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  1. I have a couple questions about PQ's. When I upload the info to my PDA I don't get the logs even though there is space for them on cachemate. Also, I asked for all the caches I haven't found in a 100 mile radius of my zip code and there seems to be some missing. What am I doing wrong here. Any advice on how to do this properly? I'm not sure this is the right forum/thread but any and all advice will be appreciated. Thanks Peace!
  2. I recently bought 30 off of ebay for 100 bucks incl shipping. Peace!
  3. I am probably not the expert on this but...When I first joined I remember I had to check the box that said "remember me" right below the login fields. Peace!
  4. just bought a M515 for 125 bucks on ebay. No complaints so far! Will be going out caching with it this weekend! Peace!
  5. Ok I know this has probably been discussed and Markwelled somewhere but I NEED HELP. I just purchased a palm m515 to use for geocaching instead of printing out the cache descriptions on paper. How do I get the web page cache descriptions on to my palm. I'm sure the answer is easy and staring me in the face, anybody got any suggestions, tips, advice on what to use, how to install it, and how to work it? Confused and electronicall challenged, Wildlifeguy Peace!
  6. I have had the same problem with a virtual I was trying to create. I am in the process of creating a multi with about 10 miles of driving with some minor backtracking. I believe that this will give the hunter a better idea of what I wanted them to see in the virtual by having them drive around a bit. My multi will be 2 virtuals, then a micro, then just a corordinate cache and then the final will be an ammo box. All this will be so far from civilization that the cacher will definately want to finish all in one day. I figure about 1-2 hrs of driving and hunt time total. I hope this helps. Peace!
  7. Thanks all for your responses. I just bought 30 for 100 bucks, so I guess I paid about average. Peace!
  8. Ron, I am arranging a day where I can go and do all those caches along the south shore of Pardee. I am hoping to make it a shorter hike though, I have friends that own some adjacent land to the EBMUD land and we're trying to get some time coordinated to cross country it after we get the last cache. If we can't do it that way it's gonna be the 19.5 mile hike or maybe park a car on the Gwinn mine road out of Paloma to make it just a 10 to 12 mile hike. So PLEASE don't archive them yet! Every time I look at my map with the ones done I see those and just want to run out there immediately, but then realize that such a long hike takes a little more planning on my part! To all in CVC, Is there a get together planned? I sure would like to get together with fellow cachers in my area to meet and learn. I went to a recent RCGDC event and really enjoyed it, but Sac is a little far and out of my "Home Range" Finally, I wish to thank all those cachers in my area who have placed caches. This I have found to be the coolest sport. I just purchased 30 ammo cans and am really gonna start placing them myself. I have a boat so look for a lot of island caches, and I've got a multiple that I am still working out the details of, I tried it as a single virtual but that got nixed and the approver doesn't respond to emails so I think I'm just going to make it a devious multiple. If the weather holds, I hope to hve it planted this week! Again thanks to everybody for participating in this great sport/hobby/addiction/obsession! Peace!
  9. Why do I place caches? It's part of the fun of the sport! I like to place them nearby so they are easy to maintain. I only have a few right now but just got a shipment of 30 ammo cans so you can guess what I'm gonna be doing in the near future. He he he! Responsibilities? As a member of the sport it is a responsibility to place caches to keep the sport going. There are a few in my area, and I've already found most of them, so now I am going to be placing a bunch more to draw more people out to the beautiful area in which I live! Peace!
  10. Yes, Hello, Um, yes, I mean, no, wait, um, I'm kinda shy, Um, No, well, OOOOOOOO I get so flustered, well, not really, but then again, um, yes. So, Uh, How you doin', Yes, well, uh, umm, What do you want me to say? I'm soo confused, um well, yes, uh are you talking to me? Gotta Go! Uh Bye And of course I always end my posts with an offer of...... Peace!
  11. In the opinion of those who post on this forum, what is a fair price to pay for or charge for 30mm ammo cans. I am thinking of buying a lot of them for what would seem to be a good deal and reselling some to offset my outlay of cash. Any advice? Thanks Peace!
  12. BIll of Green Achers, Thank you for the great suggestion of making "Wait until Dark" my 100th cache found. We (my wife and I) did as you suggested and dropped our little bug off at grandma's and went and did this nice hike. Really enjoyed it! Again, Thanks Merry Christams to you and everybody else! Peace!
  13. I hope mine reach you in time! Sent my order today. Darn snail mail! Lets see....San ANdreas to San DIego....3 horses, 2 mules, and a goat...It should be there by Christmas of 2005! Ha ha ha! I really think those coins look neat. I'm gonna have a hard time parting with them into geocaches. Thanks again Bobkat! Peace!
  14. I use a garmin 12xl, am I the only one out of all these geocachers? Currently I am using paper to find my caches but am going to buy a PDA (if I don't get one for Christmas, hear me Santa?) and am going to try and join the two. I've read alot of posts about using GPS receivers and PDAs but I don't get the feeling that people are using them together. As in real time tracking of your position relative to the waypoint on the PDA. I realize that some PDA/GPS combined machines do this, but those who have separate machines, Are you doing this too? This is possible right? Are there any suggestions on which PDA I should get? TAlking/emailing Garmin, Compaq, and Palm the reigning suggestions are the ipaq, the M5xx series, or compaqs 31, 32, 33, etc. series. ANy suggestions or advice on what I should buy before I spend my wife's hard earned money? ANy and all comments/help is appreciated. Thanks Peace!
  15. The military uses another signal or two that we as the general public don't get. This is why they (the military) are accurate to inches. Peace!
  16. I have been using the garmin 12xl for work for years. It has done me a great service. I have been using it for geocaching forthe past year and don't seem to have any problems. Having read many of the posts on this page it seems nobody uses this dinosaur anymore. Are the newer units better? Should I break down and purchase a new one and donate my 12xl to a museum. I know the specs very well for this unit. I have also used Trimble scout, Trimble dgps, CMT, and a few other machines but am still satisfied with the use of my old 12xl. Am I the dinosaur? What machines would be a good upgrade without an exorbiant price tag? Thanks for the help! Peace!
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