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    6 SC available for trades. I already have NY, MN, UK, NJ, MO, HI, MI Useless trivia.... Our event pulled cachers from as far South as Charleston, SC, as far North as Wilmington, NC and as far West as Birmingham, AL (in the area for business). Over 60% of our attendees were from NC! I actually made it to the SC event all the way from B-Town, NC (near Danville, Virginia). Nice coins and enjoyable event. Perhaps I should visit these forums more often? FWIW, a SC version of the coin will be up for silent auction at the 2009 NCGO Fall Fling (GC1VQBM).
  2. I always like it when I can read the tracking numbers. There's some coins out there where the tracking number is so micro-sized, it's almost ridiculous. I've been to a number of events where older geocachers hand the coins to much younger geocachers just so they could read them the tracking number! For those who know what I'm talking about, yes, I did get some of those coins with the large print tracking numbers.
  3. Mine arrived in the mail today. In 2 separate envelopes, I might add. They are quite nice. I can even read the names on the coins. Thanks to WicksWorks for designing such a cool coin! _c3_
  4. Silly question, but does this mean that the Oak Bucks company doesn't accept expired coins? Has anyone tried? (And yes, I know the real company name.) Yeah, someone traded me for one of these coins... it was like a $6 trade item I gave for it. Oh well... oh wait, they're worth 10x as much now?? Oh boy!
  5. There was no cancellation or date anywhere on the package. The stamps (2 X Canada 96) looks like someone had drawn through them with an ink pen (low tech way of cancellation?). A green customs sticker was affixed by "Canada Post" on it also. It did not appear to have been opened prior to arrival. Hope that helps. Thanks again! Nice looking coin! _c3_ in North Carolina, United States
  6. Just received my "game token" yesterday in North Carolina. Thanks!
  7. Hope you got my email yesterday...
  8. I didn't realize the pendant was trackable too. Rats! Too late now I guess...
  9. I have received: None. I have discovered: One. I have seen a few in collections, however didn't see any tracking numbers on those... (or perhaps I lost the tracking #?... D'oh!). I've also seen a few pop up on e-bay, but alas, they typically go for a lot more than I can afford. I guess it's all still a Mystery to me.
  10. Now that's an idea... trackable chocolate. Perhaps the Hershey edible coin series? Seriously, I didn't lose the geocoin, I ate it... Of course, I'd hate to find one of those in a cache in the summer here in the southern U.S.... Nestled right beside the log book... yuck!
  11. I just ordered one. There was no notice that I could find that said how many were left. If you need me to release one in NC or VA or possibly MD, please let me know. Thanks!
  12. Je suis fromage. Favorite French saying for non-French speaking people who think I know French... C H E E S E
  13. Thanks. I got some emails explaining the hint and well, asking for help also. I'll try to email the explanation to those interested in help also soon (including wkendfun). I was glad to see that the hint had nothing to do with conjugation of the word "be" (as in "is, am, and was"). Yeah, I see that now about the moderator... I actually looked mandarin up and saw it had lots of meanings before I inititially posted, but sure it was the language at first... Thanks again...
  14. "Swami Sally" is all astir.... <LLYWASAMIS - translated into Welsh by mandarin to avoid compromising the puzzle any further> (diet, fondest dream etc) Not sure what makes this a British Crossword Puzzle? Don't you guys do cryptic crosswords? Good luck with the rest of it. Greetings from North Carolina. I too decided to look at this puzzle shortly after meeting the owner of the cache a few months ago. He even mentioned it was closer to more people than the fake coordinates put it at (which would cause more people to look at it). He encouraged me to try to find it, too. Needless to say, I looked and did not do much with it since it is somewhat far from me and I had no clue how to solve the puzzle. I'm still wondering where the crossword blocks are. I looked again and began searching a little bit. We are not very familiar with this kind of puzzle. According to information on the website pointed to by the cache page, there are a few cryptic puzzle sources in the USA, but I have not seen them nor understood how to solve them. Having looked at the puzzle page, the web page the puzzle page references, and a "how-to" page I found on Google, I'm still not entirely sure how to do these. The "hints" here in this forum haven't helped me that much either; I know what an anagram is, however, what that has to do with being translated into Welsh I'm not sure of, nor why it was done by mandarin Chinese (unless, that's the moderator's name?). I also found an online Welsh to English translator and that did nothing for me either. Incidentally, what does a diet and fondest dream have to do with this puzzle or the anagram?? Any way... I am not expecting the solution to be given out, just as wkendfun I don't believe was looking for that either. We both are just looking for a place to start. However, to keep on topic, I would be interested if any of you have at least solved this puzzle (even though you might be a ways away to actually sign the log)? Also, are there any geocaching puzzles similar to this in the UK? I would ask for a how-to on a similar puzzle (in the hopes it might teach me how to solve this one), but I got that on the tutorial web pages I found on Google. After 10 pages or more of it, I still don't completely get it, nor especially how I can get GPS coordinates from it. This must be as easy TIC TAC TOE for y'all, however, this seems pretty challenging to us. Practice makes perfect and we have no practice at all at it! Well, except maybe the cache owner... Just curious... Thanks and Regards, _c3_ from B-Town, North Carolina, United States
  15. OK, the error is gone. But my browser is not sized smaller than 800 pixels and it is still kicking the left nav bar to the bottom. The page with the error had a large image. But the page I orginally noted doesn't have any large images. Could this just be an IE 6 issue? Deane AKA: DeRock & the Psychic Cacher - Grattan MI Mine sure isn't fixed! I can't even read any of the coords on some of the pages. My old mac clamshell is almost as bad. It means I can't go to look for any FTF or even any new caches or old ones for that matter Is someone working on a fix for this? I sure hope so. I seriously don't want to be told that the fix is firefox or IE7 as I don't want either on this computer. No problems prior to the update on Friday I'm getting the problem both at home and at work. Both use IE6. Seems sporadic though... some pages pull up fine, others don't. It is impacting both cache pages and player profile pages for me.
