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  1. I had the exact same problem. It also caused problems with the altimeter. Changing back to the default colour (Diamond) fixed both.
  2. We have a 76s and are very pleased with it. The biggest advantages over the Vista are: the external antenna port (for use in airplane /car/boat), the big screen (same reason) and the “next street” feature. I don’t think the Vista has the “next street” feature. It’s very helpful when navigating by car or motorcycle in unfamiliar city streets.
  3. Thanks again for all the input. We picked up SoftMap at Walmart for $63 and Fugawi at Radio Shack for $70 including the Canadian streets cd! I had to download updates for both to get them to work together. Now, to figure out how we’ll afford a notebook computer and RAM mount for the car
  4. Thanks to everbody for the input.
  5. I’d like to know if the SoftMap topos are exact scans of the federal ones or are somehow reduced in detail like Toporama. Also, the SoftMap gps interface is about $50 cheaper than Fugawi. I would just like to know if it’s missing any features that might seem critical. Thanks.
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    Does anyone have experience with the SoftMap products? I was wondering how they compare to Ozi and Fugawi. The price is certainly attractive. $80 for the GPS interface and $80 for topos for all of Southwestern B.C.
  7. We found the coolest butan lighter in a cache the other day! Had to buy some butan but now it's part of our firstaid/survival kit! Don't leave home without it .
  8. We have seen the light We plan to use our portable little sun as often as possible...
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