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  1. Does anyone know if it is possible to download all of my gallery images (from public profile)? I'd like to have a copy to keep with my other non-geocaching photos. Cheers, FalseFruit
  2. FalseFruit


    I use c:geo and the Groundspeak free app on my HTC One and usually use my Garmin Etrex 20 for more dedicated cache runs. The c:geo app has offline capability so I can use that as long as I have caches saved on it or an imported PQ.
  3. One of my recently found favorites is GC2C07W, "Sub-urban jungle", located on a parking structure. You drive all the way up to the top, and the cache is hanging over the side of the structure. It's really similar to the Geocaching Vlogger's video
  4. I've really stopped taking SWAG with me whenever looking for caches, unless they are well known for their contents inside. What I like is really the exhilaration of finding a good hide.
  5. Hi all, I've seen these problems in all areas that I've cached in - Taiwan, South Korea, and the United States. I'm trying to combat the problem in my few caches by making them PMO, since most of the time, those who have just started out trade "down" and eventually make a cache seem worthless. I had one cache before that was stocked full of goodies but was eventually made worthless and stolen. It's crazy how the first geocache had a Delorme Topo USA, 2 CD Roms, a cassette recorder, a "George of the Jungle" VHS tape, a Ross Perot book, 4 $1 bills, a slingshot handle and a can of beans, and now caches have little pieces of trash - expired coupons, pieces of paper, rocks, rubber bands, etc. I feel as if this does make children want to go geocaching less - the disappointment of finding trash in a cache instead of SWAG.
  6. Ah Ha! Now we know that paper beats rock!
  7. There is one virtual cache in ORD (Chicago) that I've found on a two hour layover there before. One problem is definitely the GPS signal; staying near the windows is required.
  8. Hi Andre! I believe the database used on Geocaching.com contains only NGS Benchmarks, that is, National Geodetic Survey, based in the USA. I had this same problem when I was out of country and saw a benchmark in plain sight but could not find it on the site. From the Benchmark info page: "I found a benchmark, but it isn't in the database. Why? To answer this question, you need to understand a bit about what "the database" is. The database used by Geocaching.com is a copy (from around 2000) of the database that NGS maintains. Although the NGS database has lots of marks in it, it does not have them all. In order for a mark to get into NGS's database, it has to go through a process known as "bluebooking" which ensures the disk meets the minimum requirements to be of geodetic quality (aka the highest quality possible). The NGS is not the only organization that creates and uses benchmarks and other types of control markers. In order for any mark to get "in the database" they must be "bluebooked", which can take a lot of time and effort and is often not done to save money. Remember, even though some marks might not be in the database, they are still highly important, both to businesses and to individual citizens such as your neighbors, so please treat them with respect, while enjoying the thrill of the hunt. We'll try to find other databases and add them to the site as well. If you have access to one of these databases and would like to submit it to Groundspeak, contact us. Since the Groundspeak benchmark database was obtained from the NGS in the year 2000, newer benchmarks and recent reports on older marks will not be visible here in Groundspeak's copy. Besides new disks, there are many cases of benchmarks monumented significantly before 2000 but entered the NGS database only after the year 2000." Is it possible your friend discovered it by accident? The best, falsefruit
  9. Awesome! A friend loaned his 3d printer for me so I can build my own.
  10. That too is an option. Thanks for your input. I never thought about that
  11. Hi, Thanks for your prompt reply...Sorry about the font selection.
  12. Hello Everyone, The seven souvenirs of August is fast approaching and I have a question: Does placing a cache type during the month of August guarantee a souvenir for the cache type? For example, if possible, I'd like to place an EarthCache around my area; additionally I have found all earthcaches in my town, and the closest ones are at least twenty miles away. I do not drive at the moment so finding one would be quite challenging. Thanks for all your input. FalseFruit
  13. Hello all, There is a cache in a local park whose owner has not been maintaining it (last visit to GC. Com was in 2012.) this cache has,been known for its wet logs, which I've replaced over a few times, and recently, the cache was missing (I could not locate it). I would really like that spot to hide a cache of my own, as it is close to home and easy to maintain. What should I do?
  14. Hello, Is it possible to use an iPad to go geocaching? I am not a premium member but I own a GPS; is there a way to download .GPX files onto my gps from an iPad?
  15. Hello, I am 14 and my friends (also 14) and I also cache alone. We live in a relatively safe city, so there is little danger. We often ride bikes since we can't drive yet.
  16. I use dollar store swag for most caches I find, and if the cache is somewhat harder to find, I would place something more expensive inside.
  17. Hi there, I bought the eTrex 20 for about 160 USD back in October. Pros Paperless geocaching Many Waypoints Good Battery Life Small and Lightweight Good for 200 dollar price range Has GPS+GLONASS (more accuracy) Calculator+Stopwatch+Calendar+Hunt/Fish functions Cons Crappy Basemap Small screen Not Touchscreen Bad instruction manual I was quite impressed with this as a first GPS, and the money was quite worth it. Hope this helps, Maxwell
  18. Well, here in south central Kentuckistan, winter caching is definetely easier in many cases. Caching in the woods is made much easier in most cases involving large containers, but small containers in the woods are a pain during the winter, when fallen leaves can cover the small micros. Otherwise, there is little difference in seasons here. Urban caching is mostly the same, but there are less muggles in parks during the winter.
  19. Hello, I have been caching since September 2013 and have had 55 finds. As this is not very much, are there any ways that one can be more motivated to cache? How can one efficiently find a good amount of caches? I'm not trying to be concerned with the numbers, but I want to gain as much experience as possible.
  20. Well, I use a hard-shell gps container (ordered the wrong one, too big (for car)) that contains tweezers for micros and nanos, a crochet needle for log rolling, a multi-tool (swiss army knife), a pen and a pencil (spare ones from IKEA for caches that need pencils), disposable hand wipes, spare emergency logs from geocacher-u.com (a GREAT site), an extra cache container, and a flashlight. There's no need for room for a gps since I use a lanyard. I guess this could be a little more efficient though. If I did more caches in the countryside, I would probably need to bring more stuff (swag). Sometimes when caching with friends, I would bring a backpack for the essential snacks.
  21. Yes, I agree with that, since I use mini origami stars as my sig item and they usually get wet.
  22. I know that it is possible to use some of HTMl for writing on cache pages, but how about logs? I see some cachers type in green font, but I am unable despite repeated attempts. Can someone explain how this works on cache logs and the difference from cache pages?
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