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  1. I'd suggest recalibration if you look at the device funny. It was a happy day when I realized I could just slowly turn the device in my hand, rather than slowly spinning myself in a circle and looking like a jerk.
  2. Holy crap. I just gave Flickr a shot the other day. Geotagging support on that is pretty damned sweet.
  3. Very cool, thanks for the info! I've never used subversion before, but unless "soon" is within the next week or so, I think that'll be changing.
  4. I use Houdahgeo and mostly love it. I'm very much looking forward to that new feature in OS X. I love that when I'm developing photos in Adobe Lightroom I can click on the little arrow by the coordinates and it'll bring up a Google map where the photo was taken. I haven't figured out how to get altitude data in feet, as opposed to meters, though. I use Gallery 2 as well for displaying photos. How did you get that Google mapped version up there? I like that. It'd be even cooler if you could display your track on the map. I'm still figuring out how to best display geotagged photos, trails & topographic info, since for the most part I've been without a camera until recently.
  5. I don't think the name is all that important... I named mine Slartibartfast. I told you, it wasn't important.
  6. My absolute favourite part of Geocaching Mode is its ability to mark the find in the GPSr's calendar. I come home to log a day of caching, look at the calendar, and plow through my finds quickly. That said, Geocaching Mode could certainly stand some improvements. I'd mainly like to see a Found button on the map page. I prefer to turn on the compass, zoom in on my Topo maps, and move my cursor over the cache to see the distance. It gives me an idea where I am, rather than just which direction to go.
  7. Waypoints are not stored on your memory card, they are stored in main system memory. That is why there is a 1000 point limit. You can store POI's (points of interest) on the memory card and have as many as the card will hold. I know a few folks that load their caches as POI's so that they can have more than 1000 and I think with a POI you can have a longer description field that with a normal waypoint. I'm aware of this, that's why I want a firmware update to change it and allow waypoint storage on the MiniSD. And yes, storing as POI brings the description from like 30 to 80 characters or something like that. The description size is completely irrelevant when you have a paperless caching solution like CacheMate, however.
  8. Allowing as many waypoints as your MiniSD card can allow is higher up on my list than showing more information in the Description field. This 1000 waypoint limit is ridiculous. I'm rather happy about this update, though. Just yesterday I was browsing around the menus and wondering why in the hell Data Card Setup was crashing the unit. I started searching around here and on Garmin's site to see if this is a common error, and lo and behold, this update fixed it!
  9. The black background is so that the screen isn't blindingly bright where it doesn't need to be. If the background were yellow still you probably would just outright lose any nightvision you have and bump into trees. Good for others to watch, bad for caching.
  10. I'm pretty sure this post contains 93% win. Good job, Sir or Ma'am.
  11. Have fun with your 60csx. Fading technology with an obsolete mapping system. The Triton will leave the x in the dust. Why do I always unhide your posts? I don't believe I've seen a single post from you in which you don't come off as some elitist jerk.
  12. I take it the GPSMAP bug in the NT upgrade has been fixed for the full version?
  13. Perhaps a bit more nitpicky than even the rest of the things mentioned, CMD+F brings up an export dialogue rather than being the search shortcut. Esc does not cancel out of this (or any other) dialogue, either. CMD+G brings up the edit categories dialogue, rather than Find Next. Live searching (filtering the cache listing as you type) would be a sexy addition, as well. You should be keeping to "standard" shortcut keys ('find' should not be CMD+K, for example). Sorry folks. UI design is something I love nitpicking over. The moment I get paid for it I can die a happy man, despite spending so much time doing this stuff for free and dying the moment I get handed a cheque for it.
