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  1. What happened Saturday? There are also complaints that GAPP has exact the same problems as from Saturday. And also divided opinions, some have this issue (Win7) and for others it works perfectly fine (Win10).
  2. When I open the Dutch forum I have to enter a password again to enter the forum, but the password doesn't work. How can I enter the Dutch forum?
  3. It is working for me (BEL_adm4.shp). Are you sure you have the corresponding files also (dbf and shx file)? And did you select: Table name: NAME_4 Coordtype: WGS84 Area type: City Encoding: ISO-8859-1 When you added this, select the shapefile in the list and press the button 'Test shapefile'. You get a screen with all the (city) names on the left. Click on a name and you see the area on the map.
  4. The online map is fixed. This was caused by a not available script (cluster markers). These scripts are now retrieved from globalcaching website instead of a svn repository for the script. Can you provide me the link for the shapefile you use? I will try this as soon as I have the shapefiles.
  5. GSAKWrapper is out of beta now (V1.0.0.0) Also supports offline maps, see video ( )For more videos, check https://github.com/GlobalcachingEU/GSAKWrapper/wiki
  6. It is a separate application, but can install macros (by one click in GSAKWrapper) to let it integrate nicely into GSAK. GSAKWrapper is Open Source, is and will stay free.
  7. Message for GSAK users: Checkout the GSAKWrapper Wiki A great addition to GSAK to create any filter you want without the need to use macros or SQL statements (MFilter). It not only lets you create the most complex filters in an easy manner, but it also lets you select action to perform on the result of the filter. Next to filters the GSAKWrapper supports: - Shapefiles - Geocache collections - Export to Excel - C# scripting (editor with syntax highlighting and code completion) - Formula Solver Filters can be installed as macro's. So after creating you can easily execute them from within GSAK. Video of the pre-release (old one) - Robert
  8. I am not farmiliar with GAPP in German, but I assume you mean the 'Geocache counter'. The Geocache counter counts the geocaches and passes it on to the corresponding outputs (<, <=, etc) Geocaches run through the filters one by one beginning at the Start filter. Within the Start filter you can first sort the geocaches (e.g. sort on distance from center) So, when you want to make a GPX with not more than 1000 geocaches, you create your filter. The Start is set to the desired sorting (so the 1000 geocaches are not random, but e.g. ordered distance from center, so closest to center will be selected first). At the end in the flow you add a filter 'Geocache counter' and set the value to 1000. Then connect the output '<=' to the action 'Set Select'. This way you get what you want. The 'Wegpunktzähler' is the same, but it not only counts Geocaches, but also includes (counts) child waypoints. Hope this helps. - Robert Edit: A Pocket Query (PQ) is the same as a GPX in this case. Groundspeak has named it PQ and most people are now calling it this way and yes, You can create a PQ in GAPP too, which is in fact creating a GPX file (optionally zipped with the child waypoints in a seperate file within the zip)
  9. You are right that this would be more accurate. It only requires an extra call to the Live API get get the find count. I will put this on the todo list. - Robert
  10. For Power trails there is already batchlogging available. Select the geocaches you want to log and go to LiveAPI->Log geocache->Selected Order the geocaches (if you want) and you can log them as a batch Good idea. Number is already a 'Platzhalter' (the start of this counter can even be edited in case the #foundcount starts with a wrong number due to an incomplete database where not all your founds are available) - Robert
  11. Thanks . Sorry, I don't write/speak German, but I understand it perfectly well. Could you try the chat again? I think it's fixed now.
  12. Wanneer je bij 'search only in...' Netherlands invult, en dan bij 'Geocache Name Contains ...' herinneringen invult, krijg je meerdere resultaten, zo ook 'Herinneringen in Zuilen'.
