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  1. Many thanks for that. I was confused because Google maps itself was in metric. Have changed the order of English so that Australia comes first and all is solved. Thanks
  2. After loading app on to my new phone I can't get the map distances to change to kms. It was ok on my old phonemi have been through all the menus but can't find anything to help. Any ideas?
  3. My "My Finds" PQ said it ran at 2am but it still hasn't arrived. I only run it when I really need it for updating my files so it hadn't run for some time. Hope it arrives soon.
  4. Just noticed the revised front side and our name is on it!! Thank you very much. We are really looking forward to the release of this coin.
  5. These are great coins. My grand-daughter will love them. Congratulations to your son. I have ordered a set. Thanks
  6. What an absolutely beautiful coin. Congratulations to both Naomi and Jodi for receiving such a wonderful gift "just when it was needed".
  7. We received an unexpected nerd in the post today. Thank you very much for this fabulous gift. We are deeply touched by your generosity.
  8. Love the idea of the animals . A lion would be great!
  9. This coin is beautiful. Do keep us up-to-date with progress.
  10. Wow, the Geocaching Jedi has made it all the way to New Zealand. We are so pleased and excited to have Coin #55 - and what a great coin it is too. When we showed to our adult sons they couldn't believe our luck!! We are constantly amazed at the generosity and creativeness of the geocaching fraternity. We love the coin! Thank you from NZ.
  11. Sallies - if we missed out on the last round. Thanks
  12. Happy New Year!! 12.01am in NZ. Our New Year's Resolution is to get out there and go caching as often as we can!
  13. What an exciting day - the last day of 2007 here in Christchurch, NZ and we have discovered a pot of gold - not at the end of a rainbow - but in a cache not far from home. Thank you Geo_Leprechaun - you have made us very happy and we are now "dancing for joy". The last eighteen months have hard going for Rodney who has had two large cancer operations and a lengthy series of chemo treatments but he is doing well and we have continued to go caching throughout. That pot of gold is a special treasure as we move from one year to the next, smiling all the way. Many thanks - may you continue to bring joy to many people Iris & Rodney
  14. The most wonderful thing happened to us today - we received a parcel with our "Ultimate" coins. They are the most beautiful coins we have ever seen and the message on both series is just marvellous. We are so blessed to think that these coins were posted out just before Tank became so ill and they have now reached far away New Zealand. Tracy, be assured of our continuing prayers for Tank - we will now set these coins up as a reminder for us to pray constantly for a real miracle to occur. Again - many thanks for the coins - for the effort, the thought and the depth of the message. Iris & Rodney
  15. Be assured of our prayers . You have support and prayer from all around the world. We continue to believe in miracles. Iris & Rodney
  16. I have just read this forum posting after missing a few days. Tracy, we only know you through your wonderful coins and have been so encouraged by your strong Christian witness. We will be adding our prayers to those of all the others and pray that Tony will be held in the arms of his maker and heavenly Father and gently restored to health. We also pray for you and the family Tracy. Rest in God's love and allow his peace, along with his strength to flow through you. God bless Iris & Rodney
  17. Being new to coin collecting these were the first Sand Dollar coins that we have seen - and we love them. The message is fantastic - you need the whole set to get the whole message. Thank you very much.
  18. Yes please -= one of each. Thes coins are magnificent.
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