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  1. If all you're interested in is the trails themselves, then Southern Alberta Trail Maps by Red90 or Northwest Trails by moun10bike is what you're after. You can also get free Topo Maps by Ibycus.
  2. I got the disc for Alberta maps, but I wasn't very impressed. I found I have more accuracy using a combination of Garmin's Topo maps for the DEM, Ibycus' free Topo maps, and Red90's Southern Alberta Trail Maps or Moun10bike's Northwest Trail Maps.
  3. Ibycus, perhaps you could place a torrent link directly on your site? It would remove just one more step. Actually, a link to utorrent.com may help with these questions too.
  4. I've been running Windows 7 x64 for nearly a year now with little problem. The only issue I have with Mapsource is that it seems to hog memory until it crashes. It isn't cleaning out it's cache when it fills.
  5. I'm not sure when this happened - perhaps with the 3.41 beta that I'm using on my Oregon 300 - but it seems that for some reason Ibycus' Tops Maps have started overlaying on top of the Geocache icons on the unit. I am using the Garmin Colorado/Oregon Export GSAK Macro to get them on my GPS. Any ideas?
  6. I've opened the file up in GPSMapEdit and see some more issues. I wonder if it's a limitation of the XML? Religious Building, currently it's 0x2c00. It should be 0x2c0b or 0x6404. Educational Buildings are set as a Man-made place (0x6400) instead of 0x2c05 or 0x6410. Also wells should be 0x6414.
  7. Dale, Religious Buildings show up on my Oregon as the Amusement Park icon. Any chance of that being corrected for the next release?
  8. Any updates on when your new CanVec maps will be available?
  9. Well that's the dog's bollocks.
  10. Pfffffff... legal smeagol. What else are people supposed to do when Garmin keeps the stuff top secret? Buy their version? Not bloody likely. lol. Anyway, if someone has figured out how to extract the data, then it can't be too long until somebody reverse engineers the format. Until then... we can debate the words and phrases like "not exactly" and "legal."
  11. Hmm... That was my understanding as well, but I've read in a few places that it was being done for custom maps in the States already. I'll try to find some links for that and post them here.
  12. Mapsource Topo Canada 4 will finally be coming out with included DEM data. Will you be able to extrapolate that data and add it to your Topo Maps?
  13. I disagree. I believe that the best option is still to buy the Oregon 300, and purchase the maps separately. That way you have the option of using the maps with another unit, at less cost. The 400Tc is $700 at GPSCity. However, you can get the 300 for $450, and the new Topo maps with DEM data for $140. This totals just $590 for essentially the exact same thing. It's really worth looking into. BTW, I own the 300 and it's great.
  14. No, you don't need to pay for the maps. That's what ibycus' maps is for. They'll be viewable in your Garmin Mapsource software and you can send them to your GPS!!! As far as that review goes, it DOES still say that it's his favorite unit.
  15. I would definitely have to recommend a Garmin. That ensures that you can utilize ibycus' Canadian topo maps, which are completely free! As for which unit, well I would have to say an Oregon or Colorado 300, but I can't tell you which one. edited to add link to ibycus' maps
  16. From the Maps menu on your GPS where you select and deselect map tiles, hit the menu button and you should see another menu where you can enable or disable an entire mapset at a time.
  17. Hmm, I use Vista and the install worked just fine for me. I also used the ISO file, but try mounting it using Daemon Tools (google it), I don't really trust Nero. Let us know if that works.
  18. I recommend using Firefox to download the file, as it's built-in download manager can be a life saver. That being said, it still took me two tries, as the first one "completed" at 710MB. I also found that for some reason, using any of my bandwidth for anything else (ie. browing the internet) caused the file to download at between 60 - 80 KB/s, but as soon as I stopped browsing, my speeds jumped to like 300 - 500 KB/s. You're best bet would probably be to close all other programs, download with Firefox, and let it do it's thing overnight.
  19. I agree. That's the way I date all my files/folders as it actually put's them in order when sorted alphabetically/numerically (sp?).
  20. I believe the OP is referring to Ibycus' Topo Maps, in which case in order to have them work in the newest version of Mapsource, you need to use MapUpdateBeta.exe. I don't have the link right now, but if you look in the forum for his maps, you should find the link. Hope that helps.
  21. I thought this was mentioned in here somewhere, but after scanning through all 5 pages, I can't seem to find how to add an IMG file to the mapsource installation so that it appears in Mapsource with your maps. I copied the IMG file into the imgs folder of my ibycus maps install directory, but there's obviously something else I have to do?
  22. I once emailed the TCT website and requested a KML file for the TCT. They did send it to me, and I converted it to a GDB Mapsource file. Unfortuneatly, the trails are very broken up, and I spent many hours merging pieces of the trail together before giving up months ago. If you want the kml file or my edited GDB file PM me and I'll send it to you. It would be great to get the GDB file completely together, or even just converting the KML to a Garmin map file.
  23. with the file size becoming so large, perhaps you should start splitting this up, muh like the Mapsource Topo does. Have one file to actually install the product, then additional downloads for the image files (Southwest, South Central, Southeast, and North).
  24. I love the new maps! One improvement though may be to give unavailable caches a red background and the highlighted cache the yellow/orange. That would seem to make more sense as most people associate red with unavailable through the use of GSAK or the text colour in the list.
  25. Ha! Hadn't noticed that. When I pick the entity type, I just have a description to work from. (this one is listed as "skiing". Strangely, I can't seem to find the correct enity type for 'downhill' skiing. Have you tried "Ski Resort"? It's cofusing because in Mapsource, Waterskiing appears as "Skiing Area" whereas downhill is titled "Ski Resort". The only way to tell the difference is the icon, as the one is clearly waterskiing.
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