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  1. I used to live in Jersey City NJ, and I worked on Madison Ave, NY. The bus is a china express by definition; however it is open to everyone and is an excellent source for travel cheap from what I hear; however, it might be a slow boat but who knows, i never did it. The caches in NY are difficult in respect to signal bounce and crowds.... Try the scottsman for example in central park.... It is fun though and you should have fun, NYC is a great place and any geocaches you pick up there should be fun....
  2. wow those google satellite hybrid maps are awesome, i now emphasize and continue to recognize the need for some of the more devious and clever hid es......
  3. [ ]you dont look a day over 550, but turning 600 is nice too
  4. I did not read all the posts, but my opinion is this is a legitimate gathering of geocachers for the purposes on only visiting VIRTUAL Cache sites. Since the site is a legal public spot and the virtual cache inclusion is an exception to the rule. If these were traditional caches, I'd say there may be a problem since there could be damage to the environment with a group of people tramping in the woods for example. The key here is VIRTUAL, PUBLIC and NO ISSUE with regard to discovery / disclosure. They are mostly puzzles anyways. Thanks for last year's invite< i did enjoy it. Tim
  5. Did anyone hear we made CNN last night, 9-20? Atlanta featured however,
  6. I feel very honored! Thank You fellow geocaching celebraties! Hope to see you on the trials and your milestones on the forum, now off to the next cache!
  7. great job, i did my 700 today! I liked your caches by the way, they were close to home! in vienna va
  8. GOOD FOR YOU,! I got my 700th today! too still think of you all in NJ! I was there last weekend, Geocaching of course
  9. THanks for your caching company and expertise. great job on 800++++
  10. congrats, harrald i'll be in nj may 1,2 manhattan concernt sat night will try to squeeze in a cache, all the best! Tim
  11. what more to say? congrats
  12. majic number congrats
  13. tired yet? or just getting started I take it, lots more out there! congrats!
  14. great job, that's the way to do it!
  15. By the time i noticed the Boards were back you are near my number! keep goin, we exhausted all the local caches, didnt we! Try slovenia ! I had a blast, caching there. Congratulations on 300
  16. Cant wait to meet Don's new geo buddy, see you on 29th FEB and welcome aboard!
  17. Thank you everyone, To My NJ Geo Friends, I miss you all, and will return, to cache there soon. perhaps visit an event, To MY New Friends in Greater DC, You all make me feel most welcome. And see you on FEB 29, Happy Trails!
  18. Thanks everyone, I slowed up actually, new job is busy busy busy. But I started on the spy caches here, Cia and fbi have caught a lot of sneaky cache people... some dont use gps's either... hmmmm.. [This message was edited by Tim M CPA on June 19, 2003 at 03:11 PM.]
  19. My realtor was good, ron cullum at long and foster 703-556-8600 check out Vienna VA,tell him tim from NJ who moved into the westbriar sent you
  20. quote:Originally posted by Grizz1:Well I just had to look can you send me the bear picture or equivalent. PLEASE
  21. Congratulations, on 200, I did mine today too! I moved to Vienna Virginia and made the Heart and Hand Cache the big event for today. Great spot, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. VISIT CLIFTON VA.
  23. I moved to Vienna Virginia and am accepting sponsor's for my caches in NY and NJ. So far Outdoors Lady and Brian Snat have honored my requests. Any other takers for the Sopranos, Blarney Stone, 25thLight, Number 17??? THANK YOU I MISS YOU ALL ALREADY. But am busy and having fun in VA!
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