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  1. Many Thanks - the following adoptions have been made: HiLo @ Penn Recca (under offer) A Gate to Nowhere Old Wrigwell Lane To Make a Monster! Satan's Pit This Little Piggie........ I Spy Spitchwick Call of the Wild Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy! A Bird by the lb(s) Manaton 'ROCKS' Journey Beyond the Nose Hardup
  2. It is a sad day for me but I have realised that I have run the course, finished my race and collected my numbers to my fill and contentment. New challenges and hobbies have taken over and my GPS is for sale on Ebay as I type. Thank you caching for all the fun and friends I have met over the years. I expect I will cache again but for now I am moving on . I have some caches which the community may wish to keep running. If anyone wishes to adopt any of them and can tell me how to get that done drop me a line! I think Satan's Pit deserves to live on! Here is the list: HiLo @ Penn Recca A Gate to Nowhere Old Wrigwell Lane To Make a Monster! Satan's Pit This Little Piggie........ I Spy Spitchwick Call of the Wild Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy! A Bird by the lb(s) Manaton 'ROCKS' Journey Beyond the Nose Hardup Many thanks Ipplepen (aka Andy)
  3. What an terrible customer experience. I have never ever experienced such a slow response from the GC servers as tonight. I can't help but feel sad at the unbridled growth of geocaching has resulted in not only are the good caches becoming hidden among the dross, but it is now also impossible to log any of your finds anyway! We all deserve better! Cheers Ground Speak - you have lost your way.
  4. Hello and welcome Give me a shout if you get stuck on any of the caches around Newton Abbot! PS this applies especially to the Cantor Clan caches Ipplepen (AKA Andy)
  5. Has anyone else had problems recently appear with the GSAK macro PUP PORT? Since upgrading my PC to Windows 7, all my cache exports to memory map appear as traditional icons. Discussed this with a caching friend running vista who is experiencing exactly the same problem. Both of us can't recall changing anything on our set ups. The copy installed on my windows 2000 machine still works fine. Any ideas how to get it all working again? I will try and post on NWcaching site/get in touch with the popuppirate and will update thread if I get an answer there first.
  6. I was enjoying a great days caching yesterday, with an early morning Dartmoor hike and then an afternoon caching in Torquay. One more quick cache to end a great day I thought. Thirty minute on a car park ticket and a quick dash to The beach manager Quaywest A bit of a search turned up nothing - oh never mind I thought as I strolled into the beach front pub and ordered a pint to quench a caching generated thirst. Forty minutes later I returned to the car to find a FIFTY pound parking fine! I open the bidding at a fifty pound fine for a DNF . How much has a cache cost you? NB. Only include failed marriages if you can identify the cache which broke the camels back and dare to declare how much the divorce has cost you!
  7. I'm sat here thinking of the first fellow cacher I met and who got me started in caching.....Davy Boy got me going. Who would you like to mention who hooked you in ....especially if they no longer cache?
  8. How about marrying my wife - that was fate......she is often telling me I can't go out to play....does that count?
  9. This is how I save my pennies! Poppy (the dog) travels on the back for Dartmoor caching trips!
  10. I so agree with Geo Kitten and that the effect of the 'old hands' putting down caching. Sure things have changed - but I am not sure that the overly negative and hopeless stance taken by the experienced 1000+ cachers is very fair on any of us who still enjoy our caching. Here in Devon the cache scene is still working with a quality edge to it being preserved in most cases, however the waves of dispair being uttered by some of the old hands is dragging alot of us down. The good old days were different I am sure, better - maybe or perhaps just different. The regular airing of this debate reminds me of my grandmother telling me how things were better during the war years - that used to pee me off too! My advice is if you don't lke it any more - stop doing it! If you don't like Geocaching.com - switch to Terracaching and start a new. Eitherway it is maybe time for you to put up or shut up. Please allow those of us who enjoy our sport to do so without the pressure of doubt that some of you wish to put on us.
  11. A dog is a dear friend indeed. Poppy and I send our thoughts to you.
  12. I own the other half of the 5/5 the Cantor Clan mentioned in their log - Ternary Tale. When the cache was planned we had a discussion about making it a worthy 5/5. The puzzle, simple once you know how, was put together to make a suitable 5/ hurdle to overcome before the cache can start. We wanted people who have found the cache to have the full satisfaction that they have completed a difficult task. Both the Cantor's and I are willing to help you to get started - but the cache is meant to be the full 5/5 experience - DIFFICULT! The fact that the Ternary Tale has only been found by a single group of determined cachers adds value to it's worth as a 5/5 cache. To be honest we were dissapointed that it was cracked and found so soon after being published! I have generally found that if I want help with a puzzle, a few emails to the cache setter, past finders or 'clever' people get me on my way! Save up for the fuel and give it a go! I think there should be a special place kept in caching for the difficult 5/5 that leads you to that special caching experience!
  13. 1000 cache finds Really well done Paul and Michelle - keep on caching AND keep on placing those special 'Cantor' caches! Andy & Poppy
  14. I've been having the very same problem - I solved my blue dots by editing the memory.txt file in main GSAK directory. The memory.txt file showed an incorrect GSAK installation path - so when it went looking for icons they could not be found. I used the replace command in notepad to alter the file to point to correct location of user images, where my new icons were held. All has worked fine since. Not sure if that helps Andy
  15. Well done to Paul & Michelle for reaching 900 on an epic caching trip earlier this week. 1000 should be yours in about 6 weeks at the most. Thanks for all the help over the last year.
  16. Thank you Paul for starting the thread & thanks for all the congratulations!
  17. 3000....! I can only dream congratulations. andy
  18. Excellent video - the sound of cold water - how refreshing!
  19. Congratulations Its amazing how the caches mount up. Also wanted to say thank you for your comments about Operation Torchwood and for the mention in the Award 2007 topic. Glad you enjoyed it. More or the same (but very different) sort of adventures under construction. Suspect our paths will cross somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Happy Caching.
  20. I know we only met once, under a gorse bush, but your influence on my journey into geocaching over the last year has been felt. Look forward to reading some of the reactions to your puzzle based adventures on the otherside of the world. As others advise - be careful everything bites down under - and we all know there is nothing worse than being bit down under!! GOOD LICK Now I didn't mean to type that - GOOD LUCK!!!
  21. Thanks rutson - it does export to phone as userdata.mno - but does not create overlays. Checked MM web site and it appears that this function is not available on a smart phone.
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