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  1. Once again, many post about this. Our favorite way to cache.
  2. We were all muggles at one time, that being said, it's a judgment call. I think if the people are friendly and are genuinely interested, I'll explain the game, but if they're annoying or rude, they'll get some other story. I think the cache is more important than the socializing, there's many other ways to socialize, if that's what you really want to do. I want to cache, and I want the caches to be out there. On another note, if everybody knew about caching, it wouldn't be such a great game.
  3. This is one of our favorite ways to cache, we even get island caches in winter. Lots of storage for swag.
  4. I understand what your trying to say, but I think your being too extreme. Your remarks would mean no winter caching, as tracks will always be left in the snow. Besides it says right in the Listing requirements Off-limit (Physical) Caches Caches placed in areas which are highly sensitive to the extra traffic that would be caused by vehicles and humans (examples may include archaeological or historic sites).
  5. As with all maps, there will be mistakes. New roads and highways are are always being built, hotels and businesses are forever changing locations, so mistakes are to be expected. For the most part, I think they work very well. I can travel anywhere without the worry of getting lost. You do have to use a bit of common sense.
  6. "So when finding, leave no trace. Make sure the cache can't be see, and mind where your walking. Don't leave a trail." Our tracks are no different than any other animal, or flooding or fire or any other trace that something happened there. It's part of nature, so to say leave no trace or tracks is just foolish. On our skidoo trails here, there's a sign, "leave tracks, not trash". I think that makes more sense.
  7. Posted log with Pics. Seems I remember everytime I pass near a cache I've already found. All my pics are in My Pictures folder, and that is also my screensaver, I find myself watching the screensaver often, as so do many friends who visit.
  8. There is so many factors that can change a cachers experience, bugs can be bad that day, the weather and the time you may have. I usually look for 1 main cache that I really would like to do. Then I'll cache along the route to that cache. I usually look for easier ones along the route, so to have enough time to do the main one I'm going after. Finding a good main cache, I like to see pics of some of the beauty that I can expect, so a pic on the cache page will get my interest more than the write up. Also many cachers can be from out of town, so sometimes the easier ones are done, sometimes when going through your town, cachers don't have lots of time for a long cache. But you'll find over time, there will be cachers who will see the cache exactly as you intended. And if it goes unfound for a length of time, there will be someone who'll go after it. I've done many in my area where I'm the only one to find in over years.
  9. Also the Lynn Canyon park and Harrison Hotsprings have caches nearby and are awesome sights to see.
  10. I was in BC in march and these were my Favorites Chiliwacks first You'll get to see Bradal Veil Falls Chipmunk Caves These are some awesome caves, bring a flashlight. White Rock Earthcache Beautiful beach in White Rock and of course, the White Rock itself Shannon, You Crazy Diamond Shannon Falls, 3rd highest in BC Stawamus Chief Earthcache Stawamus Chief is the second largest granite monolith in the world
  11. I usually put things that I think come in handy, and people don't always think of carrying these with them. Safety blankets, first aid kits, flashlight and other usefull stuff. The one thing that seems to be a hit is the magnetic pick-up tool. It's like a pen, but is telescopic with a magnet on the end. I leave these in many caches, and usually the next cacher logs it as taken.
  12. Hey, did you find my dogs. LOL I can relate to that, I usually have to find a nearby lake to let the dogs get cleaned up before I can bring them home. They are what really what caching is about, getting out and just exploring what this beautiful earth has to offer.
  13. FTF's are great for geocaching. I have some FTF's and for the longest time, I was even the only to find. Some were over a year old. Usually when I get a FTF, the owner sends me an e-mail congratulating me. And being in an area where caches aren't so abundant, FTF's help other cachers in placing caches, as they know someone will go looking. If caches are placed and no one goes for them, people aren't encouraged to place good caches, they'll stick to easy accessible city caches. There is another local cacher that we now find that we have like this little friendly competition going, he'll leave notes for us in logs and vice versa. Makes it more interesting seeing as we both have to travel a good distance now to find any caches, as we have most done in our area. We both don't go out and race for them, but we know eventually we'll both find it. Just another fun aspect of the game. We have met once, as they were doing one of my own caches FTF's. They recognized us nearby as we were ice fishing, and came to say hi.
