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  1. Oops I left out the reply. It's been forever since I've written on the forums. I would guess that the rangers were from the state OHV. Ocotillo Wells is Geocachers friendly and has hosted the 'Roughneck Roundezvous' for a few years. I'd love it if it were an event by the ABDSP.
  2. I will be traveling to Lena, Illinois to visit family. We'll be going to a Brewers game at Miller Park and I'd like to get some advice on any easy caches around the ball park. Dave dhsundance San Diego
  3. I've been following this week's King of the Hammers coverage on Pirate 4x4 and saw a name that looked familiar. I believe that Jim Andrus, who finished in 14th, and therefore qualified for Friday's 135 mile race, was once a geocacher. I can't remember what caching name he went by but he was a good buddy of Tim Slaby. Now I really wish I could go to the event- dang, work sucks sometimes. 1 Ritchie Keller 12:09 KOH #5 2 Matt Peterson 13:40 KOH #10 3 Michael Feagins 13.51 KOH #58 4 Jason Feuilly 14:18 KOH #94 5 Loren Healy 14:18 KOH #53 6 Cottin Rodd 15:51 KOH #60 7 Gary Ferravonti 16:34 KOH #84 8 Michael Colville 16:45 KOH #3 9 Jack Childers 17:04 KOH #10 10 Joey Weber 20:05 KOH #9 11 Bill Kreisel 20:51 KOH #34 12 Les Figueroa 22:02 KOH #99 13 James Andrus 22:30 KOH #82 14 Jason Blanton 23:24 KOH #25 15 Carl Nielson 23:38 KOH #83 16 Brandon Davis 23:49 KOH #18 17 Robert Foster 24:49 KOH #77 18 Andy Gladen 24:55 KOH #14 19 AJ Condon 25:26 KOH #26 20 Matt Enochs 25:56 KOH #75 21 Brandon Johnson 27:32 KOH #64 http://www.pirate4x4.com/king-of-the-hamme...0/wednesday.php
  4. So in all honesty the Ocotillo Event is a nice day in the desert hunting temporary containers, a raffle, and the usual fun and sociability of a desert gathering. Being a moderate numbers hound, I would sure love it if all of the 100 caches were going to count. I'm also fighting against the urge to say we should simply log the Cache Event page multiple times according to the number of non-official GC raffle caches we find. But the practice of multiple logging on events always disturbed me when I saw it done in other states. Perhaps some of us reading this thread have even particpated in those heated conversations. I, for one, am looking forward to this weekend for all of the reasons listed above.
  5. Congratulations to Canadian Grl for #2000. Link to log: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...30-7f70d155dc12
  6. Dave, I am 7 puppies shy of having zero! So I basically need them all. Let me check my schedule when I get home and get back with you. Great- it would be nice to have someone along. Dave
  7. I am 8 puppies shy of hitting 101. All I need are the pups down at Lake Morena. Anyone up for doing this hike on Saturday 12/19? Dave 619-302-0965
  8. I am planning on doing some Jeeping power trails in the Palm Springs area on Friday. Any company would be a bonus. I'll be leaving the Rancho Penasqutos area around 6am and heading through Temecula (79) over through Anza (371) and the Pines to Palms Highway. The caches I'd like to do are the Card Series by the Wheeler Dealers. Take a look at GC1NYK8 The Cage and all the caches in that area. I am planning to get around 70 caches or until the sun goes down and then make my way back to town, hopefully returning by 8pm. Any takers can use my empty seat or drive your own 4x4.
  9. While many of us were riding bikes along the SD River, Steve was nearby on Fiesta Island logging #5000 with the entire Dillon Gang. Habu's Polymer Science: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...67-e11687611ae6
  10. If you're pulling another vehicle (preferably a Jeep) you can take a dirt road ~5 miles out to the Desert Bar. A great desert location with beer and music. It's hours are limited but the cache GC1A5A is always there. Check it out- awesome place! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...d9-31a25d555a79
  11. In the event that these (or any other) state parks close, what will happen to the land? Will it be sold, become a county park, remain as is, etc.... The state has faced fiscal crisis before and threatened closures. But this time I think it is for real and some places will be closing. Dave
  12. I feel like such a slacker. My DNF count is only 350 or so. But it's always great to be able look up to the local pantheon of great cachers (Chuy!, The Splashes, J&J, Kwvers, et al.) and dream...someday, maybe someday, if I keep working on it, I can have 471 DNFs, too! Maybe even 500! Yeah! Around 150 for me. I'm usually really embarassed to post most DNF's, since most likely the cache is still there. But it is a handy tool to post your DNF since you can look them up to see what progress, if any, has been made on the cache following your visit. Nothing makes me more proud to see a cache I DNF to become diasbled or archived. I wish people would post their DNF's more often. Dave
