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  1. Oh wait I just found the link in one of the threads above :/ Still happy to set something up just for the Wellington Region if people want though unless I find there is already an active group.
  2. Hiya! I'm a geocaching noob and I was just wondering if there are any New Zealand based Facebook groups? I did a search but couldn't spot any so is it just that they are all secret or have there just been none set up? I would love to be able to go to some events or be involved in challenges etc but have no idea where to go for that kind of thing. If there are no groups would people be keen to have one started? I'm out in Porirua and would be happy to start a Wellington group if people are interested. Maybe there's something I'm missing but it seems like there is such a large community for there not to be groups out there or is it just that you all use other ways of communicating?
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