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  1. Ordered a set. Can't wait to raise a glass. I think this evening will be a good time to say PROST!
  2. To all those who will attend at the GCF 2014 Houston: I am looking for someone who can get a Merlin's Falcon Texas Bad@ss Edition from Tsunrisebey for me. Please PM me. Thanks High
  3. Did you receive my message for the Cacher Geocoins?
  4. Sent a PM for the Cacher Geocoins yesterday.
  5. I tried to get the information from Castle Man who produced them. But as everyone knows he seems to make easy things hard to get. The design was done by Geocoinguy but he was not involved in the production process. From the forums and from some collectors I tried to get some information also. What I got was written down at my GC profile. There you can find 32 different editions with photos and descriptions. I know that there are at least two more editions that I am searching for. A "Blue-Brown-Gold" one and a Multicolor on Dark Nickel. longtomsilver, if you like to see them live you may come to http://coord.info/GC4N9MV tomorrow afternoon or I can bring them to http://coord.info/GC4NV8V at 12/24/13 early morning. @all: If someone can help to get more information about these lovely geocoins I would be happy to get a message to share it at wiki.ssoca.eu later.
  6. High

    Brezen Geocoin

    I send you a mail for my ZH, Leberkaese & Beer edition. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=4926987 If anybody else is interessted, PM me.
  7. www.geocachingshop.nl Some are still avialable. The Snow Owl will again be available at the end of November. You can do your own with batch 2. Ask woejam for participation. But be quick.
  8. Wow! Congratulations! These are very special and so wonderful!
  9. Very interessting coin, but a little late for europe. There is already a european 11-12-13 coin ready for production in the netherlands.
  10. Thanks lamoracke! I asked GS. Now, while waiting for an answer I have to drink a beer...
  11. Seems that Groundspeak is not able to send packages to europe. I tried to buy something at the shop, but could not finish the order because I live in germany and they do not ship overseas. So this will be a fail I think, but I will try. Hillards's Brewery could be good idea. I will try contacting them if the upper way fails. Thanks, High
  12. Can someone help me to get one or better two of this lovely Microbrew Excursion glasses that GS gives away at 2013 Block Party. I swear not to fill in a liquide other that beer! Cheers with EKU Pils from Kulmbacher Brewery, Germany High
  13. I would be interessted in an own edition, too.
  14. At step 3 of the geocoin activation process you have to enter a country and a state/province. It would be helpfull if these fields would be prefilled with the home location or with the last selected location. Please include it in the next site release. Thanks High
  15. I have got a 2008 Snowman Suncatcher polished nickel to trade.
  16. High

    Hedgehog Geocoin

  17. This coin? CF30 I found this link that lists at least 8 of the editions. I don't know if this is a full list. You can also look through this old forum thread. I own 26 versions of this coin. But I don´t know if there are still some unknown editions. Unfortunately Castle Man doesn´t have any information about it. You can find my Cacher Geocoins at my GC profile with pictures. I also have some to sell at mygeodb.de. There is an English translation available. If someone has a new edition I am willing to trade something special or pay!
  18. I think that "someone" made a good deal These collectors editions appearing on eplace are at special discount, simply because there arn't that many complete sets out there. There will be a few more available over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes open if you're interested in these coins. Another complete set is available if any collectors are interested, it might be another three years before they're available again. Hm?
  19. Congrats! I was lucky enough to receive the Antique Copper version this past week but that pales in comparison to your full mailbox. I have to mention that the way I got it was not a mystery at all, it was a simple business thing at the e-place. There is another set and even some single coins right now if anybody is interested. Seems that someone got the remaining set from the e-place...
  20. I am looking for a GasCans 2006 Geocoin. Colour should be Gold if possible. Thanks High
  21. You should blur the tracking number!
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