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  1. Not exactly esoteric ut I just had to add, Misunderstanding-Genesis
  2. Thanks all for your input! At some point I realised it was a site issue and not just that thread. Had hubby take a look at it and he changed my display option from outline to standard. He said linear plus also worked but I was getting the same error message with outline mode whenever I tried to read and post after the first page of a thread!
  3. Antique copper never seems to work for me ? So, would have to say, Gold, Silver then copper. Do love the design though!!!
  4. Thanks for the reply but that did not work either.
  5. YHM you may be right because it still is not working this AM . Any ideas about who could help me resolve this? Should I PM an administrator?
  6. I am getting an error message when I try to read the latest posts on the trades thread. I can read the ones from 2005 (not much help now ) but every time I try to read some thing on the last couple pages, I get this. any thoughts?
  7. Here is hoping divorce is not a foregone conclusion now but... that coin may be worth it! I would love 2 copies!
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