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  1. This has been fixed! Thanks for reporting Sherminator18. Same problem if you have lots of trackebles and click first all visit, then change some trackables to dropped off and submit log. None of the trackables were dropped off. Changing to no action works right.
  2. As this very acute problem is propably going to otherwise ignored, lets report officially it as a bug. Colour blind person can not differentiate new map icons at all. Every dot looks just as the same. It should be possible to differentiate cache type either by the shape ( good option ), the size ( mediocre option) or 3) the brightness of colours ( worse option). And yes, there are lots of colour blind cachers, as the 8 percent of worlds male population are colour blind. Right now, only half of our team is able to see found ones, traditional, multi and temporarily unavailable caches. Luckily other half is not full colour blind, and is able to see red and blue dots, only that it is not helping much, since there is 3 different cachetypes behind both blue and red dot.
  3. First comment from Finnish forums: "This is harassment against colorblind."
  4. Who on earth designed the colors? First of all, mess of the orange, green and yellow circles must be absolute hell for colorblind ( only 8 % of males ) cachers? Especially when there is no difference in brightness? Secondly, it would more than nice to be able to differiate wherigos, letterboxes and mysteries from each other even on higher zooming levels. Now there is just blue dots. Same problem with different kind of events. Otherwise I like dots, those show map better. Oh, and by the way, you forgot lone APE-cache symbol from map preferences.
  5. Oh please, reactive muggled A.P.E. I would love to have a chance to log one, but it is too dangerous for my health to travel yellow fever area ( where only active one is located ).
  6. Several users here in Finland report that the given favourite points don't stick with the cache and return to the cachers favourite count after while. This has been going on at least from third of july. Issue is not a browser spesific, it has occurred with Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Lumia. Sometimes, after multiple tries, favourite point sticks with cache. Deleting cookies is no use. Is there a fix coming anytime soon?
  7. Could we please have a Lackey commenting on this? Deleting cookies is no help with this issue. Right now, one of the premium membership attractions, favourite points, is not working right! Is there a fix coming in sometime soon?
  8. Several people in Finland have following issue: when they try to add favorite point to a cache, everything seems to work normal ( cache has one more point, and giver count is down by one), but after a while given favorite point returns back to giver and cache count is same as it wasa before trying to give a favorite point. After ten or more tries, favorite point my stay with cache.
  9. Some feedback. I think that the idea of the cache that can be found by only one person, is right one to add "insider clicks". Even without them, there's cases where some cachers make "insider-caches" ( usually some D4 unknown cache ), and archive it immeadiately after some unknown or not a friend-cacher finds those caches. So this whole idea just seems "official" blessing to this kind of behaviour, and even gifting these insiders their own cache type! What I like in geocaching, that everybody have an equal change to find every cache in the limits of their own physics and wits. Cachers are usually quite friendly towards each others, and even some are competitive, competition is "pure", except for the above mentioned cases. Since amount of the found labcaches is listed ( maybe even in statistics some day? ), there is always possiblity to do some doping with this cache type: -If I make 20 labcaches for you, would you do same for me, so we both have more than cacher X? So in short, I don't like this new type of cache.
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