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  1. Hi members, excuse my redundant question. I can not find the link somewhere in this forum directing to the Mapsource (or Garmin) site for downloading the latest version of mapsource (V.6.11, I think). Could you kindly show me the link, please. thanks for your help.
  2. - How do you load CN and Topo at the same time. You can only open one at a time in MapSource?? I want to learn how to do that, too. thanks.
  3. - Thanks, I lnow that. But sometimes I forget to press Page to turn it off. My question is there a trick to completely disable compass.
  4. Hi all, could you tell me how to disable the compass on 60CSx during my bike ride. Presently, I use a minimum settings, i.e 0 km/h and 180 sec. During my bike ride, I frequently stop more than 180sec, so the compass turn back on when I am still. Thanks.
  5. Receiver High-sensitivity GPS receiver 12 channel Number of Waypoints 1,000 500 Built in Memory 64 MB removable microSD data card (included) 56 MB Display Resolution 240 x 160 220 x 176 Standard GPS Antenna Built in quad helix Quad Helix Unit Weight 5.4 oz. w/o batteries 10.3 oz. (w/ lithium-ion battery pack) Thumb Stick (5-position cursor switch) N/A Yes Separate Serial & USB interfaces Yes No/ USB Standard, RS232 with optional cable. Map Storage Removable microSD data card Internal Memory Ext. Ant. Hookup Yes No External Temperature Thermometer N/A Yes Glide Ratio, Glide Ratio to Destination, and Vertical Speed to Destination Yes N/A Built in calendar N/A Yes Voltage Range 8-36 4.0-8.4 - Source: Garmin site
  6. - unfortunately, I still use Win 98. So, do you have tricks to remove them under Win98? thanks.
  7. - affirmative. I obeyed your suggestion few weeks ago. Now, I have on hands the City Navigator N.America v.8 for free. I got my dvd update at the garmin dealer close my home.
  8. Hello all, I just installed City Navigator N.America v.8 over my old City Select v.7. I heard about saving space in my hardisk, I can delete some old files of C.Select v7. Could you kindly tell me exactly what files and folders that I could remove safely to saving space? Thanks.
  9. - What's the main differences between them? A Top24K National Parks covers less area than Topo USA?
  10. Hello, I want to visit New England region (Vermont, New Hampshire etc...) with my road bike. What US Topo soft covered this area, compatible with my 60CSx. Because I want to know the profil, an elevation of the terrain that I will bike on. Thanks.
  11. - Hello, does somebody use the pre-programmed micro_sd Topo on 60CSx. - I want to buy a pre-programmed micro_sd Topo Canada. I wonder if the 60CSx auto-routing function will work with this card? I have many routes created with City Select v6.5? Thanks.
  12. Hello! Can I use my proper route created with City Select7 on pc with the micro-sd pre-programed Topo Canada. Other words, if the route will "superpose" exactly as it should be on my 60csx using micro-sd pre-programed topo canada card? thanks.
  13. I was just on Garmin's website trying to determine the same thing. They say the micro cards have the exact same detail as the topo CD's. But I believe the CD's they refer to are less detailed than 24k. You can use their mapviewer to check. - I see one of these cards, US East Coast Area, are scalled 100K. Sure, lower details than 24K Topo CDs.
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