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  1. There, I fixed it for ya. Since you are so happy to correct others, I thought I would do the same for you. "Not all those who wander are lost" Quoted from wikipedia: "All That is Gold Does Not Glitter" is a poem written by J. R. R. Tolkien for his fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings. It alludes to an integral part of the plot. The poem reads: All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring; Renewed shall be blade that was broken, The crownless again shall be king.
  2. And, be aware that the trial app only shows Traditional caches. It selects the 3 nearest/easiest (suitable for beginners) that have been Found recently. (So may not be the nearest!) It seems to show other nearby caches as "Premium or try moving closer" MOST of them are NOT premium caches, this seems to be a ploy to get you to Upgrade... Click on the cache and it will usually give you the details, unless it really IS a Premium cache! If she likes caching, she can then think of getting the full app. I never experienced that behavior with the intro app. When I used it I definitely saw more than 3 nearby caches. It's possible there have been changes to the intro app but, that was not my experience and I was using it less than a year ago.
  3. Same thing happened to me and even going to the trophy case didn't work. When I clicked on the "7 souvenirs" at the top of the geocaching.com homepage the achiever unlocked. Don't know why it worked but give it a try. Good Luck
  4. The specs indicate this phone can take a 32GB memory card. Wouldn't it be simpler to just add a new memory card? 32 GB cards can be purchased for <20 US.
  5. No, not at all. I guess it would be fun to get one but, you won't see me running out the door at 2am trying for a FTF.
  6. That is a truly beautiful coin. Could someone explain how I would become "eligible" so to speak, to receive a coin any coin in the mail? I'm not asking for this one, (although it's beautiful and I would buy it if I could), I just want to know how it works
  7. I have been using my IPhone 4s exclusively since I started last year. I bought an explorist GC and had a really tough time with it. In truth , I never learned to use it properly and I loaned it to another geocacher. I just added a Mophie juice pack extended battery case to my iPhone, so I'm feeling much better about battery life. Problem is I have an offer to buy a garmin 62sc for $200 and it seems too good to pass up. Thoughts?
  8. When I saw this I checked the Amazon deal and it is indeed SOLD OUT. It looks like Walmart has the same size for a few cents less. Hope this helps http://www.walmart.com/ip/Sawyer-Permethrin-Premium-Clothing-Insect-Repellent-Pump-24-oz/21947774?affillinktype=10&dest=9999999997&oid=100143.1&sourceid=06126457103217137669&u1=d17f0623b9f24733a40a1764cfb6e1b7&veh=aff&wmlspartner=lw9MynSeamY
  9. Printable logs of various sizes: http://www.techblazer.com/geocaching-log-sheets/ My Geocaching backpack contains: Iphone 4S with Mophie extended battery pack Magellan Explorist GC (recently loaned to a cacher who was playing with a semi smart phone and a pen) First aid kit 2 Swiss army knife (the one with tweezers) (1 always stays in the car) Larger knife Mutlitool Geocoin (to be sent along soon) Fire starter Lighter Matches Chapstick Nail clippers 2 small flashlights (a bunch of smaller flashlights in the swag bag) Headlamp (best investment ever!) Length of duct tape folded over a few times Bug spray sunscreen hat bandana gloves batteries purell small sewing kit extendable magnetic reach tool extendable mirror Extra logs Moleskine notebook (very thin and lightweight) Gallon freezer bag full of swag (enough for cache maintenance. I hate to think of little kids finding empty containers) A few extra ziploc bags (cache maintenance) Spare logs (cache maintenance) Pens (my own and a bunch for cache maintenance) Canon DSLR (new addition. I hoped putting it in the bag would lead to actually using it.) I keep forgetting to add paracord but, it should be in there WINTER OPTIONS: additional knit cap and warm gloves The bag rarely leaves the car. Most of the caches I have pursued have been pretty close to parking. I did take it with me on the hike to Raiders of the Lost Cache http://coord.info/GC2HN2H It wasn't as heavy as I expected even with bananas and water in there.
  10. No worries. FWIW those free prime subscriptions are great to have. That free 2 day shipping comes in mighty handy.
  11. I just saw this on Amazon and thought some people here might be interested. You have to pick 24 oz size SORRY AMAZON SOLD OUT AT THIS PRICE. Looks like a slightly better price available at Walmart. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Sawyer-Permethrin-Premium-Clothing-Insect-Repellent-Pump-24-oz/21947774?affillinktype=10&dest=9999999997&oid=100143.1&sourceid=06126457103217137669&u1=d17f0623b9f24733a40a1764cfb6e1b7&veh=aff&wmlspartner=lw9MynSeamY I never heard of Permethrin until I joined this site. It seems geocachers have a great reason to use this stuff, so I hope this saves someone a few $$
  12. Please don't force archival of a virtual. My guess is that it's around perhaps because it's grandfathered in. The rules change over time, and grandfathering happens a lot. I can't force anything. I can however, ask a perfectly reasonable question. If it was grandfathered in, so be it.