  13. Heb je het formulier op hun website ingevuld? http://www.flevo-landschap.nl/Beleef/geocaching.php
  14. Volgens mij zijn dat de eerste letters van drie teams die tezamen een aantal caches hebben gedaan: - AmbersHofste - Kub 23 - SharonaWientjes Hemma
  15. Omdat we hebben besloten over te stappen naar een nieuwe provider (te veel problemen bij de huidige provider i.v.m te veel down time) zijn we tot morgenvroeg helaas uit de lucht. We hopen morgen weer online te zijn. Excuses voor eventuele overlast.
  16. Ever since the last time we posted here there have been many new releases in GAPP. Download GAPP for free! Change history 2013-10-18 - V1.9.4 add: OKAPI, Import geocaches within radius add: OKAPI, Authorization added. This will add features to be implemented that requires Authentication level 3 fix: LiveAPI, Import geocaches when not PM now skips PM filters add: option to hide the OKAPI menu add: Formula Solver plugin (by superudo) add: Main screen, added Formula solver to the taskbar 2013-10-13 - V1.9.3 change: French language updated (thanks icaunais and RHCV) change: German language updated (thanks SKAMS) change: Framework now supports account name per geocache prefix (GC, MZ, OX, OC etc) (re-import Munzees if applicable) add: Action Builder now has a filter Is own add: Settings folder selection at startup of the application now contains a Default button to select the applications default settings folder add: Settings folder selection in file menu now contains a Default button to select the applications default settings folder add: Settings for account names for other sites. Coupling is done by GC code prefix like GC, OX and OC add: OKAPI support plugin (support for opencaching.de, opencaching.pl and opencaching.nl) add: OKAPI, Import My Finds plugin (imports all your logs with geocaches) add: OKAPI, Import by bounding box plugin added add: OKAPI, Import by list of geocache codes 2013-10-09 - V1.9.2 fix: Query editor, operator now restored correctly after restarting GAPP fix: Warning dialog text when delete and ignore the active geocache fix: Search geocaches within a region fix for search within selection fix: Search geocaches within region for the first region in the list 2013-10-02 - V1.9.1 fix: Export to Garmin and GPX for name prefix if geocache has extra/corrected coordinates add: Live API plugin to import the geocache images (image data only) fix: GSAK import, now able to handle attributes where the Inc property has not been set fix: GSAK import, now also reads the Corrected table for additional corrected coordinates change: Trackable group, added the extra delay setting too for importing the trackable logs add: Live API, import logs of geocaches (with setting to import maximum number of logs per geocache) change: French language updated (thanks icaunais and RHCV) fix: Live API, log geocache with geocache_visits.txt now imports also the geocache with prefix correctly change: Live API, import logs of other users now supports filtering on log types 2013-09-28 - V1.9.0 change: French language updated (thanks icaunais and RHCV) fix: Copy to existing database contained an error when loading the target database file add: Framework, added Geocache Images collection to the framework add: Live API, Geocache images are now imported too (including the ones not in the listing) change: Main Window, status bar now also contains number of geocache images (imported through Live API) add: Data storage, added geocache images (default GAPP Data Storage only) change: Image grabber for offline images now also downloads the images that are listed in Geocache images data (not only in description) change: Geocache viewer, Added Geocache images at the end of the geocache description by name add: added to grab images plugin option to create a photo folder for offline usage (structure for Garmin devices offline picture viewing) add: Export to Garmin device (mass storage) now also has the option to add images 2013-09-22 - V1.8.11 fix: Live API geocaches import/update using now the correct published date (instead of creation date) change: Live API, import geocaches/update also available for non PM (lite import only) change: Live API, import notes also available for non PM change: Live API, trackable groups also available for non PM change: Live API, import My Finds also available for non PM add: RestoreDefaultSettings application added to clear all settings and data. change: If application fails to start, the user has the option to restore the default settings 2013-09-18 - V1.8.10 fix: UserWaypoints on geocaching.com (corrected waypoints) are now copied to extra coordinate in GAPP 2013-09-16 - V1.8.9 change: French language updated (thanks icaunais and RHCV) change: German language updated (thanks SKAMS) fix: Geocache collection toolbar