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  1. ok I will be there in the morning too. I have some extra clippers and stuff I will bring.
  2. Team Rampant Lion & Team Divi Divi will be hosting "SPARTA MOUNTAIN DAY 2009 GEOCACHING BASICS 101" On May 17, 2009 in Sparta New Jersey. Northern New Jersey Cachers (NNJC) will be participating in an Introduction to Geocaching 101 Workshop. We will have a geocaching table representing NNJC at Sparta Mountain Day, an Earth Day like event featuring various environmental activities including geocaching tours. The event page is here GC1Q9W6 Additional details regarding Sparta Mountain Day We need new and experienced geocachers to make this event a success! Last year we had many new people at the event interested in geocaching participate in geocaching tours as we matched up more experienced geocachers to take groups out to find sample caches. Some of us stayed at the event table to answer questions related to the website and hand out brochures and show off various cache containers on display. Please join us if you can help out or if you know new geocachers that may benefit from this event. Post on the event page if you can attend. Thanks!
  3. Kevin. We are very sorry to hear about Bailey. We always enjoyed seeing her and petting her at the events. It was so neat how she would ask for more pets by touching you with her paw if you stopped petting her. She was happy and well-loved. Our thoughts are with you.
  4. Congrats on your 1K cache find! Nice job John! Keep on Caching!
  5. Here is the link to that stat page, pretty cool! http://www.cacherstats.com/New_Jersey1.html
  6. Distance on this one should be between six and seven miles. Parking is at the Wanaque Reservoir Gate 17 (N 41° 04.462 W 074° 18.265). Departure at 11:00am. If we're not feeling so adventurous, we can leave a car at White Rd. (N 41° 06.455 W 074° 17.941) and make it a one-way hike. We may be able to do this one
  7. We look forward to another Cachin Thru the Snow event. Sorry to hear it may be the final one. We will mark our calendar.
  8. I had two caches of mine along the AT in New Jersey recently archived. GCEAFE has been there for over 5 years! GCY9BB was there 2 years. It's disappointing to see them go after so many have enjoyed them over the years. This section of the AT is maintained by local volunteers and there is an MOU by the NPS that the NJDEP admininster and manage these lands. from the MOU... A. The New Jersey State Department of Environmental Protection Agrees .................................................. 3. To apply and enforce the State Park Code, N.J.A.C. 7:2, as same may from time to time be amended, supplemented, modified, or changed, on all lands owned and administered by the State of New Jersey that are part of the Appalachian Trail Corridor and managed pursuant to this agreement. NJDEP shall be responsible for the conduce and coordination of law enforcement, fire control and search-and-rescue activities on such lands in accordance with applicable policies and procedures established by the State of New Jersey and shall advise the NPS immediately or in any event within 24 hours of major emergencies or controversial events.
  9. Congrats Shimain !!! Great milestone. Keep on Caching []
  10. Congrats on number 900!! keep on caching!
  11. Congrats Laura!!! Always fun caching with you :laughing: Keep on Caching
  12. confused about what? We will see ya all in the morning. Weather outlook looks good. Don't forget sunscreen, hat, water, sandwich, snacks etc.
  13. Thanks to all who made this a successful event! We got to introduce new people to geocaching and take some out for a tour to find their first cache. The NNJC table at Sparta Mountain Day had many visitors who wanted to know "What is Geocaching" and "ok can we go look for one now?". It was a fun time as we finished up as the rain was starting. Thanks again for the help. Look at the LARGE ammo can in left of pic. This is a preview of a soon to be placed TRL cache in the Sparta Glen area.
  14. Ok who is doing the guided tour and who is not? Just curious what people are thinking. The tour could be interesting, but seems that it may split our group up.
  15. about a week way.... Just an update, There is a "Sparta Mountain Day" taking place this day, kind of an environmental earth-day thing. There will be lots of people new to caching that will not be posting there attendance on the event page. We hope to introduce new people as walk-ups to our demo table and take short tours as an intro to geocaching. Thanks to anyone who can come out and join us and have some fun getting new people hooked on Geocaching!
  16. Who else is going on the guided tour? I was hoping to paddle over and explore that cool turntable train tressle thing. I have a reservation for 4 so far. the eco-guided tour looks interesting. I will look into the reservation for that. Looks like its just 10 bucks for those who have boats already. Does anybody know if there is a limit on the group size for this guided tour? I presume we are looking at the 10am tour right? Sounds like fun...
  17. Congrats Brian! Very Impressive Milestone. Keep on Caching!
  18. Sounds good, we have it on our calendar!
  19. I'm not sure how late the day trippers can stay but I would recommend the camping option if possible. The campfire, night caches, and general camping experience would make me lean towards camping. The New England forum or cache page may have more details on the day visitor time restrictions. I will try to see what I can find out.
  20. The 1st Sunrise Anniversary Cache GC1A8V7 has been placed and published...this is the ammo box we won in the raffle hand painted by Packanack. click here
  21. We are running in a 5K race through the Lincoln Tunnel on the 20th so won't be able to make a morning thing for the CITO. looks interesting w/ a bunch of caches. Appears to be near Franklin Lakes NJ from my google search. here is a trail description I wonder if Briansnat posted that trail desc? trail map link
  22. Congrats to both of you on reaching your 1500 milestone! Very impressive! Keep on caching
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