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  1. A butterfly set flew into our mailbox in New Zealand today and they are beautiful. Thank you so much.
  2. Version 3 is very striking. We would be interested in this coin when it is minted.
  3. What a lovely surprise we received in the mail today - our Sand Dollar coins are just amazing. Thank you so much for such wonderful coins. We are delighted with the "look" and with the "story".
  4. Thanks for the fabulous coins - that got to us in NZ in very quick time. We are absolutely delighted with them. Thank you very much.
  5. We had a Easter egg hunt at Moneydork's 3rd Easter Egg Hunt Event Cache (NZ) and when we found our egg - wow - it was an Easter Bunny coin. Thanks you Easter Bunny - we were so excited!
  6. Working again - thanks for the quick fix. Well done
  7. Same here - can do lots of things on the site but can't log in and get to My Cache page. Gives a timeout message.
  8. Am still waiting for my PQ that would have normally arrived early last evening (our time). It is now getting into late afternoon and no sign of it! Am desperately waiting for an update before we go caching!
  9. Sallies


    Found the cache tonight Looking forward to your next one!
  10. Hi Clive I have just loaded the latest beta version and am finding the same poblem that Blind Avocado had some days ago. I can't get it to centre on home or on any other waypoint. This always worked in my last version. I have restarted my computer but it has made no difference. Thanks for a brilliant program. I use it all the time
  11. We would like to add our apology to those above. We had no idea that our posting would cause offence and upset. We feel really bad about being part of the reason that new geocachers are now disillusioned about the sport. We apologise for any offence that our thoughtless actions have caused.
  12. It looks as if I could be in Brisbane on business for a day or two very soon. I'll have to rely on public transport and time will be at a premium. Any suggestions for a cache or two that I might be able go after! Sallies
  13. A group of children that I teach have released a Travel Bug - Freeville Flyer. They created the cache that he started off from and have been following the travels with interest. Unfortunately the last person to pick him up in Germany hasn't logged the TB in. We have sent 2 emails but have had no response. We are just hoping that he will work out what to do and our TB can start to move again! Sallies
  14. Think the layout is excellent. I was worried this morning that everything was running slow but all of a sudden the stats pages changed to the new ones and I could see what had happened! A total is the only thing missing. Thanks for all the great improvements lately. Sallies
  15. We did our first few caches without a GPS, compass or map then came across one that stumped us. We were on holiday so thought we'd buy a compass - ended up with a map, compass and GPS!! We've never looked back! The thing was though that if we hadn't managed to find those first few we would probably never have got hooked! Sallies
  16. We were in the Philippines earlier in the year. It was impossible for us to actually find any caches while we were there as they are really spread out and not very many of them although there is now one in central Manila at a park that we have visited so we will go there next time. We left 2 caches - both virtuals (for several reasons). One is in Manila - Ultimo Adios - it is at an historic park that is well worth visiting. We really enjoyed this visit. The second one has had no visitors as yet - it is called Cryptic and is in the north of Northern Luzon. Again this is a very historic site and well worth visiting if you are anywhere near! All the best with your ccaching in the Philippines. We are from New Zealand and we just love the Philippines and especially the Filipino people - we will be back! Sallies Sallies
  17. Hi everyone We use Topomap Pro Lite and have wondered for a while if we should move up or change. It seems a big price hike to the full product. From what I can see Tumonz is much the same price as our Lite. Is it similar, better, different? I know you have all discussed these things before but I am still not sure of the pros and cons. Thanks Iris Sallies
  18. Couldn't agree more - when you have been searchng for 'hours' and decide you need help, then the hint should be just that - at least something further that sets you back on the right path or in the right direction. It is not always going to get you to the cache but at least it should be helpful. Sallies
  19. I think it is a good thing that we have a variety of caches - some easy, some hard; some urban, some miles from anywhere; some walkable, some climbable, some just hard to get to! Surely we want to encourage all types of people to join the fun and if all caches are of a really difficult or lengthy nature then we are limiting the catchment group. Personally I enjoy all types of caches but it is definitely good to have some urban caches being placed that you can pop out and do in a short time when you feel the need of a break from working all day and night! Alternatively being able to set up the opportunity to travel to new places and take on new challenges is just as great! Let's keep the caches coming but let's keep them varied in style, location and difficulty. Sallies
  20. Our little yellow etrex took us on a round about journey tonight but in the end it got us right on the spot! What's wrong with that? Sallies
  21. Yes, we're interested - it will just depend on the date. Keep us informed. iris & Rodney Sallies
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