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  1. Today is the last day remaining for the Pre-Order - just wanted to remind everyone.
  2. Very pretty! I have a pathtag that has a similar theme, and its one of my FAVORITES!
  3. Are you kidding ? 30 Versions? I don't. I have a few, but not too many of em. I'm seeking some as well...
  4. Absolutely lovely coins. Outstanding work and design. ~P
  5. Ive got Guitars, AE Great Outdoors and Carousel Horses too. Seeking just about anything fun!
  6. Got ours! Black Glitter with red! Trades anyone!?!?!?
  7. LOVELY WORK Jen!!!!! Outstanding design - must have these in my collection!
  8. Rhodium is closer to nickel - its silver in color, but has slightly more luster than nickel. ~P
  9. I too am looking for one of these - check out my trade list. :
  10. The Abomination Geocoin has a special edition for those who completed the series of caches based on the book.
  11. I personally would like to see the coin retired. Same goes for the Letterboxing coin. I like a little variety, but not too many versions. I WILL be designing a 2008 Letterboxing Geocoin - the edition will be set at 750 total. The Tranquility is a lovely coin, but I'm personally not big on having so many versions of it. No offense to anyone - as I said, Im still trying to collect all the ones I don't even have. I AM glad that people like it tho! I had hoped everyone would enjoy this coin. So... I did accomplish something good with the design!!!
  12. As a note - I used my Casio all weekend. Over 250 pics, the rechargable battery did NOT even get halfway used (It has the screen used for shooting and review) and all pics were sharp - even in low light. Very pleased.
  13. Got ours as well - They look pretty nice, but Im wishing I'd gone with nickel rather than gold.... (Jim likes gold, I like silver.) Shoulda pulled rank. Otherwise, they look pretty good! ~P
  14. Thank you! It's nice to hear! ~J
  15. We use a Digital SLR and a Compact. Obviously the SLR is over the price range, but we also have two SMALLER compact cameras that take nice macro photos. We have a Fuji Finepix Z10 7MP and a Casio Exilim ex-Z1080 10MP Both were under $150 (Check online for BARGAIN prices on these two cameras) Both also take the new SDHC Format - which is something to consider. Will post sample photos soon!
  16. I begin designs on paper - the 'Cat Got Your Cache' and the 'Great Outdoors' are almost Identical to the original sketches. Then, I use CS3 to bring them to final form.
  17. My pet peeve?? Rude people. Be polite to other traders. Understand that some people aren't online daily, and give them time to respond. Also, give someone time to look at your lists, and get back to you. I just had my first bad experience with a trade request... a little manners and human understanding can go a long way in making friends, and also getting some great coins. I've never had ONE bad trade experience otherwise - everything has arrived, most have been very polite, and I can't really think of anyone I haven't traded with multiple times.
  18. We are going to go ahead and offer up a few more Claddaghs for those who missed em. We will leave the Pre-Order for the Claddagh's open from today, until Friday May 9th. We have added a small number of only one of the previous versions - The Antique Gold/Emerald Green We also added: Antique Silver with Translucent Black (Black Onyx Version) Antique Copper with NO enamel (Those details will be lovely!) And an LE Two Tone Black Nickel with Rhodium Turquoise (Teal Enamel) Only 400 total more coins will be made in this edition. (380 for Pre-sale 20 AEs) The edition closes when the coins sell out, or the Pre-sale time is over. PRE-ORDER HERE
  19. Unfortunate that a thread has to start a turn into the usual fiasco. We each have our own opinions about coin editions.... (And are allowed them) I don't see the above reply from AT as an agenda - but moreso as opinion. Coin editions are a whole other thread.... I personally don't collect every version of a coin unless its: One of my own designs Or I absolutely love the coin.
  20. 250 coins for an icon. We buy em too.
  21. I have a two tone version - Black Nickel with Raised Gold It was an LE - No idea what its called.
  22. Man... I don't even have most of these... Would love some of em... but find it highly doubtful I'll ever have a full set.
  23. Glad everyone is liking these - they are one of our favorites!!! We will be posting info on the new versions which will be available for pre-order VERY soon!
  24. I lost track of them after the first run or two.... I never got any of the recent ones for my own collection. But.. I'm glad everyone enjoys the design. Its one of my favorite designs I have done. Id like to get my hands on a few of the newer versions (After I see whats all out there on this list) So, if anyone has any trades on em. Let me know. ~P
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