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  1. I got my petroglyph the day before yesterday, but was too busy to post this. What can I say? I knew this was gong to be a VERY Special "coin" and I was right! This coin is so unique and beautiful. . .it does look like leather. The box and card were also very beautiful and a perfect accompaniment to the petroglyph. Steph-you left no stone unturned; a complete class act all the way. Thank you for doing these and thank you for including me in this rare and unique opportunity.
  2. For those of you in this Easter mission, could you mention where your coin list is or what your preference is? (Thanks Ashallond for the idea) I have a list a utag, but it isn't updated. What I like most are personal coins and anything designed by Chris Mackey. I have a lot of older coins, but not many newer coins, but I'm always happy with whatever anyone sends me.
  3. Hello rav bunneh-I think you have a very nice sig item. Good job. I know when I go Geocaching (and believe me, I haven't had any time, lately to do it) I love to find someone's sig item! Thanks for sharing.
  4. THANK YOU FIREFLY03-AND YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! Sign-up: 25 February 2011 Name received: 21 March 2011 Package sent: Package received: Now let the fun begin-must go shopping today. . .
  5. This sounds like a really cool idea. I'd like to do it, but I have had no luck releasing coins here in Maryland, USA. Everyone of the Geocoins I have released has been stolen and I would hate for that to happen to you! I like your coin, though. Good luck on your mission.
  6. I filled out the form, so it looks like I will be participating. Besides, I love Easter! Sign-up: 25 February 2011 Name received: Package sent: Package received:
  7. On this dreary, cold, rainy, and foggy day in Maryland, I was ecstatically surprised to find a bubbler in my mailbox today. Team Moon Unit from Huntington, W.V. . . .what the heck is this? I couldn’t wait to get inside my house to see what was inside that envelope. WHAAAATTT? That Captain Hook coin! I was amazed. I thought I had read on the forums that this coin could only be had at an event, so how did I get this? Well, I don’t know how I got so lucky to receive this coin, but please know mystery coiner that I am very grateful to receive this beautiful and fanciful coin. Thank you for including me as one of the lucky recipients to receive this coin. I loved the book by J.M. Barrie, I loved Disney’s Peter Pan, I loved Steven Spielberg’s, Hook, and I loved all of the Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean movies. And if that wasn’t enough, I used to work at Walt Disney World in Florida and I cannot tell you how many times I have been on the Peter Pan ride and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (I had even been on this ride before they changed it to the Johnny Depp version). I’ve always loved pirate things, so it is with great pride that I accept this coin as one of the prize Geocoins in my collection. It reminds me that sometimes it is fun “not to grow up” and as we age, we should find a “little kid in us”. Thank you ever so much!!!
  8. Oh, Captain Zulu, I hope you get the other birds you are seeking! I do believe you have one of my birds and if I had the two you were seeking I would gladly trade them to you to complete your collection, but I when I had that coin made, I was "too scared" to ask for trades. (I just didn't think anyone would trade with me.) Thankfully, I've overcome that fear! You might want to see if Sharon from Hogwild has any that she may be willing to trade. It's worth a shot. Oh, thanks for the information about the color choices you had chosen for you bird. . .very interesting.
  9. drneal-you have somehow taken a morbid subject and turned it into something funny. I wasn't "snickering" about the subject, I was just amazed that you are that organized to have thought about that subject. Although I have never seen your collection, I have seen enough picture postings to know you have a ton of Geocoins! Afterall, I did have you for Lorca's Winter Mission and I was sweatin' bullets to come up with some Geocoins you didn't have! All I can say is lucky nephew!
  10. The only problem with that is just when you have limited yourself, to the few you "gotta have", along comes another one that you "gotta have"! It's the subliminal lure of the Geocoin calling.
  11. Hello KimChery and welcome to the Geocoin Forums. Although I have been doing this for a while now, I am definitely not as prolific as many others. However, one thing I can tell you for sure, and that is-you will find the people in this forum unbelievably kind, friendly, and KNOWLEDGEABLE (Just take a look at Keewee's post ) . I have learned so much from the people here and not just about Geocoins-I've actually learned how to use the forums, thanks to many who have helped me! So, don't be afraid to ask any questions here.
  12. I was glad to see that Mr. Gray had nothing to do with the dead birds and fish! I live in MD and we have had our share of both! What next? Maybe Mr. Gray can figure it out, afterall, I do believe. . .
  13. I received coin #004 with a letter of apology (on that awesome pearlescent paper). . .all I can say is, "What do you expect from the USPS?" They do their best, but they lack extraterrestrial skills. My apologies for not posting earlier, I've been away and am not sure when this coin arrived, but it was a nice gift to usher in the new year for me. I DO BELIEVE and THANK YOU, MR. GRAY!
  14. Congratulations to MustangJoni, Toojin, and The Moop Along for receiving such a cool coin. Isn't it just wonderful to receive these little surprises in life? And isn't it equally wonderful that there are these mystery coiners that come up with these ideas and are generous enough to share their surprises? Yea for Mystery Coins and their Makers!
