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  1. Hi y'all, I have a friend who uses a Dakota 10 handheld and recently it stopped loading on his computer. He suspects it is no longer supported my geocaching.com. Does anyone know if this is true or have a clue as what might be going on? Thanks in advance for any help/advise you can give............................mike
  2. I know this has come up before but what's the latest on being able to sort our souvenirs? I would love to be able to see them in the order I acquired them. Thanks.....vogelly
  3. Hello, I just ran a query to show all my finds and not founds in my area. After uploading the file to my eXplorist GC, some of the older finds don't have a smiley to indicate that they were found however, when I review the query online, the smiley is there. Any ideas on what the problem might be?
  4. That's something I don't know about. I do have my sons' Geomate loaded with a single .gpx, though a large one of a couple thousand geocaches (a few Pocket Queries merged into one) of our area. I just download the PQ's I need and merge them with "Watcher" into a single .gpx file and load it onto their Geomate Jr. So they have a GPS with a few thousand locally available geocaches. If we're going somewhere outside of the areas covered with those PQ's, I just create another PQ for that area, and merge it with my other PQ's and load it to the Geomate Jr. And with these PQ's, geocaches with D/T of 5 are now possible, as well as multi's, puzzle, virtual, earth, and any other types are now available on the Geomate Jr. The Geomate Jr's website's regional downloads are only caches with a D/T of up to 4 and only traditional type caches....pretty limiting if you're an active geocacher Thanks for the info Fryguy1111, I googled “how to merge gpx files” and found a number of programs available. I will further check them out when I have a better internet connection. Thanks again for your assistance……mike
  5. The only regional files I am aware of are CRY files. Where do I find regional .gpx files?
  6. I've never seen that error, but do you get that same error when uploading a .gpx file either from the website or from the stand-alone loader? I've not heard of a CRY file... And if that doesn't work, maybe uploading a standard regions .gpx file via the website could clear things up. Then try re-loading that CRY file. Then again, I've not heard of those files, let alone on a Geomate Jr.
  7. Hello, I was so excited to hear that the Geomate was back. However, I am having problems loading regional files. A few months ago when the fate of the Geomate was in la-la land, I started using it for custom cache files (*.GPX). Now, when trying to load CRY files with the Geomate Loader I receive a “Flash programming failed…Cannot open port” message. Can someone help me find a fix for this? I asked Rich of Brand44 but he replied that he hasn’t heard of that problem and suggested I ask y‘all……………….mike
  8. I live in a RV and travel about the USA caching along the way. I recently purchased a Geomate jr to help in finding caches during quick pit stops easier, ie at rest areas or grocery stores, without cranking up the computer. I recently discovered that after I posted a find that I had found the same cache nearly 2 years ago thus giving me double credit for the same cache. Shouldn‘t the system be designed to prevent this from happening? I don’t have a problem tracking down the same cache twice but I don’t want double credit. It just doesn’t seem ethical to me. Please advise. Thanks…………….. mike @Beaver Creek Resort, Gaylord, Michigan
  9. I thought this thread was about something else. BTW, you wouldn't believe how many people call Streets & Trips, Streets & Maps. It happens all the time. Sorry that I mislead you with the S&M thing. I didn't even think about that until I read your reply
  10. Thank you so much for the info. At least I have a clue now with what's going on.......mike
  11. Thanks robertlipe and you are 100% correct. It is "Streets & Trips". I have no clue where the "Maps" came from. Perhaps a senior moment? Anyway, I've been doing some research but have not yet come up on how to change the format for the program. Take care for now....................vogelly
  12. Thanks EScout, I have been reading the manual since sending my question. It is in a different format but I can't figure out how to change it. I'll keep checking...........vogelly
  13. Hello fellow geo cachers, I just had my first find in Boise and was thrilled. I am a new full-time RV'er and expect to also develope into a full-time cacher. Anyway, one problem I am having is that the Lat/Long on my Streets and Maps computer program does not match the Lat/Long given on my GPS unit. Is that because one of the two is screwed up or the settings are different? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks........................vogelly
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