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  1. Greetings, When I do a simple search (i.e. filter finds, or by zip code, etc) and I get a list of say 20 caches in the first page of results. Is there a way that when I select download waypoints that the results come in .GPX format instead of .LOC? I can download .GPX files if I click on the individual cache and get it that way. Thanks
  2. Makes a lot of sense, as I knew it would! Thanks
  3. The accuracy of handhelp GPS units is not high enough to do any sort of real property determinations. I work at a land surveying company and know very the difference between "survey-grade gps" and "consumer-grade gps". Entry-level survey-grade gps units run in the neighborhood of $5,000 for a couple units (you need AT-LEAST two of these). Mind you, this can take anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours to collect gps data and must be post-processed on a PC. Even after that, supplemental measurements are required to make boundary/corner determinations. Some surveyors use consumer-grade gps units to SEARCH FOR (read: SEARCH FOR, not SET) corners that have already been set using standard surveying practices because these units will get them within about 20 feet, which is usually good enough for looking with a magnetic locator (Schonstedt or similar). If all you are looking for is the BEARING for on of your property sidelines this information can be found on the Tract Map or original survey from when the land was subdivided which will be filed at the county surveyor's office (the county the property is in). It will have angles and distances as well. If you are in a township/range research will be only very slightly different. Legal descriptions take a certain amount of "elegance" and can be difficult to decode without some experience. Hope that helps or at least raises some questions... Regards, DBC
  4. Ok this is very basic! I have been geocaching for a couple years now and lately I've been seeing people using the term "GPSr" and I have no idea what the little "r" refers to....
  5. Backup all your User Data thats in your GPS, on the computer, then reset the GPS
  6. Garmin 60c is the way to go, hands down.
  7. I just upgraded the firmware on my Garmin 60c from 3.20 to 3.30 and it seems like I am getting fewer satellites, and running less frequently in 3D. My accuracy is +- 47 feet. I guess my question is has anyone else upgraded to version 3.30 and noticed anything similar or was I just getting poor reception today which was coincidental with the upgrade? Thanks...
  8. I've had a eTrex Legend for about 2 years and I loved it. Works well. I just recently upgraded to a Garmin 60c and can't beleive how great it is! IMHO there is no reason to spend the extra cash on a cs model because all that buys you is a compass and a barometer which don't really help when caching. Actually for the compass to be usable the unit has to be laying flat which is inconvenient. Just buy a $10 compass if you really need one - I never have
  9. 17 thousandths? I'd call it close enough.
  10. With the inception of survey-grade GPS into surveying, these triangulation stations are not maintained with the same savvy they once were. After all, if you need a basis of bearing there is no need to calibrate a brass transit or theodolite and use triangulation stations, when you can set up a couple Pro Mark 2's or HyperLites and let them cook for 20 minutes while you get something to drink.
  11. Just got a Garmin 60c and am surprised at the lack of map detail. Therefore I'm thinking of purchasing either the City Navigator or City Select software - which is better for the 60c and why? also the Topo24K? Thanks.
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