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  1. vitya, dont u have some dates or venues to propose? Well, given the currently available nice weather, I'd propose to go to some outdoor location, maybe a for a walk together on a Sunday (Saturdays are not OK for me currently, but that's only my problem )
  2. So, I have some coins ( approx 20) that I want to share with the other geocachers so that they could fulfill their goal asap. I want to arrange a meeting and i'm asking for some dates where as many gc as possible could attend. SerZ Cool. I'm happy to join the meeting, just let me know the date/time/venue! Thanks! vitya
  3. Any chance you could write it in English too? thanks!!!!! vitya
  4. To include the Greek Islands?? Dave Dave, that goes without saying! vitya
  5. Hello fellow geocachers in the wider "Rafina area"! This post is not 100% geocaching related, but given the fact that a major reason one does geocaching for is the love of nature. So I thought the following is at least a little bit relevant. This coming Saturday (30th of September) there is an interesting event taking place in/around Rafina. For more details please see the following URL: http://www.inaturenet.org/en/view.html?pid=117 vitya ps: I will be there!
  6. I checked out the site, and while I like its idea, I find it very poor in content, organization, and options. What I have in mind is similar to it, but extended to the following: -tracks, wapoints, routes downloadable in various formats -tracks etc. are organized by and searchable by various properties -descriptions/photographs for tracks etc. -when multiple people upload similar tracks, a "master" track is formed -visitors could rate the tracks etc. -tracks etc. could be seen visually on a map. -tracks etc. are not for only hiking, but waterways (rafting, boat trips), motoscross tours, even flight trips (for balloons, RC flights etc.) -and a lot more -and of course, it would be priarily for Greece. At the moment I am looking for ideas. And a bit later, I might start implementing it if I see there is enough interest/demand for it. vitya
  7. Thanks, SerZ! Anybody else of the visitors have an opinion? Please don't hesitate to write anything on this topic!! Thanks vitya
  8. Thanks SerZ, I'll look them up myself - I'm a regular eBayer myself too. Thanks again! vitya
  9. Excellent idea! I never thought of it. Really. But I don't have any dead speakers hanging around at the moment - but next time I will throw away one, I will get hold of the magnet first. Thanks for the advice! vitya
  10. Hi, I was wondering where you guys find those magnets used in the micro caches all over the place? I would like to plant a few caches in the urban area (where normal sizes are very difficult to hide), but don't have any magnets at hand.... Thanks for any pointers! vitya
  11. Hello fellow geocachers/hikers in Greece! I am wondering if there is already a site where one can upload his/her tracklogs and can download tracklogs created/uploaded by others. If such a site does not exist (for Greece anyway), I would like to put one together. Of course the new site would have many other features as well, mainly Greece specific. This would be a good way of mapping the whole country (I am mostly talking about tourist tracks, not roads for cars). Any thoughts on this subject is much appreciated. vitya ps: Please post your replies in English as - although I have been living here for almost 2 years - I still can't understand everything in Greek - It's all Greek to me!
  12. Sorry to bother you but from here it is not working at all. I don't have any popups either. It just says: The page cannot be displayed The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings. I am using IE... Is that a problem? Of course, all other web sites work OK. Maybe you can post the file(s) somewhere else? or send it to me in a mail? Thanks for any pointers..
  13. None of the 3 links above work...
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