  16. The design looks great and I definitely want to be able to buy some of these when they become available. Just curious, will "Trackable at Geocaching.com" and "Trckng#" be listed in the comic bubbles (if so, I'd recommend the tracking number in the bigger bubble, but I guess "Track @ geocaching.com" may not fit so easily in the smaller bubble?) or on one of the surrounding borders, or on the outer rim itself? Thanks for all of your hard work on this coin! _c3_
  17. A non-floating outhouse? If that's considered a duplicate guess of Roaring_Fork's, then I guess a microwave oven (and yes, I've found a geocache like that already...).
  18. I weighed my bag of coins. The scale registered 20 pounds. Keep in mind, that's just the geocoins in the collection... Hey, wait, I just got some new compass roses... it might be a little heavier when I throw them in...
  19. Blame E-bay. I bought a nice handheld GPS from Costco back in 2005 to help me figure out where I was. I was doing a bit of travelling at the time and thought it would help find things I needed to find or locate in regards to navigation. I'd never heard of geocaching at this point. Fast forward over a year later. I am browsing E-bay for deals on commemorative US-mint issued coins and I see a cross-listing for "geocoins". Thinking this was a world friendly coin that I'd never heard of, I clicked the link the site displayed. And I saw tons of geocoins. I looked at the descriptions and they said, "Trackable on Geocaching.com". Went there and it said it was a sport using a GPS. Well, I already had a GPS! The gc.com site then indicated there were a number of caches near right where I lived! The curiosity got the best of me again. I then registered with the site, unsuccessfully looked for a couple of evil hides and finally found a non-evil hide the next day. And the rest, as they say, is history. But do you like turtles? If you're not aware of what I'm asking, try Googling "I Like Turtles"...
  20. I reserved mine also. Apparently, I somehow signed up for the newsletter too.
  21. 1. What is your name (caching name is fine), location, age, and occupation. _c3_ ; B-town, NC ; age... age is a state of mind, but I'm not that old! analyst 2. What was the first geocoin you ever held in your hand? I think it was a NC micro coin which I bought at my first event 3. Approximately how many coins to you currently own? I own a bag full now, but I probably need another bag 4. Approximately how many coins have you released into caches? And how many are still active? I have so far activated 3 and released 1. 1 is still active. 5. Have you ever minted a coin? If so - how many? If not - skip to question 6 No, not yet... 6. What is your favorite color? light blue 7. What is your favorite food? Once upon a time for a very short time there were only 2 foods I would eat growing up; still my favorites... I can't decide which I like better, french fries or biscuits 8. What are some of your favorite songs/musicians/groups? I like most all kinds of music, but I seem to enjoy alternative rock the most lately. I particularly like one grammy award winning alternative rock band who were the first major band to release/sell an entire album on the internet & who are currently touring the US promoting their latest kids album during their 26th year together (believe it or not... ). THEY will be appearing on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on April 10, 2008, fwiw. 9. What hobbies do you do aside from caching and drooling over coins? Does that exclude non-geocaching related coins? Buttons then... 10. Your general life philosophy can be stated as: To lead by serving others, to be rather than to seem, to be the best I can be, and better late than never...
  22. Any word on when the re-mints mentioned below will be available for sale? Thanks, _c3_
  23. I thoroughly enjoyed this event last year. I hope I can make it again this year, though it is not looking good at this point... hopefully something will change between now and then and I can make it! Do you know how much the coins will be? I will likely order some, but would like this question answered first. Also, what if I am unable to make it to the event to pick them up? Also, in reference to Eric K's suggestion, what if you made the GC # on the ammo box staggered or diagonal? That way it would be more difficult to read and probably not be confused with the straight line tracking number? ..G .... C ...... Y ........ 4 .......... D ............ 7
  24. It looks pretty good to me. I am okay fwiw if you chop off parts of the underscores. I see on the right side of the coin between BRoKeN W and dflye is something that looks like "orae". I could see "_c3_" fitting better there with parts of the underscores chopped off a little and whatever "orae" is would be more easily seen where _c3_ was. Of course, with that said, I really like the design! And if it's easier to keep it as is, then so be it. I like it! Thanks for all the work you've put into this! _c3_
  25. I could not either. So, I went to the homepage and searched for geocoin poker chip . And there they were. Hope that helps.
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