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  1. We had one of ours logged as mugged by this lot. Have changed all of our caches to Premium Members only for the time being. Anyone who wants the details of a cache can contact me and I'll vet and forward the information.
  2. We have recently upgraded to an Etrex Vista Hcx and i appear to be having problems with the compass. I've tried the calibration setup, standing like a lemon turning round slowly. But when I stop moving and switch the compass on it appears to be 'sticky' and will never point the same direction twice. Anyone any ideas on what could be wrong? Cheers
  3. Does the TOPO map cover footpaths / bridleways? Can you see which footpath leads to a cache?
  4. Hi All Have just upgraded our GPS to a Etrex Vista Hcx. Just wondering what maps would be best to buy to go with this. There seems to be a few from Garmin that are compatible with the Vista. I am thinking that the TOPO maps would be best, but are there any others to consider? Many thanks
  5. We are after some help and advise please. Our neice and here family have just got into caching. She will be 10 in a couple of weeks, and we want to place a cache near our home where we can place her birthday present for her to find. Obviously I want to make sure that she is the 'First to Find' but I want the cache to be a 'real' cache, listed so she can search for local caches, find the one named after her and print it off to go find it. Obviously once she has retrived her pressie the cache is open for all to find. What would be the best way to go about this? Many thanks
  6. After some help please. I've just got a Orbit for tge wife from O2 which has built in GPS. does anyone know of a software package which can make use of the GPS which would be suitable for geocaching? Many thanks
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