  14. Try creating a free email account with a site that offers POP3, then have your PQs emailed to that email address. Try it a few times together with GeoJournal to see how it works for you. I'm finding that I'm just deleting my PQs from my main email account because I'm using GJ's GUI to import them from my "Geocaching" email account. ::nod:: Gonna be creating a gmail account solely for this purpose, I think. The Preferences options determine the general behavior of those things. But sometimes you just need to look at a map real quick, or make all pictures bold just for a minute. That's why the options also appear on the sidebar, for easy access. They toggle against the behavior that you've set in Preferences. But you're right - maybe just some easy to remember keyboard shortcuts can do the trick. There are buttons for the 'on a whim' decision to view the map. The checkbox to auto-load should only be in preferences. I'm still not quite sure why there is a checkbox in the main program window. I don't see the differentiation you're describing. Do you have caches on both sides of the Atlantic? That may cause this. But I too have experienced some issues exporting to Google Earth (Which can be done at any time, incidentally, via the File>Export Selected To menu). I've found caches in Massachusetts and in California. When I was testing out the Itinerary feature, I was only adding MA caches to the list. Both as a single cache, and as multiple caches. Intriguing - please expand! I don't know that I quite understand what you mean, but it kind of sounds cool. Yeah, wasn't sure if I explained that well. Basically, when I go out caching, I like to turn on the tracking feature on my GPSr, and save it to my computer when I get home. I can use the track for GoogleEarth overlays and with HoudahGeo for giving any photos GPS coordinates. If GeoJournal could pull a particular track (and possibly field-added waypoints) from the GPS (or at least allow you to import a specific one that's already on the computer), and add it in with respective caches, that would be great. Especially with it's Google Maps integration, there may be a way to overlay the track right there, or at least open it up in GoogleEarth. For example, I decided to find two caches on my way home tonight. Had I turned on tracking, I'd have liked to link that saved track with these two caches. GeoJournal would be a cache & track management app, rather than just cache management. That's keeping a journal of your caching experiences.
  15. I threw those (and MacCMConvert, for the heck of it) into a .zip file. See if you have any luck with those. http://musicabuser.com/macgps.zip You may also want to see if something like this helps actually fix the problem. I just did a google search for 'file system not mountable .dmg'
  16. I found this too. What was weird was that after i did this same procedute, it actually had the correct FOUND Date? Didi you notice this? Perhaps a bug? Yeah, that's what it looks like to me. Perhaps a slight oversight? I did notice it had the correct date, now that you mention it. I'm curious about anyone else's feedback on my giant list of suggestions, if anyone agrees, disagrees or has their own. This is a great 1.0 app, but a few revisions and I think it could be a great deal stronger.
  17. I have to say, after tinkering with whatever other OS X cache management app is out there, I figured I'd have no use for one of these. GeoJournal, however, I'm really liking a lot. It's pretty nicely laid out, fairly intuitive, fast (the other program I tried had to read the database every single time you clicked, pretty much. Drove me insane). I look forward to trying it out with CacheMate, and I'm intrigued by the POP3 support, though I use IMAP. I noticed that despite the .gpx file in a pocket query saying I had found a cache (<sym>Geocache Found</sym>), GeoJournal did not pick up on that. I had to run a found caches query and import them, checking off the 'Import as Found' option. Apart from that, and perhaps having a bit of control over the cache listing (row sizes & fields, namely), it feels like a pretty solid app. For nitpicky UI suggestions, continue reading on! Otherwise, thank you very much for what looks to be a great tool for us OS X cachers! Other UI/feature suggestions. Please note: I did a lot of critiques in college, but I realize that's not an experience everyone has had. Please don't take offense from any of these suggestions, I offer them as constructive criticism to make the program even better. Replace the sidebar buttons with a graphical toolbar at the top like other mac apps have. "Record i of j" text in a status bar at the bottom. Drop-down menu, "View" is sort of redundant. Misnamed, at best, as it's merely another listing of the categories, which already has a drop-down menu inside the app. I'd suggest placing "Show Finds" and "Bold Pictures" in the View menu, removing them from the application window. They're not going to be toggled frequently enough to require a constant visual. Maps Auto-Load seems like it belongs in the preferences. On closer inspection, it appears auto-load, show finds and bold pictures are in there. All appear to be nonfunctional? Toggling them one place doesn't affect the other. I maintain that show finds/bold pictures