button on main window add: Locus - addon GSAK database export plugin added change: Settings screen, increased default width of treeview fix: Google map, changing coupling to main screen now reloads the map. add: Export to GPX now includes an option to add a prefix to the name if extra coords are available (corrected) add: Export to Garmin now includes an option to add a prefix to the name if extra coords are available (corrected) 2013-09-12 - V1.8.8 add: Windows can now be set to always on top (will decouple from main window). This can be set from system menu. add: Option to set the transparency of windows that stay on top, but are not active fix: Geocoding changed from Google API V2 to Google API V3 add: Main screen added toolbar buttons for GCVote and Geocache collections change: French language updated (thanks icaunais) 2013-09-09 - V1.8.7 fix: Geocache collection fix for creating collections that contain upper case letters change: Geocache collection now highlights active geocache and if code is selected, the geocache is made the active geocache 2013-09-08 - V1.8.6 fix: OCM GPX files are now read even if Log IDs are not valid IDs. Logs with invalid IDs are now skipped. fix: Live API, Import my finds logs are now added to all found geocaches add: Search geocaches, added filter for owned geocaches add: GCVote dashboard (screen menu) add: Export to Excel, added GCVote change: French language updated (thanks RHCV) add: Geocache collection plugin added (these are bookmarks that are not related to geocaching.com bookmarks) add: Action Builder, added In collection filter 2013-08-31 - V1.8.5 change: Action Builder, Waypoint counter now has extra option to count the geocache itself also as waypoint add: Action builder, the geocaches can now be sorted before going through the flow add: Backup and restore database option change: default setting for showing or hiding top panel of Cache list and Google map is changed to manual add: GCVote plugin added. Import votes and added filters for the Action Builder 2013-08-20 - V1.8.4 change: Log geocache form changed position of controls so all will be visible, also on small displays add: Repair database files option in case loading fails change: stack notification messages vertical fix: Live API, import geocaches now assignes extra coordinates if User Waypoint is present with corrected flag fix: Action builder, days agao published now ignoring time (only full days) add: Action builder, add condition Waypoints counter fix: GPX import, Cito events are now marked as Cito events add: Cache list, added Waypoints column indicating number of child waypoints change: Cache list, automatic expand and collaps top panel change: Google maps, automatic expand and collaps top panel 2013-08-11 - V1.8.3 fix: iGeoKnife export now fills the corrected table also (for corrected coordinates) change: Garmin export using communicator now uses geocaching.com url to javascripts fix: corrected log date for logging trackables change: if after importing geocaches geocaches are ignored, a dialog will be displayed to inform the user 2013-08-03 - V1.8.2 fix: export to GPX or Garmin, fix for cutting off geocaching name length fix: Google Map, re-opening window after closing will now reload the map change: Google Map, an info window will now be shown when the active geocache is changed (selected or all only) 2013-08-02 - V1.8.1 fix: Action builder, dates are restored correctly (not reverting to current date) add: Export to iGeoKnife added fix: Google Earth map now places the geocaches on the corrected coords if available add: Export to Garmin using Mass storage now also has the option to limit the length of the cache name 2013-07-24 - V1.8.0 add: OSM map integrated in Google Maps. You can now switch between both maps types. add: Offline map integrated in Google Maps. You can now switch between both maps types. change: Google Map, optimize loading speed for selected or all geocaches (IE 8 or higher) 2013-07-19 - V1.7.13 change: Live API, import geocaches now shows an error message if Live API call fails. change: Live API, import geocaches from bookmarks now shows an error message if Live API call fails. change: Live API, import Favorites now shows an error message if Live API call fails. change: German language updated (thanks SKAMS) add: Action Builder, counters are displayed at each connector and input to show the geocache counter passed that point change: Main window, Google translate geocache description is now opened in internal browser if this option is set in the Geocache Viewer change: Live API, update geocaches decreased batch size to 30 add: Live API, update geocaches now has an option (setting) to automatically unselect the geocaches that are updated 2013-07-13 - V1.7.12 add: Main window, added google translate option in