  15. Ahoy, Cap'n, count me in! I be ou' o' town an' I be havin' nay access t' a computer, so I be lettin' ye scurvy dogs know, I be reservin' th' name, "Fiddler's Green". Happy New Year-I be lookin' fore t' another voyage on th' fair seas wi' all o' you.
  16. I'm not sure about the mission, but I certainly do enjoy reading these! As I always say, there are so many of you Geocachers out there with amazing imaginations. . . it never seizes to amuse and amaze me!
  17. After reading this mission, that's exactly what popped into my head!
  18. OMG, I can't believe you would have thought that. In fact, when I opened the package and saw all of the wonderful things you sent, I totally forgot about the Geocoin! It was fantastic and I loved everything you sent! You did a great job and I am very appreciative of the effort you put into it, including wrapping the package and drawing the picture (I love stuff like that!).
  19. I was so grateful, I thought I would post again.
  20. Oh my Goodness; Good Golly, Gee- Look what arrived from FunkMaster-T ! I must say, your package arrived on the most appropriate day . . . we got our first snow of the season! We got just under 2 inches, but way more than I would like to see. What a wonderful package you put together for a winter mission. I love the hat and mittens from the 2009 Olympics! They are georgeous and I cannot wait to wear them! And to answer your question-I will sport them proudly (My husband’s Mom is from Ridgetown, Ontario and I have family in Vancouver, BC-we love Canada!) I love the snowman ornament. I just started decorating my Christmas tree, so this one will go on my tree tonight. I am having a luncheon at my house and the “Nosewarmer Punch” will be a perfect accompaniment to my luncheon. I love the Starry Night coin-I do not own that one. It is like a little stain glass window. It is really beautiful and perfect for the season. The snowglobe bottle topper is awesome. I have never seen anything like that. Thanks for the snowman cup-all in keeping with the snowman theme. Lastly, thank you for including your sig item. It is adorable. I work with polymer clay, so I know these took some time to make-great job. Next, to Geocoins, I love getting sig items! Many, many thanks to you, ("ARTIST") FunkMaster-T, for putting a smile on my face and joy in my heart. May you have a wonderful holiday season! Well, I guess this wraps up this mission. Email Sent: October 15, 2010 Name Received: November 1, 2010 Mission Sent: November 24, 2010 Mission Received: December 10, 2010 Last, but not least-THANK YOU LORCA FOR TAKING THE TIME AND EFFORT TO PUT THIS MISSION TOGETHER. IT’S BEEN A LOT OF FUN. MANY THANKS TO YOU.
  21. Like many of you, the holiday season is a time of great joy, but it is also a very busy time of the year. For the past week, I have had my son check my mail and put it into a bag until I could get to it-and yes, I have been that busy. Late last night, I finally went through my mail and was shocked to discover that infamous gold bubbler with no postmark! Inside was that beautiful Fragilis Est Vita, Caducem Est Tempus-Carpe Diem! Coin. I could hardly believe my eyes! I knew about this coin from the forums, but it had been a while since I saw the posts on it. I didn’t even know there were more of these coins left to be given out. I never thought I would be lucky enough to be the recipient of this wonderful coin and card. I love the meaning of this coin and as I have gotten older, I truly take this meaning to heart. And just so you know, mystery coin giver, I have not got a clue where this coin comes from. Thank you ever so much for including me on your list. I humbly accept this wonderful gift of coin #11. Words cannot express my appreciation of your generosity. Wishing you wonderful things in your life now and always.
  22. Double Post! The computer said my post wasn't accepted because it was over 45 seconds, so I posted again.
  23. Neal, I'm so glad you received everything in good order and I was tickled to death that you didn't have any of those coins! I know how prolific you are at trading Geocoins! In fact, I (as I am sure that many others do, too) always enjoy seeing the awesome coins you have collected and post in the forums. I must admit, you hold many coins that I have never seen or heard of! I don't have any dogs, so I am not sure what dogs like, but I did want to include something for your dogs because I know how much your dogs mean to you. I love seeing the pictures with your dogs. I feel honored to have been the first person to trade for Kathy's coin. I love that coin for the design, color, and the honor you have bestowed on Kathy. Thanks for all of the wonderful words you have posted-you made my day!
  24. Thank you t4e and BlueDeuce! I went to Geocaching.com and it worked! Who knew. . .well, I guess you guys did, but I certainly did not! That's what I love about coming here. The forums are loaded with smart people with all the answers. Happy Thanksgiving!
  25. Getting ready to leave for a Thanksgiving holiday with family. . .Wishing all of you a safe and happy thanksgiving! Email Sent: October 15, 2010 Name Received: November 1, 2010 (but I just got it today, Nov. 2, 2010-I've been out of town)** Mission Sent: November 24, 2010 Mission Received: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED-I HOPE!
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