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  1. Having given this new search a few weeks I’m going back to the old version. ive tried it, I find it very limiting, the search options aren’t as good as they were The filters aren’t as wide as they were There are more clicks needed to find a cache you know you want Its almost impossible to find a cache you know is there but don’t know the full details fir There is no option to switch between the new and the old version I’m out
  2. I find I now need 5 clicks to search for a particular cache, before it was 2clicks I can’t find any way to search worldwide for caches starting with certain characters eg. AR_ . Before I could see all these on the map at one time, or Master of Mystery caches, the search doesn’t recognise these i can’t find a way to search anywhere except my home location or present location, I want to search wherever I like The filters are too limited, I want other options as has been mentioned in other comments in this thread Opening in a new tab would be much easier to use A wider choice of maps with a scale would be great I have to say I don’t find this new search function user friendly at all
  3. All these changes seem reasonably sensible except getting rid of the Related Web Page. I use this and I know many others do especially for puzzles, please reconsider
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