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  1. Hello SD Geocachers! I'm looking to do the 52 Pickup caches (thanks to spotting some of the non-52 Pickup caches at Black Mountain by Mr. LLOT), and was wondering if anyone had a bookmark file of those that I could use. I don't seem to be able to figure out how to generate a decent pocket query for those ... Of course, I'll take tips on how to generate the pocket query as well, but I didn't seem to find anything that would let you query by keyword. Hmm .... Thanks much!
  2. Heh. I have a geocaching friend who's attending college out near Troy, but he doesn't have a GPS yet -- he caches with me sometimes. I should mention it to him. Generally when I end up on the East Coast, I'm headed to Boston (where I went to college, and where many of my friends still live), and there are gobs of caches there. I actually have a couple of cache ideas now after having had a long poke at GoogleMaps, and I'm waiting to hear back from some park rangers about them, so I'm good for right now.
  3. That doesn't seem to help me -- I'm still getting the same error using the pocket query link.
  4. Wow. Gorgeous snake. *admires* I must get the Dear Husband to give me his phone so I can post our pictures. We did go to the top of the hill and look around and take pictures. I just didn't have Glick's Eternal View in my GPS at the time, so we didn't go looking for it. Oh darn, we'll have to go back. *snaps fingers in mock-dismay* Chuy -- east sounds great, but we haven't gone that far afield yet. I'll keep it in mind for when we start venturing a bit farther from home ... there are so many caches in Mira Mesa, though, that it may be a while! Maybe I ought to take a poke at what's free in Poway ...
  5. Heya folks ... hope you all had a great Fourth. I spent it caching, a little, which led me to come here and say three things: 1) I must live in Puzzle-Cache Central. 100 puzzle caches within 7 miles of my house? Wow! I heard rumors of a Puzzle War somewhere around this site ... guess I must live smack in the middle of it. 2) Thank you all for the truly awesome number of caches in my area. My husband didn't want to go anywhere where there would be large numbers of people yesterday. I easily found several caches in the area that we hadn't done that we knew no one would be at, so we went and did Gipionysus and Pirate's Treasure and just missed Glick's Eternal View because I didn't think to check how close it was. There are SO MANY still for us to do, and so many of them are in such gorgeous locations. Thanks. 3) But on the flip side ... where the heck am I going to place a cache? You people have chewed up all the available space! I have this micro I got from the Mothership and I'm utterly failing to find a space that isn't already cached-up. Oh well! I'll keep looking.
  6. Chuy! sent me over here. :wink: I've used Jishin as a handle off and on for about the past seven years. It's not a super-common name, but there are other Jishins out there. Jishin is a Japanese word that has at least two meanings, depending on what kanji you use -- self-confidence, and earthquake. (No, I'm not Japanese, I'm just geeky about language and thought it was a cool word.) I chose it for the earthquake meaning ... well, I was born and do still live in earthquake country.
  7. Haha. Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone. I'm not sure if I can make the flash mob event, but I'll discuss it with the dear husband and see if we've got the time to come (iffy, we've got extended family stuff that weekend). I think it'd be cool, though.
  8. Hey folks! Just wanted to drop by and say hi. I'm a relatively new geocacher in the San Diego area. Just scored my 10th cache yesterday (Lindenhall). I'm loving it and hope to be caching regularly! Nice to meet you all.
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