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  1. You won't need any extra software for this on a Mac with a CO400t, all you will need is a premium membership to get all the data-downloads for full paperless on the unit (unless I'm mistaken on the last part).
  2. YW Right, you need a memorycard for your 60CSx to hold the maps, but it's also useful for having daily tracks automatically stored to. Will also hold custom POI's. Well worth the couple of bucks. Enjoy.
  3. Might give this a read: http://forum.delorme.com/viewtopic.php?t=18844
  4. To CT: That software contains a builtin basemap, you would have to switch map products to see the CN maps. I found a tutorial here: http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/tutorials/how-...armin-gps-unit/
  5. Well, it will use the electronic compass at the lower speed and the GPS readings at the higher speed. Set to Zero is like turning it off I would think. If you set it to something like 5MPH you should be fine.
  6. Would something like this work on the plastic screen cover: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod...u=0925276000000 I've read that the turn around time for OEM service center repairs in Canada isn't very fast.
  7. I was at REI Northridge, Calif. yesterday and also saw some geocache supplies. Most likely all the stores in the chain carry something or another.
  8. Not all the Navionics maps have been ported over to use on DeLorme GPS units. The ones that have are on this list:http://www.navionics.com/HMPremium09CompatiblePlotters.asp In any case, it looks like they have outdoors maps for Europe, although they have not been ported to the DeLorme platform: http://www.navionics.com/OutdoorCatalog.asp
  9. I didn't know about the profile and have since added the data. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. Now thats interesting indeed,it brings into play everything from sun tan oil that you mentioned to hand sanitizer...maybe even aftershave.My band is not sealed at the edges,it could easily get under there and act like a solvent...a little dew or rainy day to get some moisture on your hands..........hmmmm I could see a lot of different chemicals causing problems, after all the units are designed to be waterproof, not chemical proof. Not really a practical solution for a consumer device which is designed and sold as being suitable for rugged outdoors use. Washing you hands prevents cross contamination and retards the spread of virus, germs and other bad things, also helps keep fingerprints off the units with touchscreens. Might not be practical always, but never a bad idea.
  11. I had heard that heat was the culprit until I worked with a couple of guys that had those and one never had a problem and the other always had that problem (both were used desert locations). The first guy always handled his unit while wearing NOMEX gloves, while the one with the problems used his bare hands and around the buttons the rubber would start to separate (he had the Garmin case). Turns out it was from suntan oil seeping under the rubber and dissolving the glue. After finding out that, he never had the problem again. Always wash your hands after using something like that, or wear gloves.
  12. I did... they all look to be sold Unless I missed one... Did you happen to see one still up for grabs? I will check again real quick, but don't feel like posting a wanted ad... there are a couple on e-bay, but I don't feel like waiting (almost 3 days for the soonest) just to end up spending just as much there... I'm one of those that likes to find a great deal, but on some things once my mind is made up, I don't always like to wait... I know of no deals, it was just a thought. If you have checked there then it doesn't matter.
  13. Maybe you might want to check out the GPS Garage Sale section for a used one.
  14. Looks like the snow is already falling
  15. These ones look like they are unless I'm mistaken:http://www.safevision.net/drivewear/index.html
  16. That might be why around here they are sometimes called "Ford" and "Chevy" (And being manufactured in Asia, maybe "Chery" or "Chang Feng" would be more appropriate). I would think the spell checker is not on the site, but in you internet browser. Right click on one of them and select "add to dictionary" and see if that cleans it up for you.
  17. Maybe you can get her a cheap nuvi and teach her how to use it? Might be the best in the long run?
  18. Thanks savant9 but unfortunately, the link you provided only changes the avatar for this Groundspeak forum. Hmmm, It's the same as the forum avatar. Log out and when you log back in it will change on the homepage. Yep, the avatar update process has been a bit flaky lately (Trust me, I know). Logging out of the forums and back in should fix it. Probably wouldn't hurt to do the same on the gc.com site. Sorry I wasn't clear, but i meant to log out and then log in on the GC site, not the forums and it will change on the GC homepage.
  19. What's the "EGM2008 Free-air Gravity Anomalies Map" listed used for?
  20. You can use Garmin's xImage tool, but you have to be tethered to a computer. Thanks, I'll look into that.
  21. Here's one that was posted some time ago in this forum by someone called reef mapper. My GPSMAP 76CSx doesn't do screen shots like a Colorado, Oregon or DeLorme. How are you getting them to be able to post? Edit to add: BTW, I use Mapwel, it's like xMap editor for a Garmin for less than $100.
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