  14. Some times there's a valid reason I don't find them, so I don't get too worked up over them. But some of my best caches are DNF's. I have 2 DNF's that I didn't get the cache, but I did get to why the cache was placed. I enjoy where they bring me, when they bring me somewhere interesting. One thing though, if you found them all, all the time, it wouldn't be so satisfying. The challenge is part of the appeal.
  15. You did what you felt was right, I would of done the same. Besides you can always go get those caches another time when it feels right. I enjoy caching, but if it doesn't feel right, I'm not gonna enjoy it as much. Follow your gut, it sure won't put you in a bad situation.
  16. The kodiaks are awesome bikes, I love the automatic, the push button 4x4 and it has a lighter plugin, so the GPS only uses the batteries when i'm off the bike looking for the cache. I loved the old Big Reds, had a 1983 Honda 200 and an 86 200x back in the 80's.
  17. That's awesome, don't be worried by what was done, it was meant to happen. Nature knows how to take care of itself. I love seeing animals, and have many pics of them, but that was one of the coolest encounters I've seen.
  18. I've done some good ATV rides to caches and will be doing some canoe trips this summer (hopefully). But it seems that any caches with a little distance doesn't seem to get any hits around here. But that doesn't stop me from placing them, and I hope it doesn't discourage others. These will be caches that will be worthy and when cachers do find them, they'll be truly remembered. One well placed cache is more enjoyable than 10 drive by's.
  19. I use plastic peanut butter jars. Some people have said negative things about them, but I've got a few out there that just went through a Canadian winter and not one is damaged or wet inside. And every other peanut butter jar cache i've found has always been dry. I do have some lock and locks, but I had one with a broken tab, so I'm not to sure of there long time use. Gotta go have a PB&J sandwich now, gonna need a new cache container soon. P.S. I do use camo tape on them all.
  20. We have two Yamaha Kodiaks, we were ATV'ing before caching. Found out about caching when I got my 60CSX. Now we don't just go for rides for sake of going for rides, we now go after caches. Totally enjoy caching on our ATV's. Can bring lunch and drinks, camera and even camping gear if need be. Our furthest cache run has been 204kms return trip by ATV. I've placed many of my caches on ATV, and plan to place some far away ones in the future. The places you can get to are awesome where I live. The bonus is I usually leave on ATV right from my home. Also great for those island caches during the winter months.
  21. Part of the fun is reading the log book, gives you a good break, especially on the hikes and hill climbs. Let's leave things alone, if you don't want to log, don't. That's the beauty of this game, you play and do what you like, while the next guy does what he likes.
  22. Just went on a 2 day caching trip, travelled 1100kms, cost was just over $100 for gas. We brought drinks and food from home. Found a cache where we were able to spend a night (free). We got 32 caches, 10 of which were totally awesome caches. Caching, even with the price of gas, is still one of the cheapest entertainments.
  23. Haven't seen any bugs yet, but this new format rocks. Love the pics on the logs, The showing of logs (smiley face, not found) and a friends list. Still checking it out, but my hat goes off to Geocaching.com, excellent upgrades.
  24. "Most people (about 4 out of 5) who are infected with West Nile virus will not develop any type of illness (an asymptomatic infection), however you cannot know ahead of time if you'll get sick or not when infected." For all we know, most of us already had/have it. It's not a new thing, just now they know more about it. We been hearing about it for a couple of years now, and nothing has really changed. It's just about impossible for people to not get bitten by mosquitos, and there hasn't been any drastic outbreak happenning. Too many people just wasting our tax dollars, if they fed the homeless, they would save much more lives then they think there gonna save with this nonsense.
  25. I've added more caches to the area to help bring people to some of my caches. The area is beautiful and has loads of beautiful places for more caches. Whatever you do, don't archive them, those are the ones, cachers (like me) truly enjoy. We travelled 200kms for a cache this past weekend, and a 200kms quad ride to a cache the previous weekend. These out of the way, not often found, caches are usually the best ones. People tend to do easy close ones, but eventually they'll move on to longer/farther ones. And once they see the gratification of a well deserved cache, they'll be searching them out. I love being at spots where I'm one of the few who stood there and see what there is too see. Especially out of the 6 billion plus people in the world.
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