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  1. I believe that is Geoswag's Christmas version of the 10 Year Correct. They are all listed here: B0tl's list
  2. Weren't there 12 minted instead of 6? 6 were given to GW8 and 6 were given to GCF Twin Cities.
  3. Yes dropping coins in caches is the fun part! Although the San Francisco to Greece to Frankfurt flights are a bit long!
  4. Glad people are enjoying my bunny drops!
  5. Maybe I can attend a 10th anniversary event.
  6. Yes, there is a Woodstock version number 001-100 that I will be placing into international caches... I'd rather ya found one in a cache than sell or trade them.
  7. You might want to check out these then? gc1wxbm the catnip capers #3 gc20hq1 temacon's comma gc21fx5 H.A.C.Treasure's of Scouting:BSA Alumni Connection gc21nq1 HAC Coin Collecting
  8. Eggs are being dropped into geocaches throughout the month of April and May. Happy springtime! Get out there and find those eggs! You can also follow the drops on facebook.
  9. I am dropping them in caches, not mailboxes. I will be dropping Woodstocks around Germany. ECB The Easter Coin Bunny
  10. 100 numbered Charlie Brown Easter eggs 100 numbered Woodstock Easter eggs Happy Easter Weekend Everyone! Charlie Brown: Woodstock:
  11. Happy Easter Weekend Everyone! Charlie Brown: Woodstock:
  12. 100 numbered Charlie Brown Easter eggs 100 numbered Woodstock Easter eggs
  13. Mystery coin projects are expensive to produce, but reading the great logs is well worth the time, money and effort spent to make and distribute the coin. It's a shame when people become greedy, either by grabbing more than their share of a mystery coin or by selling it for profit. It's just as easy to trade the coin for coins that will sell well on a site such as ebay. But time and time again individuals just throw them up for quick profit. I knew going into a mystery coin project that a couple of bad apples would distract from the real purpose of sharing, but the general attitudes towards the mystery coins has been great. Thanks for the fun!
  14. The Easter Geocoin Bunny Mystery coins were all non-trackable.
  15. Thank you to UO trackers for the geoangel And 007BigD for the penny and EGB egg coin!
  16. I hopped into here to say hello! Happy Easter! Congrats to each finder of an egg I laid, And to my 60 helpers who also played I loves to watch the logs and smiles, And seriously toured a great many miles! For now, my project is almost complete, And I hope you enjoyed my little coin treats. Time to sit back, relax and reason, Until of course it's Wabbit Season! I have asked AtlantaGal to help me with placing a few of the sample proof eggs on auction in the next couple of weeks, the proceeds going to: Make a child smile organization Thank you so much for a fun project, I believe there were: 28 coins dropped in Canada 52 coins dropped in Europe and down under and 160 coins dropped in the USA. Two packages have not shown up yet. So I hope those will reach their destinations sometime. I haven't logged all the finds and a couple were put back into caches. So keep a look out! Happy Easter! Thanks for the fun! EGB The Easter Geocoin Bunny
  17. Well I checked my pouch and the Alabama coin isn't there. But I have left a surprise for The Alabama Rambler in a Pot of Gold Hope the missing coin shows up.
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