belong solely in the view drop-down menu. Itinerary feels like it's in the wrong place to me. Details, Maps, and Journal all pertain to the selected cache. Itinerary does not, yet it's mixed in with them. I think it would be better represented with a button in the toolbar, and then opening in a separate window altogether with it's own toolbar for controls. Google Earth should be a main feature, not just one for Itineraries. It does not appear to be working, however. No matter what I do, it just zooms out on the Atlantic Ocean for me. Adding a cache in my itinerary as a location, choosing that as my current location, and sorting does not list that cache as either closest (#1 position) or 0 distance. Importing & linking a saved track to one or more caches (I'm looking for a way to manage saved tracks, and integration with an app like this would be incredibly useful) Use OS X's normal search box (rounded sides, magnifying glass on the left, (x) on the right when there's something typed. Advanced Find/Filters/Smart Searches would be super cool. Remove the [+] for Category & Location. Add "Edit Categories..." and "Edit Locations..." to the bottom of each drop-down instead. Remove or change the text in the "Tools" menu to say the same, rather than just "Categories". Unless there's something I don't understand about it, Optimize should be done on program exit. In adding customization to the cache listing, change the Found field to display a graphic rather than Yes/No. (Found? Smileyface. Not found? no graphic). iTunes/Mail-style "New" dot. Entries recently added (last import? last week?) have a dot to show you they've just been added. Pretty much any non-interfacing window space should allow the window to be dragged. Heh, I think that's all I've thought of for now. Again, I suggest these not to sound like an a**, but because I think they'd make what looks to be a godsend of a program even more wonderful. I'd be happy to help out in whatever way I can, if that's of interest to you. My time is currently limited, as I'm moving 3000miles to the left. If you think any of these suggestions are at all worth pursuing, you're welcome to send me a message for clarification, help, whatevs.
  18. Do any b&m stores have copies of the full version yet? I'm moving in about a week, so shipping it isn't the best idea, especially since it seems like a few people have received the wrong version. I don't have time for that, heh. It'd be nice to have my GPS helping me not get lost on a 3000 mile drive.
  19. Wait woah, is that the way it appears on your gps, with the shadows and everything? Nope. Mapsource only.
  20. Are you referring to Garmin Topo US 2008? If so, I will look into getting that. I hadn't realized it was compatible with the Mac, but that's good to know. Thanks. Unfortunately, Garmin still hasn't released Mapsource software for OS X. Despite that, it's still more worthwhile to buy the DVD and find a PC to commandeer for loading maps to your GPS. Whenever they actually do come around and release OS X software, you'll be able to read the maps on the DVD. Depending on which PC you take over for map loading purposes, you'll be able to tinker around in Mapsource on that in the meantime. 2GB MiniSD cards will run you about 25 bucks, it seems. Comparatively, the price of the DVD with all of the US, plus a 2GB MiniSD card to load whatever sections you want is much cheaper/functional than buying the preloaded cards. I believe they're also locked to your GPSr's serial number, so it's not like you can even juggle the chip between devices. 86.14$USD/card = 947.54 total = 18.96$/state vs 116.65$ for the DVD = 2.34$/state. The only way it's really better for the card is if you're never going to want a state that isn't on it (no traveling?), and you have no interest in ever looking at it on a computer, mac or pc.
  21. The 60CSx will also retain timecodes if you're saving to the SD card.
  22. I was looking at the Astro earlier today when I suggested it to a friend for his kids until such a time a subdermal equivalent is available... It looks like it's a 60CSx w/ the added tracker functions. I haven't purchased any street maps yet, but yes, it will do routing quite well from what I've heard.
  23. "*****, everything you look at is RECEIVING hundreds of signals whether you like it or not, and whether the object is aware of it or not. RECEIVING a signal is completely unavoidable and inconsequential in every way. It will still be in the presence of the signal when shut off. Go away or I will stab you with my bulky GPS device's antenna." For what it's worth, American Airlines is listed under "Do Not Use" in the above-mentioned link, and I had no problems using mine whatsoever. My flight from MA->CA, I had it laying on the tray table while I ate/looked out the window/napped. Never heard a peep.
  24. I normally do as well. I ordered an invisibleSHIELD on the 4th, the day I got my 60CSx (well, technically I didn't order until around midnight, so the 5th). It didn't get shipped until the 12th, and it wasn't until today that USPS realized it was mis-shipped. I suppose it's more a problem with USPS than invisibleSHIELD, but the whole experience is souring. ::sigh:: I hate walking around with my screen unprotected.
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