  13. Almost stepped on this one. But he wouldn't have noticed, since he was dead.
  14. I made a late decision, but I'm going to this. I have been wanting to do hit the Cleghorn caches for a long time. I knw I'm not going to get any caches done with the Charger game on Sunday. So if I am going to hit my monthly quota it looks like this event will do it. Dave
  15. Sure! Would love to have you tag along. Bill (Habu!) and I are still working out the specifics, so I will post when it is set. Probably a meetup at Christmas Circle @ 9ish. Maybe even breakfast in Poway or Ramona. We'll see! Robyn Ok! We're set! We will be meeting at the Ramona Cafe @ 6:30, leaving there around 7:30 to hit the Christmas Cirlce in Borrego Springs around 9:00ish. We will be leaving the Christmas Cirlce at 9:15 prompt to head out towards Truckhaven. If you use the X-Files caches (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=gchpf3) as your center point, you should be good to go. Please sound off if you will be joining us for breakfast and/or the roundup at Christmas Circle. Looking forward to seeing everyone! Robyn We'll be missing you, Janie, Steve, John & Rebecca! We'll have another trip planned real soon! I'll be there at Breakfast. Dave
  16. Does anyone want to find the Dalmatians on the PCT on Saturday, Dec. 12th? I'd go myself but I was just watching Animal Planet's Maneaters program last night. They had all these stories about bears eating people. It kind of freaked me out so I think I'd rather hike this with some friends. Dave
  17. Our goal is to complete the rest of the 4x4 Challenge (GC1DZFV). I have 7 out of 10 caches/trails completed and I believe Team Reid has 5. Our plan is to do 2 caches that I have already done that are closer to the 38 (2N68Y & Pipes Canyon, 1N01- GC15BY1). This will bring both of us to 7 caches. Then we'd like to do 1N37A Heart Bar Creek (GC15PCF) & 1N38 Heart Bar Peak (GC1DYR0). After this it is a choice of a few trails to get the 10 cache and then onto John Bull for the final cache, time permitting. I'm thinking Burnt Flat or Horsethief Flat. We'd love to have some jeepers (or Toyotas) come along. Dave
  18. I contacted the ranger and he said that the canyon is still open a few miles in. Some yahoos went in and put grafitti on the walls and there were tire marks going up the canyon walls. Some exploration might be in store to see how it looks out there. Of course it would be nice to get some caches while there too. But that's a whole different story.
  19. The madness continues- I read this on my Just Runs email list. I just read about the closure of Sandstone Canyon off of Fish Creek in the Anza Borrego Desert State Park. Apparently it happened sometime before October 25th. I've fired off my emails to try to get some explanation as to the rational behind the closure. If anybody has any info please post it up.
  20. Locked eh? I guess that would exclude me.. Well.... lockers aren't necessary, just helpful in some situations. Still up in the air as to whether or not we will be going. Possibly a Big Bear run instead. Not sure. Would love to have you, Paul! Robyn Big Bear would be nice, Sat or Sun? I've got 3 more Black Diamond trails to get for the Big Bear 4x4 Challenge.
  21. I probably won't be able to join you on this run. I already did a Truckhaven run this year in late September. It was roasting that day so we didn't spend too much time on the trails. There are a lot of road closures in the Truckhaven area. I'll try to post up a map of our route that day. This route is useful since we pretty much traveled on the eastern border of the block of area that is now closed off. We did find some signs that had no official designation listed on it. We were not sure if these were signs placed by environmental yahoos who placed these here themselves with no actual authority. Truckhaven is becoming a battleground in the fight for access for offroaders. Dave
  22. OK- my first attempt at putting a Youtube video on here:
  23. Great weather, caching, & friends. The wheelin' was pretty good too! I've got 2 videos that I'll be trying to figure on how to load soon. Dave
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