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  1. FWIW... We participated in this rebate program and have received our rebate check. I would call Garmin and see what they can do...if anything. Copies of everything would help. We scanned our UPC just in case. -Dave&Stacy
  2. The only easy way I have found is to put City Navigator on one micro-SD card and TOPO on another and switch the cards. You can turn off various maps in the Map Setup page, but if you have very many loaded (like I do) it takes FOREVER to shut off the ones you don't want. I found it easier to just switch the cards. YMMV. -Dave&Stacy
  3. Any word when the Vintage Airpower ones go on sale? Also, I'd like to request the following potential series: "Classic General Aviation" series (could have some of the following): Beechcraft Staggerwing Stinson 108-3 GeeBee Sportster Piper Super Cub Grumman Widgeon Fairchild F-24W DeHavilland Beaver Laird Super Solution Monocoupe Clipwing 110 Cessna 195 "Modern General Aviation" series: Cessna 172 Columbia 400 Cirrus SR-22 GTS Diamond DA-40 Beechcraft Bonanza Piper Archer/Warrior Grumman Tiger/Cheetah Just thoughts... -Dave&Stacy
  4. Just wanted to update you all. We got out at lunch and got our very first two FTF's! We're going to try to FTF the series, but I don't think it will happen. Too much other stuff going on this week that is interfering with caching. We were happy to finally get a couple FTF's though. Cache On! -Dave&Stacy
  5. Got ours from GPSCity.com while Garmin had their $50 rebate going. I think it was $375 with shipping, minus the $50 rebate for a total of $325. We got it back in October so pricing may have changed.
  6. This series is basically a series of micros leading up to a traditional. Each micro gives you a clue to find the coordinates of the final traditional. The individual caches are spaced by as much as 40 miles apart. -Dave&Stacy
  7. Thanks everyone! That's what we thought, but wanted to throw it out for discussion to make sure. -Dave&Stacy
  8. Hey all. I did a search and couldn't find any information on this. A new series of caches has been placed near our home, and we were planning to go out and find one orf two today. Each cache supposedly gives you a clue to help you find the final one. Keep in mind this is a series, not a multi. Can we log FTF on the two we find today even if we don't do the whole series? Or do we have to wait to find the whole thing to log? Any thoughts? -Dave&Stacy
  9. I don't think the TOPO version does any auto-routing though. To do that, you'll need City Navigator 8.0 I believe. We have both and have used them a lot. I keep all the TOPO stuff on one SD card and the City Navigator stuff on another.
  10. Welcome to the 60CSx family! It's a great unit and I'm sure you'll have a blast with it. Make sure you download and try out GSAK. It works great with the 60CSx. There's also a good thread on these forums on how to get the Geocaching symbols on your 60CSx. It's pretty easy and very nice! We've even found a way around the issue of losing geocaching functionality with other icons. PM us if interested.
  11. Fair enough. I have zero experience with the E-trex series. We have a 60CSx and I have used their aviation units many times with nothing but success. It just came off like you were associating elitism with the Garmin crowd. Sorry I misinterpreted the statement. My bad. As for the aspect of contributing to the community, has there ever been talk about offering "credits" for caches placed? Maybe each placed cache gives you one free month of PM access? I would be all for this. Fact is, someone placing a cache is probably spending more than the $3 and is definitely contributing. I would be all for crediting a person/group a free month of PM for every cache they place. Thoughts? **Edit: If ther person still wanted to contribute extra to GC.com, they could as well. The credit system would just be a way to help out those that are placing a lot of caches. Just a thought.**
  12. While I can understand the OP's view regarding the "elitism" of MOC's, they have to realize that keeping Geocaching.com and the Groundspeak forums running costs an enormous amount of money. The mere fact that they offer any services for free is amazing. We were thrilled to be able to use the site for free and have access to as many caches as we did. In this day and age, very few things are free. People should really look at what they have. As Sheryl Crow once said..."It's not having what you want...it's wanting what you've got." When we first signed up, we were standard members. We went this way for a few months and I never really cared about MOC's and still don't. My main reason for upgrading was for Pocket Queries and GPX file access. $3/mo. really isn't that much. As someone else said, it's a pack of cigarettes, two pops, a value meal at McDonalds. The MOC's are a nice reward to the people who are paying to keep the two sites up and running. Without premium members, there would not be a Geocaching.com. Furthermore, I'm really sick of people in this country thinking they're entitled to have everything everyone else has. I worked my tail off when I was a kid getting good grades, staying out of trouble, and keeping myself on track. It wasn't easy and I didn't have loads of money. I paid my way through four years of college and made many sacrifices to do it. At times it wasn't fun and I went without a lot of things I really wanted. But the result is a great job and the life I've always wanted to live. Even today, I still go without certain things I want. Do I feel like just because one of my buddies has a brand new Cirrus SR-22 that I should have one too? No, I know he worked hard to pay for it. I'm content to drill holes in the sky with my little rental Piper Warrior. I guess what I am getting at is that I worked for what I have today and am really offended when someone feels they should have everything I have...just because. And don't hide behind the USA thing. This is the land of opportunity...not entitlement. Seize the opportunities! Oh, and to whoever wrote that most PM's are Garmin owners. Profile much???? Yeah, we're Garmin owners and pround of it! They have a great product, that works well, and is easy to use. Just because I worked my tail off to be able to afford one doesn't give you the right to cut me down about it. GPS-brandism...never thought it would come to that. I feel so violated.
  13. We keep a nice bound journal with logs of all of our caches. Some of them are short and simple while others can be a page or more long. Once we fill the current journal, we are going to start a new moleskine or Write In The Rain one.
  14. We like to find: geocoins, wooden nickels, PEZ dispensers, collectible pins, stickers, patches, travel bugs, etc. Occasionally we find some little toys that are kind of cool. Some of the cool stuff we have seen or placed in caches are: metal camping mug, rain poncho, first aid kit, breast cancer awareness pin, various commemerative pins, glo-stick, bug spray, and scratch-off lottery tickets. We really don't like finding: dirty golf balls, used fishing bobbers and fishing tackle, religious propaganda, etc. **Edit: We love finding signature items too. We're hoping to do our own line of signature items sometime this year.**
  15. We're new here but do a lot of caching in the Western WI/SE-MN area. Just started back in October but we're hooked. -Dave&Stacy
  16. Here's our GeoMINI. It may not go off-road real well, but it gets great mileage and is a blast to drive from location to location. We took this picture after finding the OnaLake cache. Owning this car never gets old!!! -Dave&Stacy
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