i know it would be next to impossible to track without one, but is it allowed ? kate
  20. well the topic title says it all, how do i go about changing my username ?
  21. were really new to geocaching, less than a week. we have a magellan explorist 210 and no matter what we try we can't seem to download co-ordinates to our gps unit. also, can you download local road maps from anywhere or do you have to buy the software ? kate
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