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  1. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?
  2. If you base yourself in Eastbourne you'll have a good range of caches to choose from, there are a lot of micros (but where isn't there?), there's also some well thought out caches, some good circular walks and 2 Earthcaches. If you stay in Eastbourne you can also work along the coast East to Bexhill & Hastings or West across the South Downs and Brighton. The Devils Dyke Circular along the coast towards Brighton is a FANTASTIC series with kids (aprox 4 miles walk), have a look at GC1VA43 for an idea of what's involved.
  3. Yep, we've done the Fowlmead Caches and they are top notch, if you are going do do any caches, go to Fowlmead!
  4. This looks like a great event, FAD '09 is certainly shaping up to be the best yet. Having heard about this from my Swedish caching friends I'm coming over from the UK to attend! It would be nice for this to get full Mega status for Sweden.
  5. I have 14 on my GSAk with 'all' in for East Sussex. Two of them have TBs in already, so you would assume they'd meet your needs - GCGMK9 (1066 and all that) & GC12FGY (Filsham Valley).
  6. I just called the London stores, only 1 seemed to have any real idea what I was after, the others thought it was a new GPS model! Nothing in stock, they all concluded any coins are a few weeks away.
  7. It would seem that I'm prepared to make a 600mile round trip for a Mega Event.
  8. We started caching nearly 2 years ago when our youngest was only 2. We didn’t have one of the rucksack carriers and just used a pushchair, it’s surprising what punishment they can take! Our boys are now nearly 4 and 7, don’t need pushchairs or bags of nappies and stuff. They do like to find caches with swaps rather than micros, and obviously we don’t do any 10mile hikes. But in return for having to choose our caches carefully we get no better reason to hang around parks and run in and out of bushes without attracting the slightest bit of attention from muggles!! That’s team work.
  9. I'm also in the UK and have a diesel Passat. Filled it up with fuel last week and it came to £76, or $150. Something tells me that cachers from the UK aren't going to be sending a lot of sympathy in your direction!!
  10. Funny this should come up, I did a 15 stage multi today with the 16th location being the bonus cache. It was 4 hours from leaving the car to getting back to it and I covered 8.9 miles of going up, down and around on the South Downs. It was hard work, but the multi was well thought out and there was a big feeling of satisfaction when I sat down at the 16th cache (the bonus). http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC11xke If it's done right and each stage of the multi is worthwhile on its own, it makes for an enjoyable day.
  11. I've went, I saw, I put it on charge, I wait for the darkness. Alternativley I could try it out in the staionary cupboard, but that's how all the runours started last time...................................
  12. That's a great price for a handy bit of kit, and no doubt explains why all but 2 x Argos stores in the SE have no stock already!!!!
  13. I have had a couple of enquires from cachers as to whether some of my caches were suitable for wheelchair access. I answered as fully as I could but not being a wheelchair user I'm prob not best qualified to judge. I did however find this site http://www.handicaching.com/ which allows people to rate your cache for accessibility and lets you display the rating on your cache page. As people have mentioned disability issues are different for different people so you can never have a definitive answer, but at least it lets people more qualified than me to judge!
  14. That is one nice looking coin, please put me down for 2 sets with shipping to the UK. Thanks.
  15. Thanks Cardinal Red, I have found that format, it makes more sense now
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