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  1. Price seems a little high for a used unit, even if slightly. Let me know if you are willing to except a lesser offer.
  2. I may have gotten into this a little late in the thread, but JohnX needs to tear hisself away from the computer and find a real human friend, or maybe even a canine one. It surprizes me that someone who caches, which is mostly outdoors, would have so little knowledge of dogs, nature, or other "real" people in general. I myself am a parent and I do not know the limits of how far I would go to protect my children, put this poor woman is mislead. No harm, No foul. No blood or tears, No injury. I think maybe her pride was the only thing injuried because the two of you did not confirm that the world revolved around her. Further more, if she thought the dog was a threat, why did she not get in front of it before it got to her daughter. I have never seen a dog that bad, that a parent should let a kid defend for itself.
  3. Full Time firefighter, EMT, 17 years. Wife is a Nurse. Also sell emergency equipment and supplies. 15 more years and i cache full time on the state's payroll.
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