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  1. There are some interesting (and some not so interesting) reasons behind screen names here... About Civisi I always pronounce it suh-vee'-see, but technically, it should be pronounced Siv'-is ooh-nus. It's formed from the Latin word for Citizen (civis) followed by the Roman numeral I (one), as in Citizen 1. The Latin word for one is "unus," hence civis unus. The correct way to display the name is CivisI or in all caps as CIVISI; however, over time, I have become more lax and simply use Civisi.
  2. Pocket knife Extra pair of shoes and socks (to leave in car) in case you get them wet/soaked An attitude of fun
  3. My (short) sister has a 2003 (I think) Forester and she loves it! She usually trades in cars every 2 years, but this one is now paid off and she's going to keep it awhile. That says a lot to me. Jerad
  4. I agree about the wrist thing. I'm 6'2", 250 lbs. I've got long arms. A lot of the long sleeve clothes I try on are too short. I wear almost nothing but short sleeves. Even a lot of those are too short. If I was more muscular, I don't think it would be a problem, but I'm pretty wimpy. Fortunately, my shoe size is a more average 11-12 depending on brand. As far as clothes, I've had real good luck with L.L. Bean clothing. Now it's not really "affordable" to me (meaning I can't buy a whole lot at one time) but their clothes are excellent quality and last a long time. I've still got an L.L. Bean parka coat that is about 8 years old. It's an Extra Large Tall and still fits perfect! Love it! As far as vehicle goes, I drive a '94 Ford Ranger 4x4. It's a supercab with the 4.0L V6 engine. 173,000 miles. Transmission is ready to be replaced, but it's still drivable. Leg room is not a problem. I'm glad I didn't sell it when I bought my Mustang because I've needed it a few times. I would like to replace it with a Jeep Wrangler, though. As for other gear such as back packs and hydropacks... well, I don't use them. I doubt there are many caches around here in Indiana that would require that much gear. And about the Tall guy thing... I work with computers, and I'm amazed at some of the computers I replace. They're old, slow, run like crap, but come in this HUGE computer case that's about two and a half feet tall, a foot wide, and 2 feet deep. The computer-ignorant people will see it and say that it must be a fast computer. I smugly tell them the moral of this story: that size is no indication of performance.
  5. Awesome! That's what I was looking for. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.
  6. I'd like to be able to get instant notification of a new cache. Is there a way to do it? I thought maybe a pocket query would do it, but I assume they're queued and get sent as they get processed. Thursday, I got notification from a pocket query that a new cache was in the area. This was at 4:14 PM. I left at 4:55, got to the parking area at 5:05, and found the cache at 5:15. I thought I would be the FTF. I got there and another cacher beat me by 45 minutes. In his notes, he said, "I saw this pop up last night and figured I would try at lunch, or after work." Is it just luck of the draw that he got the cache info the night before? I received a pocket query the day before, but it must have ran before the cache was published. Any thoughts? Help? Tricks or tips? Or is there a feature that I am missing?
  7. I carry one with me about 80% of the time. Of course, with less than 30 caches, that's not saying much. But if more people got into the habit of taking one and actually turning it on, I think it could add some more social interaction to the sport.
  8. I cant find anything on Waymarking for Canadian area...it is only for USA? Should be. At the top of the Waymarking.com page, it says, "Waymarking.com provides tools for you to catalog, mark and visit unique and interesting locations around the world." Also, search for Canada. There doesn't appear to be a lot, but that just means they need your help! http://www.Waymarking.com/cat/cat_results....1&KW=canada
  9. Yes, because, as you posted above, "No new virtual geocaches will be listed on Geocaching.com." Any existing Virtual Caches have been grandfathered in. I'm considering doing the Waymarking myself. I have yet to do it, but it sounds like fun...
  10. Civisi


    I was reviewing the abbreviation/acronym page and saw GPSr. Do you say "Gee-Pee-Ess-Are" or "Gee-Pee-Ess-Ur?" I always say it as "Ur," but have heard it referred to on the Podcacher's Podcast as "Are". What is your pronunciation?
  11. I responded earlier, but I read in an above post about trading travel bugs... ? To me, a TB's goal is to move far, move fast. I gladly move TBs without exchanging. I like to place them in new caches, caches that are fairly easy to get to, and/or in caches near highways and interstates.
  12. There are some good responses here, and I can agree in part with both sides. There seems to be a very fine line between what is considered a good and bad here, and I know it all boils down to personal preference. I have not had the opportunity to do any urban caches yet, which is why I am commenting here. Several of the caches I have done are located on or near private property. This past weekend I did a multicache where the given coordinates were the hint, which was visible from the road with binoculars or by a short walk down a hill (about 30 feet). The actual cache was about 3/4 of a mile away. I drove around the "block" (1/2 mile x 1 mile rectangle) trying to get closer. I saw a potential road, but it was marked with No Tresspassing signs. So I drove around to the other side. I could swear that it was the same road that I was walking down, just without the signs and not as maintained. This is one instance in which I feel parking coordinates should be provided. It's a state owned hunting and fishing area, and if you park in the wrong area, the state DNR will ask you to move. And if you're not near your vehicle, it gets towed. Recovering my car from the impound lot is not my idea of fun... Then you get to the issue of "4X4s can make it to within a hundred feet of the cache. Cars can park at the substation and walk 1/4 mile." That's another issue all together....
