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  1. I'm new to caching but I own a antique/collectible shop so I have been leaving cute little pins. Alot of roses, butterflys, buffalo bills charms, etc. Is that good?
  2. I'm very new to caching and a few of the logs I've left was just a TFTC.. I never really thought about it just monkey see monkey doo you know? I will make sure to leave better feedback in the future. Thanks.
  3. Hello! I'm very new to caching but I must say I am hooked! My fiance has wanted to do it for a while now but we didn't have a gps so we never got around to it. I help my best friend with a scavenger hunt she participates in at her work every year and this year it was Geocaching! We both work until 7pm so we had to find caches at night. Oh boy were we terrible that first night! We had a blast though and she came in 3rd place. I actually gave in and got a smartphone so I can cache on my own. So now I'm on the forums, learning and hopefully I can find some people in my area (Buffalo, NY) that are into it too.
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