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  1. Okay, you just made Pepsi come out of my nose! Now I've gotta clean off the laptop. LMAO
  2. I fall into the both catagory. Certainly the thrill of the hunt is the driving force. Finding something new, not know what you're going to see or find, that is huge. But, I can not deny that I like the numbers. There you can look and measure your progress. Being able to see how many and different types of caches, TB's and coins is somewhat rewarding. "Look, I've found all of these." That adds to the allure IMO.
  3. This should almost be linked to the "You know your addicted to geocaching when...." thread. I'm a newbie and certainly hooked but...getting a notice of a new published cache and rushing out to pad your FTF stats? That's a little scary IMO. But, I gues to each his own. I guess what is "exciting" to one is meaningless to another.
  4. Good topic as I was wondering that myself. I hit a cache last month that had a few coins and a TB. I took one coin and the TB to move them along. I've since noticed that no one has visited this one since and the coins are sitting in limbo. I am tempted to go back and pick them up but, on the other had I think they should be there for someone esle to find and move along. How long is too long at one location?
  5. C Co. 12th MP Bn. FT McClellan, AL 127th MP Co. Hanau Germany 410th MP Co. FT Hood, TX 50th MP Co. FT Dix, NJ (NJ National Guard) Det 2 42nd MP Co. Lawrenceville, NJ (NJ National Guard) 42nd MP Co. Tikrit, Iraq 254th REG. Sea Girt, NJ (NJ National Guard) US ARMY Military Police 21 years and counting!
  6. You don't have to pay a fortune. It just needs to be sturdy and comfortable. I just purchased 4 on eBay this morning. I paid $33 for all four and that includes shipping. Not bad.
  7. Thanx. That's what I was under the impression.
  8. What is the proper etiquette for taking a TB or Geocoin? What should you leave or do you have to? I've heard a few different people say different things so I'm posting this question here as there are way more knowledgable peeps. Thanks,
  9. Being relatively new to the sport I've been trying a couple of different things. I was keep notes in a book. My own log. But, I've starting using a camera to log each via photos. I find it to be much easier.
  10. All very cool sugestions. I have yet to get a FTF but one I heard about was one of the new gold dollar coins. That's cool.
  11. "In case of GPS failure". LOL That's classic. We already train for that. As a matter of fact you should only be using a GPS as a back-up. Individuals need not forget our basic map reading and land navigation. Murphy's law usually is in effect when it comes to GPS. When you need it, it has taken a crap so, you must be able to fall back on the dying art of map reading. I train civilians who are going into Iraq and Afghanistan and it always amazes me when they say "Why do we need a map reading class when we have GPS?" The funny thing is, I'll ask them if they know how to use their GPS and the usual answer is, "I'll figure it out when I get there". Uggghhhh
  12. I was thinking the same thing. Leaving th micro containers as swag is a neat idea too!
  13. Dude, if this was near a roadway, trail etc. Not good. I could see it attached to a guard rail! Call in EOD. Looks like and IED.
  14. There are plenty of inexpensive alternatives to ammo cans. (Although they are the best imo) The Lock & Locks as mentioned are great. Here are two of my newest caches. One's a Lock and Lock and the other...... a Maxwell House container. A little spray paint for camo and Voila!
  15. I enjoy the hunt but, to find a coin I've never seen or TB with a original mission makes it way more interesting to me. The kids say it's like Christmas each time. You never know what you're going to find. I will say that after finding our first micro this weekend, I am impressed by the way they can be hidden. They make the hunt a lot more difficult.
  16. This replaced virtual caches, correct? I haven't read as to the reasoning behind it but, it doesn't seem to make a big difference. I like mixing in a Virtual every now and then. I'm gonna hit three tomorrow.
  17. LOL, Yeah right.....I'll go with that!
  18. We were issued perethrin prior to deployment and were to apply it to our uniforms. Once treated the clothes were good for 50 washes. It was originally thought to be a possible carcenagenic but, recent studies have proven that false. I took this from Wikipedia: Permethrin kills ticks on contact with treated clothing. According to the Connecticut Department of Public Health, it "has low mammalian toxicity, is poorly absorbed through the skin and is rapidly inactivated by the body. Skin reactions have been uncommon." It's good stuff. Light color clothes tends to work well too. For some reason the go after dark clothing. Just a thought.
  19. You hit the nail right on the head!
  20. LMAO I'm just glad that I decided to pack it in and call the search off or else I would have certainly been spotted and who knows what?
  21. Not a bad idea. As long as it doesn't lull people into a false sense of security. They see yours and then later see a snake and reach down asuming it's fake and......zap! Could happen.
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