  13. Pocket Streets will work. You just need the PC version. I've got Microsoft Streets and Trips, and I can highlight any area on a map and save it as a Pocket Streets map. There are size limitations, but I've got a map of the areas that I Geocache in. It covers about 2500 square miles or so. You can pick up MS S&T for about $20-25.
  14. It's a good show. I've been listening to some past episodes. I'm up to December 2005 right now. Just listened to the Christmas nano show. I'm cheating when I listen, though. I'm playing them in Windows Media Player on my PC and I set the play speed to 1.4x. That way, I listen to them 40% quicker... []
  15. I drove past this one power-line pole many, many times, and most of the time I noticed a bright orange tag with numbers on it. I didn't think anything of it because, well, poles are numbered. But I discovered this past weekend that the orange "tag" is a hint to a multi-cache. It's odd what you notice after you start Geocaching...
  16. And HTML gets ignored... so when your sig is all HTML, it's blank. And UBB code is not processed either.... But all is good now...
  17. once more then I'm going to bed
  18. Ok, got avatar. now time for sig.
  19. never found the Discuss Geocaching link... test, btw
  20. Funny that this was brought up. I just did a cache in someone's back yard on Sunday. The cache listing is at this link. I used the coordinates to get to within 100 feet of the cache, and at that point, I could see it from the road. Not hidden at all. There are 110 logged comments, and I've posted some of the best ones here: By AirRaidFan: I was in your yard with a flashlight for about five minutes. Heard laughter from a rear corner room. Garage door was open. My black jeep was parked in front. I didn't think this was right, so I oozed on out. By ChetLeague: Hated to walk through your backyard, but TFTC anyway. By Gravewatcher: It is a little creepy walking in someone's yard. By RockingM: Felt like the entire neighborhood was watching. By grave1: dont be shy about going up there they know what your doing and its okay i thought this was very clever By moon_light: Finally found it and was a little shy about looking by the flamingos. By Cache-teers: we braved fierce lawn animals and fought our way through flora and fauna until we found the cache. By studuck: It was really strange going into someones yard. By Ranger&Belle: bearandbird said i didnt have the balls to do this one By Team D&D: I wonder what the neighbors think about these strange visitors at all hours of the day and night. By Mozart's Money: Pink Flamingo's and Dinosaurs?????? By LadyLitz: was seen from the car when we parked, but we were a bit apprehensive about getting out. By daggy: Felt a little uneasy about this one, but what the hey! By shooter206: This one was a real hard one...... By wesandang: Very strange to be in someone's yard, especially when the neighbors are watching and there is a sign advertising that the subdivision has a neighborhood watch! By Jaxxon: Almost like cheating when the cache owner is lounging around in the pool and he tells you the best way to reach the cache. By Whamo: We really liked the dinosaurs Hehe... I will only do a cache if I know it's ok to be there. I did one in a cemetery last Saturday that, to get to, I had to drive down a lane in the woods which led to a field. There was a No Tresspassing sign near the lane which made me nervous... but considering it was a cemetery, I proceeded. If the cache is on private property, I think the owner should be required to state that it's their property or that they have permission to put it there.
  21. I should probably change my name to TNLN. (Tin-Lin?) I'm a hunter-signer. I look for the cache and sign the log book. Well, except for travel bugs. I love travel bugs and will move them on. I usually look through the stuff to see if there is anything interesting. Once I didn't, and when I got home, I realized that there were 4 or 5 travel bugs not counting the 2 I left. If I had been paying attention, I would have brought a couple of the TBs back with me. (I was over 250 miles away from home and the park security guard had his eye on me, so I was hurrying.) Otherwise, the stuff I usually see isn't particularly interesting to me. I don't collect McDonald's Happy Meal toys. I have seen some neat flashlights and glow sticks, but I had no trade items those days. I do carry a buffalo head nickel, an Israeli coin, and a couple of coin-dollars on me when I go caching in the event that I find something I like. FTF prizes I would take, but I've never had one yet. I guess I would have to say that I would trade items if I found something I liked, but I have yet to do it.
  22. Good thinking. My idea with the travel bug was so you could track it. Also, with a TB attached, people might be less inclined to take it as a prize or trade item.
  23. What he said. If the only option you're getting is a .LOC file, it could be that you're not logged in.
  24. Neat idea. You'll want a travel bug on it, I would think, which would mean you'll need a special container for it. Also keep in mind that not all cameras take SD. Mine takes xD. The guy that goes caching with me has a Sony which takes MS (memory sticks) You can pick up 32 and 64 MB SD card real cheap... I say go for it.
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