the toolbar with option of 4 languages fix: Ignore geocache filter, bug in filter by geocache owner fix: Action builder now uses date part only for date comparison (e.g. Published date) add: Action to Clear Flagged. This will clear the Flagged markers of all or selected geocaches 2013-07-06 - V1.7.11 Live API, geocache batch logging now adds delay to prevent speed limit errors change: Action to delete and ignore geocaches does have a progress bar now fix: Live API, batch log geocaches when opening trackable panel, the panel has the correct size now change: French language updated (thanks RHCV) 2013-07-02 - V1.7.10 fix: OSM maps now places all geocaches om extra coordinates if available change: Live API Import geocache, dialog window now adds scrollbar if window is too small (low resolution screens) fix: LiveAPI, log geocache/trackable does not check on PM anymore due to the fact that Basic members can also log through Live API fix: Automatic select new geocaches now does not select all geocaches when you open an existing file fix: Live API, log date correction 2013-06-26 - V1.7.9 add: Cache list, added presets. Easy to create presets and switch to other preset fix: Google map, also found geocaches now are placed on extra (corrected) coords if available add: Export to Excel now has two extra fields. Extra coordinate (presentation) and Auto coords (Custom if available else original coords) fix: Live API, import my finds 2013-06-23 - V1.7.8 change: Main window, menu items are disabled when not applicable or cannot be performed at that moment add: Log viewer, added option to remove selected logs add: Package manager, added option to download files (but not install) add: Cache list, added hints column 2013-06-16 - V1.7.7 change: German language updated (thanks SKAMS) change: Added X-UA-Compatible tag to the Google Earth html add: Log images thumbnail overview with filter options 2013-06-13 - V1.7.6 fix: Garmin Export using GGZ, now creates the ggz folder on the device if it does not exists fix: GGZ export now uses corrected coordinates in index file if corrected coordinates are present add: log photo's can be downloaded for offline use (available within settings) 2013-06-09 - V1.7.5 add: Google Earth map added add: Quick selection to select geocaches with log images fix: Live API, log images are now importered too add: Action builder, added condition # Logs add: Action builder, added condition # Log images fix: Batch logging using c:geo txt or garmin geocache_vistis.txt file, now not adds other selected geocaches add: Log image viewer 2013-05-28 - V1.7.4 change: removed option to disable plugins fix: Automatic startup now executes after all plugins handled ApplicationInitialized fix: Automatic startup now executes plugins in selected order fix: Automatic startup, when opening settings the order is maintained change: when updating the GAPP from within GAPP, GAPP is killed instead of closed. change: Export to Garmin now has the option to select the GPX version change: Chat, automatic retry on connection failures (max 3 times) change: Action lists does not show the seperator - anymore 2013-05-26 - V1.7.3 add: Import GGZ files add: Export to GGZ add: Export to GPX, added option to add personal notes to description add: Export to Garmin GPSr (Mass Storage), added option to create GGZ file add: Export to Garmin GPSr (Mass Storage), added option to add personal notes to description change: GPX creattion now adds extra empty line between personal notes and description add: Export to GPX, make waypoint file optional (settings) add: Export Garmin POI, added option to export only the active geocache fix: Deleting geocaches warning now uses the correct warning text 2013-05-23 - V1.7.2 change: French language updated (thanks RHCV) add: option to copy geocaches to another database add: option to add geocaches from another database 2013-05-21 - V1.7.1 add: cache list, added row numbers add: cache list, added column geocache type in text so it will be sortable on cache type add: cache list, added Delete to context menu change: cache list, pressing Delete key wil delete the active geocache add: Export to Garmin using mass storage, option to use the database name as gpx file name add: cache list, added tooltips for Selected, Flagged and Type column 2013-05-17 - V1.7.0 add: Cache list, added a setting to disable automatic sorting to improve performance (available through settings dialog) 2013-05-15 - V1.6.14 fix: Open areas, removing custom waypoints now actually removes it. fix: Open areas, displaying only Mystery geocaches with corrected coordinates fix: Open areas, some waypoints caused map not to be shown add: Google maps, added setting to show also the name of the geocache in the tool tip add: Main window, added tool bar icon for Open areas 2013-05-14 - V1.6.13 fix: Geocache viewer, use local images if available setting now saved and restored fix: Geocache viewer, suppressed script errors fix: Google maps, suppressed script errors change: improved performance of deleting geocaches and logs change: GAPP Data Storage, improved performance for search for empty space fix: cache list, selecting geocaches does not refresh the complete list anymore and is now faster add: Geocache log (single), added event log types change: Internal browser, create pq series now has the option to automatically activate the PQ fix: Log geocache (single) made panel automatic scrollable for very small screens add: Open areas map 2013-05-11 - V1.6.12 add: Main window, added toolbar for the Action sequence removed: Removed the coordinate backup plugin due to the fact that the Live API now provides coordinates for archived geocaches too fix: Geocache viewer, prevent trying to update viewer at startup while not visible changed: Scripts plugin, removed the option to select another folder change: German language updated (thanks SKAMS) add: Added option to create seperate settings folders to create profiles add: added command line option /f that forces the selection settings folder at startup. With this you can create a new settings folder for factory settings. fix: simple cache list now displays custom attributes correctly change: French language updated (thanks RHCV) 2013-05-06 - V1.6.11 add: Excel export, added Hints field add: Export to Garmin, added option to set the Hints in the desc field of the GPX (will show as note on older GPSr) add: Export to GPX, added option to set the Hints in the desc field of the GPX (will show as note on older GPSr) fix: Geocache type icon for CITO event was missing. Added the icon to the setup package change: Loading plugins in a fixed order add: New plugin that enables the user to set properties of selected or all geocaches at once 2013-05-02 - V1.6.10 change: French language updated (thanks RHCV) add: Geocache viewer now has option to show the additional wayponts add: export to GPX, setting to add additional waypoints to description add: export to Garmin, option to add additional waypoints to description add: Main window, added Recent databases to File menu for quick access of previous used databases add: Settings dialog, added a button to clear the Live API authorization fix: Munzee import now does not assign a city name add: Multiple account support for easy switching between accounts change: Internal browser, saving pocket query settings will not overwrite setting with same name instead of creating a new one
  17. Wat je ook kunt doen is GAPP gebruiken. (is in ieder geval gratis in tegenstelling tot gsak)
  18. Op globalcaching.eu kun je geocaches zoeken op eigenschappen Dit is een Premium Member functie, dus moet je wel PM zijn (en dat ben je) en autoriseren. - Robert
  19. That a geocache manager can be more that just a geocache manager is shown by GAPP. GAPP has tons of features, but is still user friendly and it is completely free. One feature that has been available in GAPP some time already is the Chat. But this is not just a chat, it gives you the option to follow other users to see what geocaches they are watching. Watch this video for a demo. - Robert
  20. We are one month further and a lot has been added and improved. GAPP has a new file format that is super fast reducing the load time to a minimum (loading 50.000 in about 2 seconds). All changes can be found here. GAPP
  21. OMG, people people, please.... harsh harsh harsh comments I read. A bit embarishing to read. Think of this: The developers at Groundspeak know best what to do. They are the only ones that know the system, what problems they are facing, what needs to be done. It is embarishing to read that people who have no knowledge about the system judge in such a hard manner. As a user I have difficulty reading the comments. Can you imagine how the developpers at groundsepak would feel. I wouldn't blame them if they wouldn't read it at all anymore. - Robert
  22. The new version is ready for download. You can now set the desired behaviour of the google map marker clusterer. You can find these settings on the settings page (Plugins->Settings) Under Maps. You have the option to set the following cluster settings: - Enable clustering above # geocaches (so, under this amount, no clustering will be done) - set the maximum zoom lever for clustering - set the grid size. Robert
  23. No......not yet But I can make it optional if you like. For some situations you really want clustering, because otherwise the map will be too slow (eg. with 20.000 markers). Next version will have more options to control the map behaviour. Thanks for the suggestion. - Robert
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