  13. I feel for you guys who have started out on your own. I did the same thing , and still do. Unless I'm visiting family, I'm always caching alone. The first time I realized a lamp skirt could be lifted I nearly cried, LOL, as a realized right away why I had missed so many in parking lots. Like others others have stated here, my greatest help came from carefully reading previous logs and looking at the photos. My personal experiences thus far have shown: If you see a bench at GZ, look underneath for a micro or key holder If you are in a parking lot, lift the nearest lamp skirt If you are near a guard rail, that's where it will be. If people used a bit more ingenuity, the above rules would not apply, but sadly, they do. If it seems like every urban cache is a micro, it's because it probably is. But some of them are fun too, because they lead to interesting sites. Also, check out you tube and watch other people cache hunting. You will see interesting caches and get a feel for certain types of hides. There are also videos of what people carry when they are caching. Take a look at those. Someone said they were allergic to spider bites; You should be carrying gloves when you cache. Just type geocaching in the search box at you tube. Good Luck
  14. Could be worse I suppose. Speaking of NYC, the most annoying trashy reality TV show subject in history, The Long Island Medium could have went out caching. I have to disagree, "The Jersey Shore" tops my list of the worst ever. I was changing channels once and I accidentally got sucked into the jersey shore vortex. I couldn't stand more than 5 minutes of it but, my therapy bills continue to mount. ..... and now I'm nauseous from thinking about it.
  15. What about the Empire Strikes back cache? http://coord.info/GC4D7F I live in NYC and I'll never get this because it costs $29 to go up there. It's a landmark, but it is also a for profit tourist attraction I thought it was unfair that we have to pay to achieve this when I first read the listing, but after reading this thread, I'm wondering why it's even allowed. This from a NY Times article in2011: Ordinarily secret, the Empire State Building’s finances are buried in a 529-page prospectus recently distributed to partners in the property as part of a proposal to create a $5 billion publicly traded company featuring the building. The Malkin real estate family, which controls the building, would not comment, saying that it was barred from discussing the property by regulators. This from Bloomberg News 2013: The Empire State Building’s managers were sued over claims they deprived thousands of early investors of as much as $410 million in profit when they took the New York skyscraper public as part of a group of properties.
  16. Why is it a problem for someone to delete a fake found it on their own cache? I'm not sure how a CO would know it's a fake but, if he did......
  17. What irks me is a cacher with 1 month in the game and 16 hides. Half of those have bad coords. After CO updates coords they are still way off. Thats just ridiculous
  18. on second thought, I've decided not to play
  19. They could have introduced geocaching in the episodes where Howard went to the international space station. It would have been pretty cool for the guys to talk about the travel bug that was up there. Hey Ma&Pa, I find your BBT watching habits perfectly acceptable and not at all sad. I do the same thing. At this moment I have 34 episodes on my DVR and I watch a few each night before going to sleep.
  20. Just my .02 but if you can get it, it's a win. If you needed a tool or had to make one, double win for effort.
  21. +1 for Chief301's post I am using a regular old backpack right now but, I've been looking at this. http://www.amazon.com/Red-Rock-Outdoor-Gear-Rover/dp/B0086573KQ/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_t Cheaper than maxpedition and made in USA. Maxpedition made in Taiwan.
  22. All that tells us is that your Android phone meets your geocaching needs. It doesn't say anything about how viable is might be for anyone else. How can any of us claim to know what works for someone else? All we can do is share our experiences using smartphones or GPS.
  23. These hydrocaches sound like a lot of fun. Instead of being resentful of the cache being placed on the water, I now have something fun to look forward to. Some people complain too much. If you told people they didn't have to come to work and you would mail them their checks, they would complain about the walk to the mailbox.
  24. You have not participated in all aspects of the game; you have not hidden any caches. All handheld GPS units these days, regardless of manufacturer, come with a "pathetic user manual", and you have to get the full manual online, usually in .pdf format. Consider that more help, if no one has mentioned that already (and it doesn't sound like they have). I haven't placed any caches yet because i want to do a good job of it, and I think a little more experience will come in handy. I've already seen the product of people with little or no experience in the game placing caches. I still feel my experiences with the iPhone vs. the GPS are relevant here. The iPhone was just easier to work with. The GPS was an obstacle and nothing more. Clearly there are circumstances where the GPS is going to do better ( that's why i bought one). But, the smartphones are pretty darn good and improving. I'm sure over time I will learn to use the GPS more effectively but, I have little incentive to bother at the moment.
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